Repeating My Rejection

Repeating My Rejection

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 66
State: complete
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Synopsis about Repeating My Rejection

An arrogant future Alpha who believes that a wolfs rank defines them, dismisses and rejects his mate on sight before even getting to know her. His actions lead to a series of events that ends five days later with the destruction of his pack and the death of his rejected mate. Falling into darkness, he awakes to find time has rewound to just after his rejection, his mate running from him once again. Can he use his second chance to save his pack and the life of his mate or is he doomed to see his loved ones die in front of him all over again?
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chapter One

Marching down the corridor of the school, the crowds’ part as Hudson, the next Alpha of Shadow Rock pack makes his way toward his locker, his future Beta, Garrett at his side.Ignoring the flirtatious stares, Hudson stops in front of his locker door and enters the code for his lock, swinging the door open and pulling out his books.

chapter Two

Quinn’s legs threatened to buckle underneath her as she pressed her back against the wall, using it to keep herself standing ‘you . . you . . you’re rejecting me?’ she asked in disbelief, her voice tight as her gaze bore into his.Hudson scowled, ‘look, I’m sure you are a very nice girl, and that you'll make some wolf a wonderful mate, but I need a Luna’ he replied harshly. ‘Every generation of my family has been mated to Alpha stock. I need a warrior next to me, not an Omega that I have to worry about every second of the damn day.’

chapter Three

School the next day is just another needle in a haystack hunt for the elusive new student that again fails to appear for any of his lessons.‘Are you sure he hasn’t just decided not to come to our school after all?’ Garrett grumbled as he jogged to keep up with his Alpha’s long strides, Hudson scouring the large playing field for an unfamiliar face, frustration rolling off him.

chapter Four

Saturday rolled around with no sign of the new student. Hudson had become pretty sure that the guy wasn’t going to bother turning up, but had still kept an eye out for any face he didn’t recognise.The door to his room burst open as he slept, a small body jumping on top of him and wrapping their arms around his neck as he grunted and tried to hide under the covers.

chapter Five

Hudson pulled the truck up outside of the party that was in full swing at the club in the Clover Pack territory. Beside him, Penelope squealed loudly, making him flinch, ‘this is going to be such an amazing party’ she gushed, grabbing his arm tightly, her red painted nails digging into his skin.‘Sure is’ Garrett said from behind him, as the brunette beside him giggled, her hand brushing his shirt flirtily as he winked at her.

chapter Six

WARNING THIS CONTAINS SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATUREHudson devoured her mouth, groaning heavily as she circled his neck with her hand and fisted his hair, tugging the strands.

chapter Seven

Branches and thorned vines snagged at their fur as the pair raced through the forest, the distant sound of the battle becoming louder as they neared the edge of the woods that would place them near to the pack house.Breaking through the tree line, the two teenagers were met with a devastating scene of carnage. Dead bodies from both their pack and the enemy littered the ground in front of them. Red rivers of blood were seeping into the dirt everywhere they looked, turning the landscape a deep crimson.

chapter Eight

‘I, Hudson Shadow of the Shadow Rock pack, reject you, Quinn Redwood as my mate and Luna.’‘You can’t reject me, the Moon Goddess doesn’t make mistakes’

chapter Nine

Hudson slept through the rest of the day, waking up the next morning with a yawn. Glancing at his clock, his eyes widened when the illuminated numbers read eight fifteen.‘Shit!’ he growled, leaping out of bed and running for his bathroom for the world’s shortest and coldest, due to being the last member in the pack house to wash, shower ever seen.

chapter Ten

Saturday was here and his sleep was destroyed by the familiar slam of a small body on top of his own.‘Wake up Huds’ came the sing song voice of his seven year old sister.