Chapter 4 - Capture Your Heart

It is a dark and deep night…

Karin gets out of the last bus, put her hands in her jacket pockets, and walks towards the school.

Tonight, if she hasn't stumbled across the familiar figure, maybe she has forgotten the man she met two years ago.

No one will always remember a kindness he has done occasionally, she included.

Back to the dormitory, she opens the code box and takes out a man's coat. The bloodstains been cleaned. Although she never expects to meet him again, she still keeps the coat.

That night was a thrilling one. She didn't ask him why he was hunted after, and he didn't ask her name. Maybe in the past two years, he, like her, had long forgotten the encounter...

Turn on the computer, she Googles the words Troy Charlie, and then clicks the search engine. Soon, the information is displayed.

Looking down line by line, the originally calm face gradually ceases to be calm. She is like visiting a legend and is stunned by his prominent background. When she finishes reading all the content, she concludes that he was a mysterious and complicated businessman, rich and powerful, but also has many unknown secrets.

Karin breaths a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, she does not meet with him today. She does not know that he is the richest man in the British family in Zurich and the only child of the Charles family. In her simple and transparent life, she and he could not be have any relationship...

What if they meet each other today? Let him fulfill his original promise, and will report her life-saving?

That is only made by greedy talents. She Karin is not like that.

Thinking again and again, the next day, she decides to return the coat back.

"Karin, are you going to send something?"

Billie, a friend of her in the same dormitory, curiously asks her. Billie and her are from British, but she is from London and Billie is from Edinburgh.

"Yes." She nods.

"A man's coat? Your boyfriend's?"

Billie is quite surprised. She doesn’t Karin has a boyfriend.

"No, just a friend."

She slowly stretches her hand to her pocket, hesitating for a long time, and then finds out a piece of valuable jade from the inside, and puts it in her palm. What has happened that night emerges in her mind, he put the jade in her hand, saying that if she needs help in future, she can go to him. But will she be in trouble? In another half year, she is about to graduate, leaving this place where she has lived for three years, but still strange.

She has never met him in the same city for two years, even in the future.

Making up her mind, she puts the jade in her jacket pocket, then seals the box, and sends it to the man who she would no longer meet. She knows the address from the Internet.

In the Charles Commercial Building.

In the brilliant office, Troy Charlie is reading a document—

"Mr. Troy, here is a copy of your courier, which says that you need to open by yourself."

Troy Charlie's long lowered eyelashes move and he replies, "You just open it."

"Okay." Robert nods. He is both Troy Charlie's bodyguard and his closest friend, so many things can be done by him.

"Just a coat." Robert looks surprised at the man with the exquisite facial features on the opposite side.

Troy Charlie raises his head suddenly. When he sees the clothes Robert is holding, he stands up and says, "Who sent this?"

"It was sent by post. From this postmark, it should be from the University of Zurich."