Chapter 3 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World by Cathy Colborn Chapter 3 Why Her?

It was dusk after the Reece family made an arrangement for Carsen.

Julianna followed the crowd out of the hospital.

“Where do you live? Let my chauffeur drive you home!” Edwin felt dry in his throat. Edwin spoke to

Julianna for the first time today.

“Thank you, but no. I have a car here!” Julianna smiled politely and shook the car key in her hand.

Julianna was indifferent and polite as if Edwin was a stranger to her.

Katelyn looked bad because Edwin talked with Julianna first. Katelyn deliberately held Edwin by the arm intimately. “Julie, why don’t you come home? If so, we can take care of you…”

“It’s more convenient for me to stay in a hotel. Goodbye!” Julianna politely waved her hand and walked straight to the underground parking lot of the hospital.


while, a silver Bentley came out of the parking lot and roared away.

“Julie seems to be doing well. She still leads a good life without our help!”

Edwin didn’t respond to Katelyn.

Four years passed, but Edwin hadn’t married Katelyn yet. Edwin found that he had personality

clashes with Katelyn over the past years.

Edwin hadn’t broken up with Katelyn because of their families. The Reece family was wealthy, but it was only a small potato in comparison to the Keaton family. However, the older generation of the two families was very close to each other. Therefore, the Keaton family had been taking care of the Reece family.

There was another reason. Ten years ago, Edwin drowned because of a cramp when swimming. It was Katelyn who saved him. From then on, Edwin swore to love and protect Katelyn for the rest of his life.

“Julie has been capable since little! She is smart, and many men adore her! Look, she drives a luxury car and wears fine clothes after years of disappearance. She’must have found herself a rich


“Kate is quite different from Julie. Kate is stupid and innocent. I think she will count the money for those who sell her!” Shayla sounded like praising Julianna but slandered her.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“Mom wants you to learn from Julie. Look, how capable Julie is! She can take good care of herself no matter where she is! It’s rare to see a girl as smart as her!”

Edwin’s face darkened. “Mrs. Reece, Katelyn, I have to go now. I have an important meeting tonight!”

“Ah, okay, watch out on the road!” Shayla had a flattering smile on her face. She was afraid of offending her future son-in-law.

Edwin said nothing, turned around, and got in his car.

After Edwin left, Katelyn angrily stomped her foot. “Mom, it’s all your fault. How could you send Julianna, that bitch, to Edwin’s bed six years ago?

“Look, Edwin talks no more about our marriage!

“Julianna, that bitch, is back now. What should we do?”

Shayla gritted her teeth with hatred. She felt a pang of regret when Katelyn mentioned her mistake.

Six years ago, Shayla had a perfect plan.

Back then, Shayla drugged Julianna and sent her to Edwin’s room. Shayla thought that Edwin must be too runk to do anything.

Then, Shayla called a large group of paparazzi over to cook up a story that Julianna seduced her future brother-in-law. Shayla wanted to ruin Julianna and make her lose the inheritance right of this scandal.

However, Shayla made things worse in the end.

Edwin did have sex with Julianna.

What happened afterward was out of control.

Under pressure from Carsen and Melina, Edwin married Julianna.

“I did that for you! You should blame your grandfather who was partial to that bitch!

“Now that he is dead, let’s see who will stand up for that little bitch!”

“Mom…” Katelyn was still worried.

Although Edwin had been good to Katelyn over the past few years, Katelyn didn’t miss the coldness in his eyes!

Katelyn found that Edwin seldom smiled after his divorce from Julianna.

In the past few years, Edwin became a workaholic. Sometimes, Edwin and Katelyn could see each other once every two to three months.


“Don’t worry! Julianna is as stupid as her mother! Don’t fall out with her now. Let’s persuade her to give up inheritance rights first…”

Ten days had passed.

This was Carsen’s funeral!

Apart from Julianna, the rest of the Reece family had arrived at the cemetery. In addition, all the celebrities in Philadelphia attended the funeral too.

There were reporters outside the cemetery.

Carsen had been an influential celebrity in Philadelphia, so his funeral drew a lot of attention from the public.

“I heard that Mr. Reece had left a will and made her eldest granddaughter the heir of the Reece


“Tsk, tsk tsk. That girl is amazing! Six years ago, she hooked up with her future brother-in-law, replaced her younger sister, and married into the Keaton family. Now, she is in charge of the Reece Group. How scheming!”

“So what? Didn’t the Keaton family kick her out? That kind of woman is disgusting!”

These whispers among the crowd pleased Shayla, but she still said with sorrow on her face, “Everyone, be quiet, please. First, I would like to thank you for attending this funeral…”

One reporter asked, “Excuse me, Mrs. Reece, there is a rumor that Julianna will take over the Reece Group and become its new CEO. Is this true?”

Shayla paused. “It is a sad day today. It is inappropriate for me to answer this question here.

“However, the Reece Group is a big company! Nobody can make a decision about it alone. We will have a meeting to choose the most suitable executive director later!”

“It is an important day for the Reece family today. Why isn’t Julianna here?”

“Well, I can’t answer this question for her…”.

Right then, there was a commotion outside the cemetery.

A Rolls-Royce Extended and a motorcade of Benz slowly drove into the cemetery.

“NONE! It looks like the license plate of Mr. Hodson!” The reporters became thrilled and rushed towards the Rolls-Royce.

It was true that the Rolls-Royce with license number NONE belonged to Glenn Hodson. The license number meant that you are the only one”.

There were two most famous Princes Charming in Philadelphia, and they were Edwin and Glenn.

Glenn was the second son of a tycoon in the gambling industry. Meanwhile, he was the president of

Star Media, and several new top stars in the entertainment industry were all his artists!

Unlike Edwin, who kept a low profile, Glenn was quite high-profile,

The door of the Rolls-Royce was open, and Glenn got out of the car first.

“Wow! Mr. Hodson!” The reporters swarmed forward like flies that smelled blood.

By the car, Glenn helped a woman in a black suit and black sunglasses out of the car.

“This woman? She looks like Julianna!”

“Heavens! Why is Mr. Hodson with a woman like her?”

When the crowd was in shock, two cute kids in black suits came out of the car one after another.


Both kids seemed to be around three or four years old.

The appearance of these kids caused a stir in the crowd.

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