Chapter 4 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 4 Her Children

“Oh my! Ms. Reece is so lucky! After being kicked out of the Keaton family, she hooked up with Mr.

Hodson and even had two children!”

“Mr. Hodson, may I ask if you are the father of these two children? What is your relationship with Ms. Reece?”

“May I ask when you two were together?”


“Besides, I heard that Ms. Reece is about to take over as the executive director of the Reece Group. Is it true?”

The cameras clicked away and kept flashing, and all the media pushed their microphones to the front!

Hundreds of security guards quickly formed a human wall!

Glenn nodded slightly at the surrounding reporters. He never liked to be interviewed, but today, he would like to say something when facing the questions of the media!

“Ms.” Ece and I are very good friends. Thank you for your concern!”

What he said quickly made everyone even more curious about the relationship between Julianna and Glenn!

Julianna and her children entered the cemetery under the protection of Glenn and the security


Today was her grandfather’s funeral. She felt that her children needed to attend the funeral!

Four years ago, she divorced Edwin and gave birth to triplets, two boys and one little girl!

Her daughter was going to come together today, but her daughter was born sick, so it was inappropriate for her to attend such an occasion!

Therefore, she only brought two sons over!

Julianna and Glenn came to Carsen’s tomb and bowed deeply with respect!

“My kids, kneel before your Great-Grandfather’s tomb!”

Julianna’s two little kids listened to her and obediently knelt in front of Carsen’s tomb!

Standing in front of Carsen’s tomb together, Julianna, her children, and Glenn looked like a warm family,

“Is that man Mr. Hodson?”

“Oh my! Did he secretly marry a divorced woman?”

“Tsk. I didn’t expect Mr. Hodson would get married to such a woman…”

When Shayla and Katelyn saw this scene, they were all full of jealousy, and so were the other ladies!

Glenn was synonymous with a lady killer!

Born in a wealthy family, Glenn was handsome and young. Besides, he was the only one who was the same influential as Edwin in Philadelphia!

However, as a divorced woman, Julianna, who had been kicked out of the Keaton family, now had hooked up with Glenn!

Why was she so lucky?

What right had she to deserve such a good man?

“Julie, who … whose children are they?” Dexter looked at the children in front of him, full of shock!

“Dad, they are my children!

“Come and meet your grandfather, sweethearts!”

“Gral.cather!” The two little children obediently called out!


The news came as a big blow, and everyone present was stunned!

A chill stole over Shayla’s and Katelyn’s bodies, and their hearts were thumping!

These two children looked too much like Edwin. Especially their eyes, they looked the same as Edwin’s!

Dexter still had a look of disbelief in his eyes as he said with a solemn expression, “Then … who is

their father?”

In his heart, he was also very worried that these two kids were Edwin’s children! After all, Edwin was now the fiance of his second daughter, Katelyn!

Although Julianna was also his daughter, she grew up with her mother abroad all the time until her mother passed away from illness. It was only when she was twelve that she was taken back to the Reece family!

Therefore, the relationship between Dexter and Julianna was not very close!

“Julie, I’m not trying to blame you, but you should at least let me know when you were pregnant!

Dexter did not have the slightest bit of gratification after he knew that he had become a

grandfather. Instead, there was a look of disdain in his eyes!

If they were Edwin’s children, Julianna would undoubtedly destroy her sister’s relationship with

Edwin again! If they were not Edwin’s children, Julianna probably wanted to get the family


Anyway, it was definitely not a good thing that Julianna came back at this time!

Julianna lowered her head, remaining silent.

She only wanted to bring her children over to attend her grandfather’s funeral today. As for other things, she did not want to explain too much!

“Hello, I’m Glenn! I am Julie’s good friend!” Glenn took a step forward and extended his hand to

greet Dexter.

When Dexter heard what Glenn said, he subconsciously turned his head to Glenn. His face softened as he looked at Glenn!

Although he didn’t have much contact with Glenn, he had long heard a lot about this famous Glenn!

If Glenn was the father of these two children, then everyone would be happy!

“Oh, hello! You and Julie? And these two children?”

Glenn paused for a few seconds and then politely said, “Julie and I are very good friends! I am here to accompany them to the funeral!”

Glenn gave an equivocal and ambiguous answer! He neither admitted that he was the father of

these two children nor denied it!

Of course, this kind of phenomenon was very common in upper-class society. It was normal for a couple to have children during a relationship or before they got married!

Edwin stood at the side and listened to their conversation. He had mixed feelings, and he felt

extremely uncomfortable!

He subconsciously tugged at his tie. His handsome face was so gloomy, as pale and grey as a tombstone!

It had been only four years since they got a divorce, but Edwin didn’t expect that Julianna would already have children. Besides, her children looked around four years old!

In other words, Julianna got into a relationship with another man right after she divorced! Or perhaps, she had already cheated on him while she was Edwin’s wife! No wonder she could leave so directly, not even taking the 80-million alimony he gave her!

It turned out that Julianna had long hooked up with another man!

For a scherning woman like her, it was nothing difficult to get a man’s heart. After all, six years ago,

she played the same trick and had sex with Edwin!


Edwin couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Without waiting for the funeral to end, Edwin was in no mood to talk to anyone before he directly

got out of the crowd and prepared to leave!

“Edwin! Edwin!” Seeing that Edwin was about to leave, Katelyn anxiously called out behind him!

Looking at Katelyn’s anxious face, Shayla immediately motioned Katelyn to chase after Edwin!

Therefore, Katelyn quickly went to chase after Edwin before the funeral finished!

When Edwin walked out of the cemetery, a group of reporters immediately saw him and rushed over. “Mr. Keaton, what do you think of the relationship between your ex-wife and Mr. Hodson?” –

“You lived with your ex-wife for two years, and Julianna didn’t get pregnant during the marriage! Are you the father of the children?”

“May I ask when you and Katelyn will get married…”

Edhe was very angry after he saw Julianna and Glenn. When he heard the reporters’ questions, he became even angrier! A large number of bodyguards under his command quickly stopped the reporters from approaching!

“Sorry! Mr. Keaton doesn’t accept any interviews!”

Under the protection of the bodyguards, Edwin got into a car!

“Edwin! Edwin…” Before Katelyn came to the car, Edwin’s car had already driven out of the parking


“Ms. Reece, when will you and Mr. Keaton get married?” the reporters asked as they surrounded


“What’s your opinion on your sister taking over the Reece Group?”

After all, as a person who never dabbled in the entertainment industry, Katelyn had no idea how to deal with the media!

Fortunately, Shayla was worried about her daughter, so she came after her daughter. Seeing that Katelyn was being besieged by the media, she hurriedly stepped forward to help Katelyn out of the predicament. “Sorry, we don’t accept any interviews today!”

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