Chapter 2 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 2 Julianna Returns

Four years later!

In the ICU of the hospital.

“Sorry, we have done our best. Mr. Reece does not have much time left. You can prepare for the funeral!”

“Doctor, can you think of another way? If my father doesn’t wake up, our family’s inheritance will be donated…” Dexter Reece frowned, his face full of worry.

“What should we do? Julianna, that damned girl, I wonder where she’s been these past few years.”

“Carsen is so stubborn. He didn’t like the two grandsons, but doted on Julianna, that damned girl!”

Everyone in the Reece family had been worried sick these days.

Carsen made a weird will before he was seriously ill and about to die.

Heli! 51% of the Reece Group shares to his eldest granddaughter, Julianna. As for the other ascendants of the Reece family, they would inherit another 10% of the shares.

In other words, Julianna directly became the largest shareholder of the Reece Group.

There was another additional condition in the will. If Julianna did not appear before Carsen died, all of the Reece family’s assets would be donated to the government.

Therefore, the Reece family was anxious, searching everywhere for Julianna’s whereabouts.

But Julianna seemed to have vanished into thin air!

Ever since she divorced Edwin four years ago, she had lost contact with everyone.

“Damn girl. She just wants to make things difficult for us! No one knows where she has been all these years.”

Dexter’s second wife, Shayla, cursed as she spoke. She was so angry that her face had twisted.

Back then, she had used the twins in her belly to force Julianna and Julianna’s daughter away, and then she gave birth to another son for Dexter. She had thought that her position in the Reece family would be stable.

However, Shayla did not expect the outcome to be like this.

The two boys and one girl Shayla gave birth to could not compare to that wretched girl Julianna.

“Dad, Mom, Grandpa is awake!”

“Julie! Julie!” Carsen had been unconscious for more than ten days, and he was already on his


Before Carsen died, the only thing he was worried about was his eldest granddaughter, Julianna.

Julianna had already been missing for four years. Carsen had always had a knot in his mind that couldn’t be untied. He suspected that Shayla had poisoned Julianna.

“Dad, Konnor, Kenny, and Kate are all your grandchildren. You can’t be so biased! You have to leave them some property! If you donate all our inheritance, do you want to see them become beggars?”

“Julie… If I can’t see Julie, you won’t even be able to get a coin from me.”

“It’s been four years. Who knows where she went off? Grandpa is dying. If she really cares about Grandpa, she would have come back to him!”

Katelyn lowered her eyes and finally could not help but ask, “Edwin, do you know where Julianna is?”

Edwin’s mind subconsciously went blank!


ars ago, after Edwin and Julianna divorced, Edwin had thought that Julianna would keep

pestering him and would make a scene!

Unexpectedly, on the second day of the divorce, Julianna moved out of his house and took nothing with her, even the check with 80 million dollars he gave to her, but only her personal belongings.

No one had heard anything from Julianna. Of course, as arrogant as Edwin was, he would never take

the initiative to contact her.

It had been four years!

Edwin did not believe that Julianna would let go so easily! Once, he thought of many ways to completely get rid of her, but unfortunately, he did not use them once!

Just like that, Julianna completely disappeared from his world.


“Grandpa can’t hold on. Hurry and call the doctor…”

The electrocardiogram was about to become a straight line, and everyone was crying as they surrounded the sickbed!

However, they were not crying for Carsen. They were crying about the property that was about to be confiscated!

Tap, tap, tap…

In the corridor of the hospital, there was the sound of high heels clicking!


Someone pushed open the door of the ward.

The one who came in was wearing a white custom-made suit! She was carrying a limited edition, Hermes Birkin. The exaggerated sunglasses covered most of her face! Under the contrast of the high heels, her slender legs were especially charming!

The cold and threatening aura seemed to lower the pressure of the entire ward by a few degrees!

“Who is this woman? Did she go to the wrong ward? Who let her in?”

“It’s me. I came to see Grandfather!” Julianna slowly took off her sunglasses and walked towards the bed step by step!

“Julianna!” Everyone was completely shocked.


Julianna had changed too much!

From Waist-length black hair that had not changed for the past ten thousand years, she now had struder-length cigarette brown short hair. The plain girl who always wore casual clothes and flats became an office lady who stepped on thin heels and wore a suit!

In particular, she was much thinner than before. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and looked less than 90

pounds! Her eyes, which were as bright as the stars in the sky, became empty and cold. There was a

bit of vicissitude and exhaustion in them!

“Julie, Julie, you finally appeared. If you don’t show up, the Reece family will be finished…”

It was the first time that everyone in the Reece family had looked forward to her appearance so much!

“Grandfather, I’m sorry, I’m late!”

“Julie…” Carsen reluctantly opened his eyes, “Seeing that you’re fine, I’m relieved…”

After Carsen finished speaking, his outstretched hand softly fell on the bed! His head tilted, and he

closed his eyes!


The electrocardiogram gradually became a straight line!

“Grandpa… Grandpa…” Julianna shouted, and tears rolled down her face.

In the Reece family, only Carsen cared about her!

“Alright, stop pretending to shed tears! If you were really filial, you wouldn’t have come to visit Grandfather for four years! Now that Grandfather is dead, it’s time to distribute the family

property, and you finally remember to come back!” Dexter’s eldest son, Konnor Reece, couldn’t help but sneer.

Konnor had never treated Julianna as an older sister. Now that Julianna had become the greatest

beneficiary of the inheritance, he wanted to strangle her!

“Alright, alright, hurry up and inform the others to arrange the funeral!”

“Julie, since you are back, move back home!” Dexter patted Julianna on the shoulder with a pained expression.

Shayla pursed her lips. “That’s right, move back! Also, your grandfather made a will before he died. He wanted you to inherit 51% of the Reece Group’s shares!”

“How can such a big company be taken care of by a girl who doesn’t know anything? Julie, you are still young. Let your father continue to be in charge of the company!”

Shayla was as impolite as an elder preaching to a child, and she was even more disdainful in her heart! julianna, this little bitch, is as stupid as her mother!

liven she moves back to the Reece’s house, I won’t let her go easily!

Julianna was expressionless. “I don’t want to say anything right now. I just want to make sure that everything about Grandpa’s funeral will be done smoothly!”

“That’s true. Right now, your grandpa’s funeral is the most important thing. We can put everything else aside for now!”

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