Chapter 1 - Capture Your Heart

The sea is vast, rolling with white waves that come from afar.

A luxury cruise "Dream of the Sea"

bound for Zurich is now sailing on the rough sea.

On the deck of the stern is a British girl named Karin, who is an overseas student at the University of Zurich. Her winter break ends.

Her family is not rich, but she studies very hard.

The benefit of her hard work is that she could be sent to Zurich to study for further study, and in the first year in a foreign country, she received a generous scholarship.

In addition, It also came with two luxury cruise tickets to come and go from Zurich and it is a luxury suite.

The sea breeze disrupts her long hair, and she has been standing on the deck for more than two hours. It is getting darker, and the cold wind is becoming madder. She folds her jacket, puts her hands in her pockets, and turns away from the deck. The air conditioner in the deluxe suite is set to the appropriate temperature, and she sucks her nose that is numbing and frosting. She takes off her coat and takes a hot bath. Then she lies on a large and soft bed and want to sleep. She will successfully arrive in Zurich and continue her studying abroad... Late at night, she sleeps soundly, and a sudden knock comes from the door. Getting up in doubt, she opens the door with her coat on. When the door opens, a man suddenly breaks into her room and presses her against the door. He covers her lips, and says hoarsely, "Don't be afraid. I am being hunted..."

She looks in horror at the man in front of her, and draws in her breath.

She is shocked to find that his chest is bleeding.

He apparently suffers a serious injury, and the blood from the wound is flowing out like rose juice. She gestures him with her eyes to let go of her first.

After a brief thought, the man chooses to believe her.

"Don't say anything. I won't hurt you. I live next to you. Now I'm in danger. A group of people are looking for me everywhere. If you protect me this night, I will show gratitude to you for the rest of my life!"

Karin calms down from the initial terror, and she nods, "Okay, come with me."

She pulls out a small medical kit from her carry-on baggage, which is inevitable to carry when is out. Unbuttoning the button on the man's shirt, she is relieved. Fortunately, it is a knife wound. If it is a gunshot wound, she really doesn't know what to do. She cleans the wound with disinfectant water skillfully, and then sprays a thick layer of the medicine powder on the cut. Finally, she wraps a bandage around his solid chest for three full rounds until the wound stops bleeding.

"They'll probably find me here, these things need to be cleaned up."

The man points to a pile of tissues stained with blood on the floor, and his coat.

Karin quickly picks up the paper towel and rushes down the toilet, then locks his bloody coat into her lock box. Suddenly, there are gunshots from the outside, and the whole cruise ship is in a horror. Even when the door is closed, anyone can hear the screams outside...

"That’s for me!"

The man’s cold face suddenly changes color, and Karin says anxiously, "Then you should hide away."

But where to hide? Looking around the room, although it is a luxurious suite, there is almost no place to hide! The man is about to hide in the bathroom, but she grabs him, "No, it's unsafe there."

If the killer wants to find someone, the toilet is definitely the search target.

But she has no better place to cover him. The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and the gunshots are shocking.

In anxiety, she quickly pulls him to the bed and says, "Let's pretend to be lovers..."