Chapter 5 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 5 Take Over the Reece Group

“Mrs. Reece, please say something.”

Shayla smiled and confidently said, “Thank you for your concern. Mr. Keaton and Kate will hold a wedding as scheduled.

“As for the date, it’s hard to tell you anymore. Please give them some space. Thank you.”

“What about Mr. Reece’s will? He wanted Julianna to take over the Reece Group. Is it true?”

“Well… it’s certainly not true! Everyone, please don’t believe in rumors. The Reece Group is such a big company. It’s impossible to let an inexperienced girl take charge.”

Shayla was very clear about Julianna’s personality. In Shayla’s eyes, Julianna had been a weak and scatterbrained pushover since she was young.

Shayla was confident enough to handle Julianna and coax her to give up the right of succession to

the Reece Group…

At this time, Julianna and Glenn walked out of the cemetery.

“Ms. Reece, would you like to take over the Reece Group?”

“Did Mr. Reece make a will to allow you to be the head of the Reece Group?”

Facing the media’s questions, Julianna said calmly, “Yes.”

Julianna embarrassed Shayla with one simple word.

“Ms. Reece, could you please share something about the will?”

“I’ve entrusted the lawyer to handle the will. I’ll hold a press conference and announce the will later. Thank you.”

Shayla pursed her lips in embarrassment. She gritted her teeth and glared at Julianna.

Shayla thought, bitch, I haven’t seen you for a few years, and you have learned to play tricks.

“Julie, you can’t talk nonsense in front of the reporters. Have you talked to your father about the will? Have you asked for the approval of the board?

“Carsen was just buried. Are you going to take your father’s position as the chairman?”

After Shayla finished her mocking words, she glared at Julianna.

Julianna looked straight into Shayla’s eyes. “I am only following grandpa’s wishes. If you have any questions or grievances, please contact my lawyer.”

After that, Julianna ignored Shayla and followed Glenn into the car…

“You … bitch…” Shayla was furious.

She didn’t expect that Julianna would have become overbearing since they hadn’t met for a few years, Shayla thought, it must be Glenn who gave her advice. Julianna the bitch isn’t that smart and strong. Otherwise, she wouldn’t dare to be so tough…

Three days later…

A board meeting was held in the building of the Reece Group.

Dexter, Shayla, Konnor, Kenny, and the other two directors, Quinton Hunt and Leroy Welch, all attended the meeting as scheduled.

Unexpectedly, Edwin also attended the meeting.

He held 15% of the Reece Group’s shares, but he had never got involved in running the Reece Group.

It was all out of generosity that he invested in the Reece Group back then.

“I’m really lucky today. Mr. Keaton, I didn’t expect you to show up.”

Quintonand Leroy were eager to fawn over Edwin as if he was the backbone of the Reece Group.

Edwin sat on the stool with a gloomy face, noble and cold. He was indifferent to their flattery. Even if he did not speak, Edwin looked very mighty.

A short while later…

Julianna was here too.

Today, she wore a chic black suit with a white striped shirt underneath. Julianna also wore black- rimmed glasses and tied up her hair.

She put on faint makeup with crimson lipstick. Thus, Julianna looked very stunning.

She was just like a professional stylish woman.

“Only staff can stay here. This is a board meeting, not a family meeting.” Julianna glanced indifferently at Shayla and her two stepbrothers, and she mercilessly asked them to leave.

Hearing that, Shayla gritted her teeth with anger. “How arrogant you are! Come on! You haven’t become the chairman.

“Yet, you’ve become overbearing. Julie, anyone here is more qualified and capable than you. How can you be the chairman?

“The Reece Group is such a big company. You’re just a silly girl. Are you really able to run it well?”

Konnor was also furious. He slammed the table, stood up, and shouted, “That’s right. How dare you take the position of chairman away from Dad? What have you done for the Reece Group?

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Grandpa is muddle-headed. That will can’t be serious. You’d better get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t end well.”

The lawyer beside Julianna pushed his glasses up his nose and said seriously, “Mr. Reece, Mrs. Reece, please watch your language. Otherwise, Ms. Reece can sue you for threat and slander.”

“How dare you scare me? Only she can afford a lawyer?”

Julianna glanced at Konnor coldly and called out to her assistant outside the door.

After a while, several burly security guards walked in.

“Everybody out who doesn’t need to be here.”

“I won’t go out. What can you do to me?”

The security guards politely gestured for Shayla and the others to leave the conference room.

“This is my company. How dare you touch me? I won’t leave today. Let’s see what you can do.”

The security guards naturally did not dare to make a move.

Given wat, Konnor became even more arrogant. “Julianna, who do you think you are? How cocky you are! Don’t think that I won’t dare to hit you just because you are a woman.”

As he spoke, Konnor swung his arm and wanted to slap Julianna in the face.

Konnor had always been out of control in the family and was even the future heir that Dexter had acknowledged. Now that Konnor’s property was taken away, how could he not be flustered?

Given that Julianna was almost slapped, Edwin could no longer remain calm and got up from the


But before Edwin could make a further move, Julianna had avoided Konnor’s slap.

Then, Julianna clenched his palm, pushed him forward, and knocked him on the desk.

Instantly, Konnor’s lips broke, and blood flowed out of his mouth.

“You… How dare you beat him? Konnor, are you alright?” Shayla saw her son bleeding. She felt hurt and almost shed tears.

“Take them out.”

“Yes, Ms. Reece.” Those security guards then forcefully dragged Konnor and the others out.

Julianna looked at the blood on her hand and frowned. “Sorry, please wait a moment. I’m going to the bathroom.”

With that, Julianna went straight out of the conference room and headed to the bathroom.

After entering the bathroom, she turned on the tap and was about to wash the blood off her hands when the door was pushed open.

Edwin walked in.

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