Capture Your Heart

Capture Your Heart

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Synopsis about Capture Your Heart

Read Capture Your Heart by Sabrina. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereOn a luxury cruise, the two who should not have known each other meet and embark on the unknown future. Late at night, he breaks into her room, and she sees the bright red blood on his chest. He asks for her help. When she comes to the crossroads of chastity and justice, she chooses to cover him with her body. When the two meet again, love emerges. However, he has to marry someone else. He says, “Stay with me. Except marriage, I would give you anything.” But she says, “You can never give me what I want..."
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Chapter 1 The Man Being Hunted

The sea is vast, rolling with white waves that come from afar.A luxury cruise "Dream of the Sea"bound for Zurich is now sailing on the rough sea.On the deck of the stern is a British girl named Karin, who is an overseas student at the University ofZurich. Her winter break ends.Her family is not rich, but she studies very hard.The benefit of her hard work is that she could be sent to Zurich to study for furth

Chapter 2 Confrontation Between Chastity and Justice

The man understands what she means, but he is so shocked. What kind of girl is she? "I may be a badperson, do you believe me?"He reminds her in real time. "It's too late, go up first!" Karin takes the lead in getting into the quilt.After a brief surprise, the man also lays down. The originally bland night, a strange man is lying besideher, her nervous palms sweating, and her body can not help shaking."Actual

Chapter 3 The Old Friend Seems to Come Back

Two years later.tarbucks Cafe on No. 1 Street.The setting sun lights the sky, Karin puts on her working clothes, and begins to work with great energy.It has been three years since she has come to Zurich, and the consumption here is so high that shehas to rely on part-time work to support her most basic expenses.This cafe is introduced by a friend. She is doing cashiering work. For economics students, it can'

Chapter 4 Inaccessible Distance

It is a dark and deep night…Karin gets out of the last bus, put her hands in her jacket pockets, and walks towards the school.Tonight, if she hasn't stumbled across the familiar figure, maybe she has forgotten the man she mettwo years ago.No one will always remember a kindness he has done occasionally, she included.Back to the dormitory, she opens the code box and takes out a man's coat. The bloodstains been

Chapter 5 Picking A Girl

Troy Charlie takes over the coat in Robert's hand, and thoughtfully, his expression is abnormallysolemn."It’s her."Robert raises an eyebrow in surprise: "You mean the girl who saves you on the boat two years ago?""Yep…""But why didn't she give it to you in person, but instead mail it?"Troy Charlie couldn't figure it out. He tells her very clearly that she could come to him at any time whenshe is in trouble.

Chapter 6 Escaping Is the Best Way Out

Karin's abnormality finally attracts the attention of the friends beside her. Billie asks in confusion: "Whathappens to you? Why keep your head down.""Nothing," she answers."Don’t tell me you are shy...""No..." She denies it, but her head is more lowered. That man is closer.Closing her eyes, as she is about to yield to the fate, suddenly a pleasant bell comes to her ears.Charlie takes out his mobile phone, l

Chapter 7 You Dare to Come to Me

This is obviously unreliable, at least, Karin thinks so.Although she is an adult, she is still a student who is not deeply involved in the society after all.Entertainment places have always been too complicated for her, and it may be unsuitable for her.But Billie just has to work there.In desperation, what Karin can do is to tell her to be cautious in everything and be experienced indifficulties.Billie keeps

Chapter 8 The Rules of the Rich

After making up her mind, Karin decides to go to Charlie on her own.She comes to the Charlie Group, but is stopped by several security officers, "I'm sorry, please show meyour card.""Card? "What card you need?" she is confused"Passport card.""I do not have……""Then you can't go in."She is anxious: "I know your general manager, Charlie.""A lot of people know him.""I really know him!""Sorry, you are not allowed

Chapter 9 The Masquerade

Fate is such a wonderful thing that it is either met or missed...Karin goes back to school in despair, and she never knows that it would be so difficult to see him. Evenif it is frustrating, she is not willing to give up.When she finds no way out, an entertainment newspaper headline catches her attention "The CharlieFamily is going to host a Masquerade on August 13th."Masquerade? Isn’t it another chance to s

Chapter 10 Destiny

There is no sound outside the door, and Karin raises a hand and takes off the man's mask in front ofher, which does not disappoint her. The man hidden under the mask is exactly whom she wants to seeat this moment."Who are you?"The man stares at her sharply, and seems to have a stranger feeling than when they first met two yearsago."Don't you remember me?" She slowly takes off her mask, "Troy Charlie..."The a