Chapter 6 - Repeating My Rejection


Hudson devoured her mouth, groaning heavily as she circled his neck with her hand and fisted his hair, tugging the strands.

Walking backwards, he pulled the girl with him, his lips only leaving hers long enough to pull the crop top she was wearing over her head and throw it on the floor.

Biting gently down her neck, he lowered his arms from her body as she quickly unbuttoned his shirt, yanking it down his arms and dropping it so that she could trace his muscular chest with her fingers.

In the back of his mind, something was tugging at him but he was so wrapped up in having his mate in front of him he ignored it.

Next to go were his jeans and her skirt, leaving him in just his boxers as she sank to her knees in just a bra and panties and slowly pulled down the black fabric, his cock springing free.

‘You don’t have . .’ he started to say before his words were cut off by a low groan in the back of his throat as she wrapped her plump lips around the head of his cock as she drew him into her mouth.

‘Jesus’ he muttered, his eyes rolling back in his head as she slowly pulled her head back again, running her tongue along the underside as she released him before taking him back in again until he hit the back of her throat.

Wrapping a hand in to her hair, Hudson urged her back again before pushing into the warmth once more, the she wolf moaning around him, sending vibrations through him.

‘You are so good at that’ he gasped, his brain only able to deal with the sensations, no other thoughts getting through.

The Alpha let her suck him for a few more minutes before his need to own her broke through and he pulled away, dragging her to her feet and giving her a gentle push so that she fell onto the bed, spread open to him.

‘I fucking love your hair’ he growled as he stalked over her, twirling a lock around his finger.

The she wolf giggled softly the sound slightly off to his hearing, ‘I like your body’ she replied, scratching her fingers down his abs.

Growling, Hudson reached down between them, his fingers running over her folds as her breath hitched slightly, ‘do you like me touching you?’ he asked huskily, moving between her wetness, teasing her.

‘Y . .yes’ she stuttered out, wriggling her hips to try and get him to do more.

Tracing his way upward, he slowly circled her clit, enjoying the whimpers coming from his mate as she sought more friction.

‘Do you want something?’ he asked, his voice low and dangerous.

‘I want you’ she whispered desperately, ‘please . . please Alpha, give me what I want.

Plunging his fingers inside of her, Hudson grinned as she gasped from the sudden intrusion, her body clamping down on him as she teased her walls, stroking the fire that was building inside of her.

‘You are going to come for me’ he ordered, ‘I want everyone to know that you are being pleasured and that you can only be pleasured by me.’

The she wolf nodded quickly, her breathing rapid as she thrust against his fingers desperately.

With his other hand, Hudson palmed her breast, his thumb and forefinger pinching her nipple with just the right amount of pressure to send a pang of need straight to her already tightening stomach.

Arching her back, the girl moaned, trying to get closer, her hands seeking out his shoulders, tugging on him to try and get him where she desperately needed him.

Coaxingly, Hudson moved his fingers inside of her, drawing her closer and closer to the edge, the she wolf trembling, searching for the release she desperately needed. Once he had her teetering on the edge, he pulled his hand away, smirking as she opened her eyes, a pained wail leaving her lips.

Crawling up her body, he positioned himself between her thighs, rubbing his length between her folds, coating himself in her arousal before sliding inside her with one smooth hard stroke.

A moan of pleasure filled the air, a pair of arms wrapping around his neck, hauling him close as her lips pressed to his, demanding his attention that he happily gave.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she secured herself to him, locking her ankles so he couldn’t escape.

Something snapped within him and he could no longer hold back, having his mate anchored to him, her breath mingling with his as she whispered pleas for him to finish her broke his resolve.

Placing kisses along her jaw, he sucked on her skin as his hips thrust forward, drawing an animalistic growl from his throat. She clung to him, her nails digging into his back as she called out, encouraging him to take her faster.

‘Please Alpha, I’m so close’ she gasped, rubbing her body against him desperately.

Every thrust into her hot snug channel sent him closer to the edge, her body tightening around him as she screamed out loud, her orgasm barrelling through her.

‘Fuck me Alpha, fill me’ she moaned, Hudson placing his hands underneath her and lifting her hips slightly so he could take her deeper. He slammed into her, over and over, chasing his own release as she cried out from the sensations.

As her walls tightened again, a second orgasm crashing over her, Hudson thrust into her one last time, his own climax washing over him as he grunted out, ‘fuck Quinn, I love you.’

As he fell on top of the girl, rolling to his side, his eyes closing, he swore he heard a confused voice reply, ‘I’m not Quinn’ but he passed out before he could be sure.

Waking hours later, he groaned, rubbing his eyes as a spotlight tried to drill its way through his eyelids and into his brain.

He wished whoever had hold of the light would turn it off, his head was pounding in a way he wasn’t used to, why did it hurt so much?

Opening his eyes by the barest crack, he slammed his hand over them immediately as pain seared his irises.

Scrunching up his face, he forced his eyelids open again, blinking rapidly until the room came into focus. Rolling to the side, he frowned as unfamiliar furniture came into view. He didn’t own mahogany furniture, nor did he have a wine coloured velvet chair in his room.

Sweeping his gaze downward he found himself wrapped in a patchwork blanket, lifting the edge gingerly, his eyes widened to find himself completely naked.

A soft moan caught his attention, spinning his head so he could see behind himself he found a mass of red curls covering the pillow beside him. Sitting up carefully, he peeked over her shoulder to find a she wolf he had never seen before fast asleep next to him.

Swallowing, he slowly raised the covers further, swallowing a groan as he found her to be as naked as he was.

‘Shit’ he whispered, placing the covers back down and inching out of the bed, trying not to wake his bed partner.

Grabbing his clothes, he slipped on his underwear and jeans, gripping his shirt and trainers in his hand as he slipped out of the room, shutting the door silently behind him.

Turning around he jumped as Garrett grinned up at him, just centimetres away.

‘Have fun?’ the Beta asked, waggling his eyebrows suggestively, ‘I know I did.’

‘I don’t even remember what the fuck happened’ Hudson hissed, running his hand down his face.

‘From what I saw, you had some of that spiked cocktail that Steven had made and then you went upstairs and didn’t come down again.’

Hudson scowled, ‘what do you mean spiked cocktail’ he demanded, glaring at his Beta.’

‘The rum drink’ Garrett replied warily, ‘it was spiked with wolfsbane, that’s why everyone was warned not to drink more than a few cups, it was just so we could all get buzzed.’

Hudson rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger, ‘they never told me that’ he muttered.

Garrett’s eyes widened, ‘how many did you have?’ he asked in concern.

‘About eight cups, I don’t know, this blonde kept bringing them to me’ he mumbled, no wonder he felt like a train wreck.

His Beta shuddered, ‘I don’t know how the fuck you are awake Alpha, that stuff was potent.’

‘tell me about it’ Hudson grumbled as he pulled on his trainers and set off toward the stairs, ‘I woke up in bed with some she wolf I don’t even know.’

Dragging on his shirt, the Alpha checked his pockets and pulled out his keys, walking toward his car as Garrett jumped in the passenger seat, looking over at him in concern.

‘You OK man?’ he asked worriedly.

Hudson nodded, ‘yeah, it was a mistake, but it’s not like I hurt anyone’ he replied with a sigh, gunning the engine and pulling out of the Alpha’s driveway, heading toward the border and out into the unclaimed territory that lay between their allies and Shadow pack territory.

Crossing out of Clover pack, they moved along the road, the radio playing softly from the speakers in the doors. No other cars were on the road which was odd but the future Alpha shrugged it off, maybe they had just hit a lull in traffic.

Reaching their own grounds fifteen minutes later, they crossed over the border looking left and right in confusion. The pair frowned as Hudson drove into the territory, Garrett looking at him in confusion as there were no guards standing at the side, checking who was entering.

‘Where are the guards?’ he asked, concern lacing his words.

Hudson shook his head, speeding up slightly so he could get close enough that his mind link would work.

‘Dad’ he called out through the mind link, as he made his way toward the pack house, ‘where are the guards?’

His mind link opened up suddenly and he felt the panic of the entire pack slam into him making him hunch over in pain., ‘Hudson! Hurry! the pack is under attack’ came his father’s voice into his head, the worry rolling off his father seeping into him through their connection.

Slamming on the breaks, Hudson turned to Garrett who was already ripping his seatbelt off and scrambling out of the car. Following his Beta, Hudson fell out of the car, the pair shifting into their wolves as their clothes shredded from their bodies and head into the surrounding forest, racing toward the pack house as fast as they could go, intent only on protecting their members from whatever was threatening them.