Chapter 8 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Yadav's PoV

After that long lecture from my dad last Saturday, I decided to stay home this weekend. It's kinda boring but I have no other choice! My college mate Rakesh has started a pub. He has invited me! It will be fun, but I just have to think about the consequences. It's a new pub and it didn’t have so much popularity. So, I can go there and be at peace and enjoy myself!

A beer and some music will be fun for a weekend! I totally wish I could go to some place where no one will recognize me! But for this date, it's almost impossible in India! I should go to our Australian branch for a few days!

When I came in, mom was busy talking on the phone. It should be grandma (mom's mom). Because it's just her to whom mom speaks with wide smiles. It's nice to see her smile. Once in, Bruno and Tiger jumped on me. That brought mom's attention to me!

"My son Yadu has come, Akshu! I will send the car with the same driver tomorrow at 11am! I can't wait to see you! Take care Akshu! Bye!"

Akshu? Who is that? Whoever it is, she brought a smile to my mom's face! Good on her and good for mom.

"Ma! A hot cup of Coffee with hot chilli bajji!"

"Sure Yadu! Go refresh and come. I will make everything ready!"

"Ok Ma!" I went in to refresh!

After a refreshing coffee, I put on my casuals and set out to Rakesh's pub. Saturday and Sunday strictly at home! Friday night is party night! I took my dad's car to avoid attention.

Akshitha's PoV

"Hi aunty! How are you? How's Bruno?"

"Hi Akshu! We are so good. How are you and your new work?"

"It's all super good aunty!"

"The plan is still on, right? I'm very excited to introduce you to my husband."

"um... sure aunty! I have no other plans for tomorrow! My friend won't be joining aunty. It's just me!"

"No problem dear! It's my responsibility to drop you safely."

"Thank you, aunty! Did Bruno miss me? I really miss him aunty! My mom is allergic to dogs and she won’t let me have one."

"Bruno must be missing you! I told you right, Bruno is my son's responsibility. Do you have a saree with you, Akshu?"

"um... yes aunty! why?"

"Wear that for tomorrow while coming here dear! It's been a very long time since I have seen a young girl in saree! Now everyone wears salwars, jeans, tops and kurtis! I like to see you in our traditional attire!"

"Haha sure aunty! But salwar and jeans are very comfortable, aunty! Saree takes long hours to drape and maintenance is also difficult!"

"Hahaa! That's not true! Practice is what you need. If you are used to sarees and half sarees, then no other outfit will feel as comfortable as this."

"Hahaha! You talk like my mom aunty! She likes sarees too! I will surely wear a saree tomorrow!"

"Very good! Akshu, you will eat non-veg right?"

"I will eat anything and everything aunty! I'm a huge fan of chicken and crab!"

"Hahaa Yadu likes crab too! So, tomorrow, crab for sure!"

"Aiyayo! No aunty! I will eat crab only at home."

"And why is that?"

"Hehe aunty, crab eating is kinda tricky and it will not comply with table manners!"

"Hahahaha! OMG! Don’t worry, we won’t see you while eating! We will also be busy!"

"Hahaha! If you say so aunty!"

"I'm imagining Rajkiran (a tamil actor) now! God Akshu! Hahaha!"

"Aunty! I won’t eat like him!"

"haha ok ok! My son Yadu has come, Akshu! I will send the car with the same driver tomorrow at 11am! I can't wait to see you! Take care Akshu! Bye!"

"Ok aunty! Bye!"

Oops! I forgot to ask her name now too! Pcch it's ok! I shall ask her tomorrow.

"Kavi! Come out soon! I have got a message from that shipping company. Our Scooty is ready to be picked up." I knocked on the restroom door.

"It's already 7pm now. We will pick it up tomorrow." she shouted from inside.

"If not today, we can only pick up on Monday! They are closing for maintenance for this weekend, de!"

"Pch! Then I will go on Monday. We shall go straight from the office to pick up."

"Please, de! We shall use it during weekends to find short routes to our office. We shall go on our bike from Monday! Not a day I can soak in sweat in that damn bus!"

"I'm not coming!" This girl is totally getting on my nerves.

"Get lost!" I shouted and banged the door!

I changed my clothes and went out to get a cab. I'm going to get my bike. I called for the cab and got in. I memorized the path while going in the cab. When I reached there, my bike was ready and was parked outside. I checked for any damages. It was perfect with the 2dents I made earlier. I signed the papers and took the bike and started to our PG!

While coming in the cab, it took 40minutes! I can go back in 30minutes with my scooty! I feel alive driving my bike! No more buses! Yay!

Yadav's PoV

I called up Chandru to accompany me to the pub. Shiva is not good for these things. Of Course he drinks beer. But if a girl approaches him, he is very awkward. And he won’t allow me to enjoy it as well. I picked him up near his home. He switched on the music system and it was blaring inside the car.

The pub was in a secluded place. Since it is a new one, everything is really nice and cozy. There were no big crowds which added to its beauty. We had good fun! I like this place. I even danced with a random girl. She was all over me! But I don’t feel like doing it today. So, we just took off.

We came to my car and Chandru complained that I spoiled his fun! He was wooing a girl when I asked him to come. I turned in for a short cut and that is when I saw something that intrigued me. It's 11.30pm!

There was a girl in white salwar, sitting on a scooty with her head bent down on the handle. Is she crying? This road is deserted and looks like she can use some help. I drove past her and slowed down. I feel like helping her but also have my own inhibitions. But then I saw her looking up at my car. I opened the window and stopped the car. Her eyes are so beautiful. It glows even at this dark hour. I felt rage inside me.

"Hey, stop! please!" she was literally shouting. I stopped the music system. It was Chandru's side, she came running. I buried my head down while she spoke. She has dried tears all over her beautiful face.

I picked my cap and put it on! It covered my face till my eyes. I got down and went near her. I don’t know what has gotten into me.

"Hi sir! Thank you for stopping. I don’t know where I ..."

"What the hell are you doing here at this hour on a deserted road?" I yelled at her.

She took a step back scared and stumbled on a rock. I caught her elbow and made her steady. Did I feel weird touching her? Yes! But I let it pass.

"um... I'm new to Chennai. I got lost while going back to my Pg! I tried Google maps, but my phone switched off! Please sir, help me. I'm scared!" She spoke in a breath.

"Where is your Pg?"

She told me her address. It's 20minutes away.

"How long are you here? Are you mad?" I couldn't contain my anger.

"Pch, don't shout at me sir. Look at me! I'm already scared. Kavi is going to kill me. Not even a week we have been here, she will tell this to my mom. My mom will ask me to come back. Now please help me get back! If you are going to yell at me like this, I don't want your help!" She was whining like a baby! She is ridiculous. It's just a week here for her and she is stranded on a road at midnight. She speaks to me without any fear! A beautiful girl like her needs some extra vigilance. This girl will surely attract many problems to her. I asked Chandru to follow us on her bike.

"You get in the car! He will bring your bike!" I said, giving no attention to her whines. She immediately jumped in the car. I don’t know, a small smile crept on my lips seeing her.