Chapter 9 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Akshitha's PoV

This damn phone got switched off when I was navigating to my pg! I tried to remember the way. But I got confused. I pushed my luck and drove through all similarly looking roads. I’m lost! I feel a ball of fear gather in my stomach. The time just runs, and I was scared to approach anyone for help. Like Kavi said, everyone who passes me looks like an accused. I drove again when I felt eyes on me. It's 11pm already! I've been stranded on a road for 3hours now!

Kavi would be freaking out now! She will kill me for sure! I don’t know her number byheart! For the record, I don’t know anyone's number except for my mom's. Ofcourse, I cannot call her! She will come and drag me back to Coonoor. I can’t go back without seeing my man! I prayed to all the gods I knew, to get me to safety! The human traffic on the roads reduced eventually and now there is no one around! Many people on the roads scared me! No people on the roads are also scaring me to death.

I cried leaning on the front of my bike. That is when a car passed me and slowed down. I decided to take a chance. I ran to the car and started explaining when a tall man got down and came near me!

"What the hell are you doing here at this hour on a deserted road?" he yelled at me in a dangerously low tone. Should I say his voice is damn sexy?I was taken aback! Why is he yelling at me? Why does his voice sound so sincere about his concern for me? I immediately felt safe and my breathing got steady.

When I stumbled, he held my elbow and stopped me from falling. But that little touch gave me goosebumps. I couldn't see his face completely. But I can see his beard and luscious lips. I smacked myself in my mind for my inappropriate thinking. I told him what happened,

and he yelled at me again saying I'm mad!

That's it, no more fear now, I regained my courage. I'm already freaking inside for what to come from Kavi! I have to make up stories to justify my mistake. Kavi should trust my stories. I have to compromise her to not to tell this to mom. I have so many things going on in my mind right now. I cannot take in his yelling too!

"Pch, don't shout at me sir. Look at me! I'm already scared. Kavi is going to kill me. Not even a week we have been here, she will tell this to my mom. My mom will ask me to come back. Now please help me get back! If you are going to yell at me like this, I don't want your help!"

I started with a high voice but eventually my voice lowered down, and it almost sounded like I'm whining! Whining on a road to a stranger? What am I?

He looked like he didn’t pay any attention to my whining. He asked his friend to take my bike. He asked me to get in the car. Never once I thought before jumping in.

"Are you insane?" He asked me while still looking on the road.

"Please sir, don't start again!"

"Idiot! You don’t know who I am! What will you do, if I just kidnap you? Or rape you? Or kill you? How dare you get in my car without thinking?"

I can listen to this voice all day! That's so manly, metallic and sexy.

"Don’t try and scare me sir. I don’t know, but I feel safe with you! You know, it's a girl's intuition. We know the intention of a man with just a look. So now if you can stop being my mom and help me cook up a story that is worth believing and justifying my lateness!" He just turned his head to my side and concentrated back on the road.

He is a man of little words, maybe! I started making up stories in my mind. But nothing came up compromising.

"Stop!" I shrieked, holding his hand on the gear. He stopped hitting the break suddenly and we jolted."What now?" he asked, irritated.

"There is a policeman in front of our PG! I'm done! I'm so scared! Aiyo! Poachu! My mom would have known that I didn’t listen to Kavi by now! I'm doomed!"

"Pch! You made a mistake! Now go and solve it. It's not that big of an issue. Tell them the truth."

"Easy for you to say! I will get down here. If I go with you, then Kavi will kill me!" I got down from the car.

"Thank you for your help sir!" I ran to his friend and took my bike and drove to our PG! The hall was crowded with 7 girls and the pg manager. A lady inspector was sitting. Kavi was crying standing near the inspector.

"Akshu!" She came running to me and gave me a hard slap across my face.

"Kavi! please, de! sorry! I went to pick up our bike but lost the way to come back. My phone switched off too. I just now got help. Very sorry de."

"So, are you alright? No problem, right?" the inspector asked me.

"Yes madam. Sorry for the inconvenience." I said.

"Alright then, sign these papers."

I signed the papers she showed me.

"Let this be the last time you do this, Akshitha. Not once have police come into this house. Your friend Kavya has stopped me from calling your mom. This is your first and last warning." the pg manager warned me.

Kavya didn’t utter a word. Her silence is what is terrifying me more. After the police left, everyone dispersed to their respective rooms. Me and Kavi went to our room. Once in, she locked the door and started hitting me hard.

"Aahh! Please Kavi! It hurts, de! Sorry de! Very sorry. I promise I won’t go anywhere without letting you know. Please. Sorry!"

"You almost gave me a heart attack. Idiot. Are you ok? Are you hurt? How did you come back? No one bothered you right?"

"I’m ok! I'm only hurt because you hit me. I came back with the help of a ... um... lady. She showed me the way by driving in front of me. I followed her car. um... No one bothered me. Sorry de!" I said sorry to her in my mind for lying to her. But I cannot tell her that I came with a handsome stranger. She will poison my food tomorrow!

We went to bed! Kavi drowned in her sleep. Pity her, she must be worried sick for me.

Handsome stranger! Pch! I didn’t even know his name! His beard! Just like Yash!

Yadav's PoV

What did I feel when she said she felt safe with me? What is that chills that ran down my spine when she held my hand?

After Chandru got in, I drove forward and slowed down in front of her PG! It's a 2-storey house. I could see the front hall of the house from here. It's all lit up and crowded. I see a girl give a tight slap on her

face. An older woman, maybe this place's manager, spoke to her in warning. She was standing there with her head hung low. The lady police got some signatures and came out.

She deserves that hard slap! But it stung me in my heart! She is a crazy girl. She is not aware of the dangers that are lurking in this world. I didn’t even ask for her name. She is a beautiful girl.

"Yadav! Hey man! Hello! Earth to Yadav!"

"Yeah! Chandru, tell me!"

"I have been calling you for so long! You are driving in the wrong direction."

"Oops! Sorry da!" I turned in the direction of his house.

"What's eating your mind da? Stuck with that girl?"

"Come on! It's not what you think. I was just thinking about my new contract." I stopped him from talking further. But he was right. It's her face that I'm stuck with. She is doing something to me.

I dropped him and went home. It was 12.45 already. I sneakily went to my room. I'm not ready for another advice session. I went to bed and sleep just embraced me. The comfort of my bed, Tiger and Bruno gave me a peaceful sleep.

Next day, When I went to a new film pooja, I saw her there, in a sexy yellow dress that covered just her thighs! She came straight to me and hugged me.

"Yadav! Thank you so much! I just don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t come!" I didn’t know how to react. But she is waking up a sleeping monster in me. I hugged her back! She nuzzled closer and stood on her tippy toes and kissed me on my cheek. I couldn't control myself any longer. I claimed her luscious lips and deepened the kiss. She reciprocated it with the same passion.

Though I have fucked many girls, I don’t do Frenchy with any of them. Actually, I don’t give them pleasure. They will pleasure me and in turn I will fuck them long until they are sore. But this kiss is out of the world. I totally don’t know why I kissed her but I don’t want to break this kiss anytime soon. She is doing something to me!