Chapter 3 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Akshitha ran as fast as she could to catch up with Yadav. Yadav has 2 bouncers alongside him. She has a very little chance of meeting him. But she is not letting go of the chance she has got. She was in The Express Avenue when she saw him coming inside. She took off without telling her friends. Once she got close to him, she just stood in front of him stopping him from going further.

"Hi! I'm your die-hard fan. Can I have a selfie with you please?" He had a puzzled look on his face but nodded his head in agreement. His bouncers moved aside, giving her way. Akshitha went near him with her phone. He posed for her a little bent.

"um... Smile please." She said when she saw him posing without a smile.

She clicked many pictures with him. When she saw his dimple, she couldn't stop herself. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek.

"um... sorry!"

She couldn't speak any longer because her lips were now tangled with his! He started kissing her on her lips so passionately that she held his shirt on his torso. OMG!

"Hey Akshu, wake up de. Idiot, it's already 10am. We need to go shopping. We just have

10more days to go to Chennai. We have so many things to buy. Come on. Wake up." Kavya was pulling her blanky to wake her up.

"Pch! Wasteland, You spoiled a beautiful dream. I kissed Yash on his cheek. You know what he did?"

Kavya slapped herself hard on her forehead. "God! damn your dreams. Get up."

"He kissed me back on my lips, de. OMG, That was so real. You disturbed me at the right time. I hate you." Akshitha chided Kavya and went to the restroom. Kavya just looked at Akshitha's room.

Her room walls are full of Yadav's pictures. She is crazy enough to make photo prints of his pictures. She has a big 20x30 picture of him on the wall beside her bed.

"Kavi, here take this coffee. She will be ready in half an hour. I made breakfast for you too."

"Thank you, aunty. But I already ate. Aunty, why don't you stop her madness? She is getting crazy. Why do you allow her to paste these pictures on the walls aunty?"

"Haha! What do you want me to do? She won’t listen. At Least I'm happy that she loves only celebrities. That way it will just stay as a crush. It's quite common. She makes photo prints with her pocket money. Now she has asked me for money to buy a 20x30 frame for this photo. haha!"

"What?!?!Aunty, this is getting too much. We are going to Chennai. This guy lives there. I don’t know what is going to happen. She is too much into him, aunty. She hasn't printed Rana's pictures like this. Or she has never posted anything on her walls before."

"Haha, There's nothing wrong in taking a picture or two with this guy. I'm sure this fantasy of him will subside when she gets a chance to meet him. What now? I will look for a groom just like him for my Akshu."

"Ha it's actually you that spoils her aunty." Akshitha came out of the restroom after bathing when Kavya said that.

"How exactly is my mom spoiling me?" Akshitha asked Kavya.

"Nothing my love. Just get ready fast. I have to come drop you again in your home and go to my home before night!"

Yeah! Kavya has a car. She has come all the way to Coonoor from Coimbatore to pick up Akshu for shopping. They have planned their shopping in Coimbatore. Kavya again has to come to Coonoor to

drop her and then have to go to her home back in Coimbatore.

"Kavya! Just drop her in the bus stand ma. She will come on her own. Why are you going to and fro? It's too tiring for a day."

"Meee! I cannot come in the bus with all the things we shop for. Instead, I can stay with Kavi

and come back tomorrow? What do you say?" Akshitha asked her mom.

"I knew this was your plan all along. Ok ok come back tomorrow. Jamin uncle wanted to see you. He called me in the morning. Pay him a visit when you go!"

"Mmm ok mee!" Akshitha spoke while combing her long black hair. They started after having their breakfast. Akshitha asked Kavya to come to the front of the estate bungalow in her car. She jumped the compound wall to go see Jamin uncle.

Benjamin's PoV

My life here is getting very lonely by the day. Akshu was my only company here. She

spends almost all her time here with me and in the corn field. She goes home only for


But that changed when she joined her college in Coimbatore. I started feeling very

lonely. She would visit every other weekend. Ofcourse, she would be here most of the

time. But that doesn’t make up for the times I lost without her.

She is a pure soul. She talks to me about everything. She will bring me food from her home whenever she cooks or something special. She will read books with me. We both watch old movies together. I

have a huge collection of old movie CDs. She also brings cd of old movies which I love but don't have the cd of. She learned how to swim in the pool in my backyard. She will play there with her friends on every sunny day. She is a self-learner. Later now, she uses YouTube to refine her swimming skills.

Now she is going to go to Chennai. She can’t visit us often. Just like waiting for Emily, I should wait for Akshu too. Life of an old man in this big mansion is quite boring and uncomfortable. Joseph is my helper here. He stays with me until I sleep at night. He will come early in the morning. But he is not a talkative person nor an educated person.

So yeah! I'm planning to sell my estate for good and move out somewhere, where there are many people around. I have called her to inform her about my decision. She is like my child. I owe an explanation to her. Here she comes.

"Uncle! What's up? Do we have a movie to watch? What language uncle? Who is the hero? Jaishankar or Shivaji?"

"Come dear. Nope. No movie today. Your mom told me that you are going to Coimbatore for your Chennai shopping."

"Yeah uncle. I will stay the night with Kavi and will be back tomorrow. I promise we will watch 'Kaadhalikka NeramIllai' tomorrow!"

"Haha, Ok dear. The reason I called you is to tell you that I'm planning to sell our estate."

"What? Why uncle? Everything is going as usual, right? Even the corn gives you so much profit. Why are you selling uncle? Where will you live if you sell this mansion?"

"Dear! I already felt so lonely here after you went to college. Now you are going to work. Next you will get married. Your time here will become very meagre. The whole point of me staying here is you dear.

Now that that point is gone, I'm planning to move out to a small place where there are many people to be with."

"Uncle!" she cries. Oh No!

"Please dear, I didn’t tell you this to upset you. I'm getting many offers now. It would not be nice if you hear it from someone else. That is why I myself told you. Please don’t cry."

She sat down near my legs on the floor and put her head on my lap. I started patting her head.

"Uncle! Why do you want to move to some other place? Come stay in our home uncle. Don’t go uncle!"

"Haha! Again, it will be just your mom and me. That won't work dear. Talk like a grown up. Besides, I will still feel lonely."

"Then come with me to Chennai! We shall stay together there! We can watch movies daily. I will cook for you! What say!?"

The spark in her eyes is the thing that makes her special.

"Will see dear. Wherever I go, I will be in touch with you. Now go finish your shopping. Remember your promise for tomorrow."

"I'm not happy with your decision uncle. Kavi is waiting. I will talk to you about this tomorrow. Bye uncle!"

"Bye dear!"

I wish all good things to happen in her life! Her life should be as happy as she is.