Chapter 8 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 8 Keep the Reece Group for His Sons

“I used to be the vice president of CI Technology Entertainment.

“This is the financial data report for the past three years. I think all of you have heard of the growth of its profits in the past few years.”

When the others heard this, they were even more shocked.

CI Technology Entertainment was such a famous company in the world, and it was the leading company in the business industry. It was difficult not to pay attention to its news.

At such a young age, Julianna was able to take the position of its vice president. She was not just lucky but capable.

“Uh, Ms. Reece from CI Technology Entertainment. Could it be you?”

“Yes, it’s me!” Julianna smiled confidently.

This time, everyone was immediately unable to remain calm.

Edwin was shocked.

“Ms. Reece” was a dark horse that had appeared in the business industry in the past two years! With her team, in just two years, she had increased the sales of CI Technology Entertainment by 55%.

Who wouldn’t want to poach such a talent?

No one would have thought that this dark horse was Julianna, who had been kicked out by the Keaton family

“I believe that with my ability, I will be able to manage the Reece Group. Moreover, my management team will join me.

“Also, I have already taken the power of attorney of CI Technology Entertainment in Philadelphia. In the next few years, the Reece Group will not have to worry about the supply of goods! Moreover, we will develop a new cooperation project with CI!”

When Quinton and Leroy heard this, their faces were immediately filled with smiles. “Wow, this … this… It’s really a pleasant surprise! So many people can’t take the power of attorney, but Ms. Reece actually took it!”

“I never would have thought that I would be able to work with CI!”

“Since… she is the executive director chosen by Mr. Reece, we have no objections!”

Dexter was the president these years, and the Reece Group had been losing money. The company had a hard time, and the board of directors had long been dissatisfied with him.

Now that Julianna had returned, she immediately turned the situation of the Reece Group. If they could rely on CI Technology Entertainment, they would not have to worry for the next few years.

Naturally, they were eager to kick Dexter off the position!

Dexter’s face darkened, and his lips twitched. “Julie, you are the president. Dad has no objections!

“However, I still suggest that you start with the basic work. It is not a bad thing to train more! Oh, if you don’t want to train, you can be a manager first…”

He almost blurted out that she just couldn’t be the president now!

If Julianna became the president, what would he do? What would happen to his two sons?

Dexter valued men more than women, and Julianna didn’t grow up by his side, so he did not quite love his daughter. How could he bear to let most of his assets become Julianna’s?

“Dad, say no more. I am just following my grandfather’s last wish!

“If I can’t increase Reece Group’s profits by more than 20% during this period, I will resign and leave the Reece Group forever!”

“Mr. Reece, let Ms. Reece try! Anyway, I have no objections!”

“I have no objections!”

“Julie, you…” Dexter was tongue-tied, constantly glancing at Edwin, hinting that Edwin should say a few words!

Edwin stood still, not saying a word or expressing his opinion!

This bit of shares he had in the Reece Group was nothing to him! He had no interest or energy to

waste time on this

However, he was willing to let Julianna be the president! Anyway, it was a game. He was more interested in fighting with this damn bitch and letting her have a taste of failure.

“Mr. Keaton, what do you mean?”

Edwin smiled and shrugged. “I … have no objections!”

“You see. If even Mr. Keaton has no objections, then we naturally have no objections!”

“Mr. Reece, you should hand over your work as soon as possible and give the office to Ms. Reece!”

When Dexter heard this, he was completely dumbfounded! He had never expected that Edwin would agree to it! Originally, he had wanted him to help, but he didn’t!

His position was completely lost!

Good, good, Julle. I have raised you for so many years for nothing. You want to replace your father? Do you have any gratitude?

“Since you were a child, you were the disobedient one! You went against your family, and six years ago, you made the whole family restless and became the joke of the whole city!

“Now you come back to fight for the family property. You … you want to piss me off!”

Dexter changed his words and completely lost his composure. He pointed at Julianna and cursed.

No matter what, he had to keep the Reece Group for his two sons!

Even if he had to hand the Reece Group over to his daughter, he would still hand it over to Katelyn.

Julianna felt a pain in her heart. The expression on her face was indifferent. She said coldly, “Dad, I only inherited my grandfather’s inheritance. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can find a lawyer to talk to me!

“Also, I do not wish for you to participate in the internal management of the Reece Group. I will transfer 10% of your shares to your personal account according to the yearly profit!”

mit was a child, she had never spent her father’s money and never experienced fatherly love. When she was twelve, her mother passed away from illness before she returned to Philadelphia.

After that, she had been living in a boarding school and seldom returned to the Reece’s house on holidays. All these years, all of her expenses were dependent on her mother’s inheritance and the


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