Chapter 7 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 7 Fight Back

“If you don’t stop, then don’t blame me!”

With a cold face, Julianna raised her knees fiercely toward his crotch!

She was no longer weak and timid.

If he dared to provoke her, she would fight back! –

Edwin was caught off guard, and his crotch was directly hit! It hurt so much that he raised his eyebrows. He felt his balls were about to be broken!

“How dare you kick me?”

“Yeah. So what? Do I need to pick a date? It’s best if we don’t interfere with each other. Don’t think that I’m afraid of you!”

Edwin looked at Julianna in disbelief!

She had changed!

She use to be weak and soft. Now, she was fierce.

“You are courting death!” Edwin was so angry that he grabbed her arm and pressed her against the sink!

It was the first time in his life that he had been beaten!

And she dared to kick his … crotch! if it wasn’t for his height, just that one kick would have

completely made him impotent!

He thought, this damn woman! She is going to die!


Edwin fiercely pressed her against the sink, and Julianna was not scared. She kept struggling with her hands and feet.

The bodyguard heard the noise in the bathroom and hurriedly pushed open the door to check!

“Mr. Keaton… I’m sorry!” with a bang, the bodyguard closed the door again.

This scene was shocking and could easily cause misunderstandings.

The bodyguard closed the door and patted his chest with lingering fear. “Phew, that was close. I almost disrupted Mr. Keaton and Ms. Reece. I didn’t expect that after four years, Ms. Reece would repeat the same trick!

“Tsk. This woman is such a slut. She hit on Mr. Hodson and didn’t forget to hook up with her ex- husband! Mr. Keaton is really unlucky. How can he fall for her again?”

Julianna’s face was a little pale. She tidled her messy hair and pushed Edwin away angrily.

“Edwin! Please behave yourself! If you continue to disrespect me, don’t blame me for doing anything that might hurt you.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you in private except for the work in the company!”

“Anything to do with me? In your dreams!” Edwin smiled contemptuously.

He was the leader of the biggest financial group in Philadelphia and a successful businessman!

This was the first time he had heard such rejection!

He thought, well, well. I didn’t come in vain. At least, I have witnessed such a shameless woman!

Just wait. If I don’t torture you to death, 1, Edwin, will change my surname!

Edwin smiled sinisterly as he adjusted his tie and shirt before striding out of the bathroom!

In the conference room!

Julianna put on sojne makeup and returned to the conference room. As soon as she opened the door, evityone’s eyes were fixed on her.

They all looked at her in disdain.

Edwin leaned lazily against the chair, his thumb fiddling with the corners of his lips. He looked as if he had just finished doing it secretly and was still enjoying it.

This made everyone automatically imagine that Julianna had just done something to Edwin in the bathroom!

After all, this was how she had schemed against Edwin six years ago, forcing her sister away and

marrying into the Keaton family!

Julianna naturally saw everyone’s eyes, and her face darkened. Her mood was extremely bad!

“Let’s start the meeting!”

When Quinton and Leroy heard this, they straightened their backs.

Dexter’s face darkened even more! He narrowed his eyes and looked at Julianna and Edwin!

He was furious!

He really didn’t like his daughter! If she dared to ruin Katelyn and Edwin’s relationship when she

returned this time, he would never recognize her as his daughter again!

“Julie, most of the people here are your elders! There is no need to be so serious. You look so rude!

Dad has discussed it with them. If you want to work at the company, you can come!

“You’ll start from the simple work. Once you get familiar with the company’s operations and


Julianna’s cold and gentle face darkened. She directly interrupted Dexter, “Dad, I have a board meeting today to announce something!

“From next month onwards, I will inherit 51% of the shares of the Reece Group according to grandfather’s will! I will officially take over the Reece Group and be the executive director!

“At the same time, I will also make some adjustments to the personnel management. Everyone, please be prepared!”

When Dexter heard this, he was shocked.

It looked like his daughter came back this time with intention! Not only did she want to destroy her younger sister’s relationship, but she also wanted to rob the property of her two younger brothers!

“Julie, you are still young! It is not as simple as you think to manage a company!”

Quinton and Leroy also sneered. “Julie, the Reece Group is the work of your grandfather for the rest of his lue! It is also the company that we have worked for your grandpa for many years!

“It’s not that easy!

“It’s not that we look down on you, but you, an inexperienced little girl, can’t carry the load!”

When Julianna heard this, she smiled confidently and calmly!

She took out a few stacks of documents from her briefcase and let the assistant distribute them to

the people present!

“This is my calendar. Everyone, you can take a look!”

“The planning supervisor and vice president of CI Technology Entertainment…”

After Quinton and Leroy finished reading, they looked at Julianna in disbelief!

CI Technology Entertainment Company was one of the top 50 multinational companies in Canada! The company mainly developed new technology robots and other projects!

In addition, it also involved cars, electrical appliances, jewelry, and so on. It was multi-directional!

Was Julianna actually its planning director and vice president?

How was this possible?

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