Chapter 4 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Shiva's PoV

I'm now rushing in this damn traffic to reach Le Meridian! Yadav is there stuck in a room. He went with a popular heroine to a party there. God knows what happened, they ended up together in a room.

For god's sake, it's a cine industry party with a pool of media waiting for some cheesy story. He's now stuck there. The reporters are waiting outside like ants in sugar. I still don't know how I am going to bring him out without getting caught in the media.

Aravind uncle is already upset. If aunty gets to know or happens to see a picture of him in the news tomorrow, she will be shattered. Hell with his flings. He shouts at me through the phone to shoo away the media. He is worried for his mother. I don't know where he rented his worries when he went along with that bitch.

"Hey Raghu!" I went to the manager of this hotel. We are well known to each other as we do all our business parties here.

"Hi Shiva, I tried to get these people out. But they are so adamant. They want a picture of your boss and that actress coming out together from that room. What can I do?"

"Pch! Aunty is already upset, Raghu! Your rooms don't have connecting doors? Or a way at the back? Through the balcony? Anything? Is there a pool behind his room? Like he can jump from there straight in the pool?"

"Hahaha, What are you talking about? It's not a movie. We do have connecting doors. But it's just between 2 rooms. Anyways he can't escape from these people's eyes."

"God!" I scratched my forehead when I got a call! It's him, Idiot.

"Dei, Is everything clear? Shall we come out?"

"Idiot there is no way they are going. There is no other way for you to escape. It's not good to stay there longer. Already they will cook up stories on this. If you stay the night, then they will write that you are married to that bitch."

"Pch, I'm not worried about their shitty stories. My mom will give me loads of lectures and will bring a girl tomorrow to marry. Wait, I will call you back."

"Dei!" He hung up the call. I wonder what strikes him now.I started waiting impatiently for his call. But then there was a commotion in the front of the reception area and all the reporters’ attention went there. The leading item dancer in movies now has come with very minimal clothing! Oh, this is his plan. We acted so quick and got him out of that room when that dancer held captive all the reporters.

Once in the car I started shouting at him.

"What the hell, Yadav? I won’t come to your rescue ever again. You are getting so used to this now. This is not good. I'm telling on you to mom."

"Shiva, Chill man. You didn’t rescue me this time. It's my sexy girl who rescued me."

"You didn’t meet her after that dreadful day right? How the hell did she agree to help you?"

"Haha, That's how good I'm in bed. She agreed after I promised to spend a day with her."

"Shit, You are totally spoiled. I'm not talking to you again. We will be like an employee and boss henceforth."

"Pch, Don't talk like this Shiva. You know that I don’t like it when you talk like this."

"Let it rest, Yadav. You won’t listen anyways. Why should I say anything?"

"Ok da. I will surely avoid these kinds of situations henceforth. I promise. It's not my fault. They just stick to me. Even today, she asked me for a dance. She turned the dance into something else that we end up in a room with."

"Put a strong mask on your face, like you do in our office, around these girls. We have thousands of girls working in our office. None of them have that courage to even see you in the eye. You let these models and heroines flirt with you. You are allowing them. Sex is not just fucking, Yadav, It's called love making. These sex partners won’t give you what you should actually feel in making love."

"That's work, Shiva. I can't play there. Even here, once a movie starts in our production house, I will be completely professional with the actors. Remember Mouni? Our ad film shooting took place for like 10days. I visited her only on the last day, that too after packing up. And about your philosophy, fucking is also called as love making!"

"Huh, There is no shortage of this logic. Uncle knows it already. You have to face him."

"God! Shall I sleep in your home today?"

"Haha no way. My mom has come back!"

"God, She is an exact photocopy of my mom. It's better to face my dad."

"Haha ithu thevaya? (haha is this all necessary?)"

"Pch life is to enjoy da. A little beer and some girls are no harm. I don't smoke, I don't drink hot drinks. I don't do drugs. I work hard all week. I need some relaxation, da. I find pleasure in this. It's just on weekends. That too only on Saturday nights. You spoil almost my every day-time appointment."

"God, I can't even hear your dirty confession and whining. Save some for your future wife da."

"Haha look at you. You are 27yrs old virgin. You say you are saving yourself for your wife. I say you are afraid to explore. Or you didn't get a chance!"

"Get Lost! "

With that I dropped him in his home and drove off.

Aravind's PoV

I'm worried sick of my son's behavior lately. At first, I thought them to be just rumors. But rumors don’t last long. He is repeatedly seen with many girls who were popular. Though we are rich, we have never exerted so much media attention so far.

We were not into the cinema industry so far. Yadu started his production house as soon as he took over the empire. His good looks, awards, his charity and these flings are keeping him hot in the media.

Since we are not used to this media thing, Shalu is really worried for Yadu's future. There are many business friends who are ready to marry their daughters to Yadu. There are many girls who are models who have openly stated in the media that they are willing to marry him.

But Shalu doesn't like any of them. She is looking for a bride in her home-town! She hails from Coimbatore! But none of her relatives are ready to accept my son! After all, they read and see news!

This is the reason for my Shalu's worry. She is now afraid that no good girl will marry Yadu. Yadu is not a bad guy. It's not like he cannot live without these flings. He is not serious about his personal life. He thinks that this is enjoyment. As a father, I cannot openly speak to him about this. But it's getting out of hand. I'm going to talk to him for sure tonight. There he comes.

"Yadu! Come to my study. I want to talk to you."

"In the Morning, dad!"

"Now!" I said sternly.

"Huh! Ok!"

I went into my office room and waited for him. He came after changing to his shorts and tshirt.

"Yes, dad."

"Yadu, You know what this is about."

"Dad, I'm not comfortable talking about this with you. Just let it go, dad. I will be careful next time."

"Yadu, There shouldn't be a next time. Your mom is worried sick for you. None of her relatives are ready to accept you as their groom because of your play-boy tag."

"Dad, I'm not ready for marriage. In Fact, I don’t want marriage. So, what's the problem in them not accepting me?"

"You don't want marriage now. What happens when you get ready? This play-boy tag will not just vanish, Yadu. You have a very high reputation in business. People awe you for your accomplishments at this young age. Media praises you for your charity work. Your production house yields a very good profit and within 2yrs you made a place for yourself in the cine industry. All this glory just fades away with your play boy image, Yadu!"

"Dad, I'm not living for the media. I'm living for myself. I work because I love it. I like doing charity. Cinema is kind of an attraction to me. So, I started producing movies. And about the girls, dad, they come to me. People have many issues of their own. No one will talk about me like you say. They talk only when you talk about my marriage. So just quit it, dad!"

"That's not the solution, Yadu. I'm giving you 1year time to clear your damn image in the media. You will marry a girl your mom chooses next year. You need love to reform yourself. So, if you fall in love with a good girl in the meantime, that is ok with us too."


"End of argument. Good night, Yadu!"

I went to our room to face the wrath of my love. She blames me for his activities. She says that I should have reprimanded him from the start. May be true. But Yadu is the kind of guy who breaks the rule if any. Let's see what change my little talk brings in him!