Chapter 2 - Repeating My Rejection

Quinn’s legs threatened to buckle underneath her as she pressed her back against the wall, using it to keep herself standing ‘you . . you . . you’re rejecting me?’ she asked in disbelief, her voice tight as her gaze bore into his.

Hudson scowled, ‘look, I’m sure you are a very nice girl, and that you'll make some wolf a wonderful mate, but I need a Luna’ he replied harshly. ‘Every generation of my family has been mated to Alpha stock. I need a warrior next to me, not an Omega that I have to worry about every second of the damn day.’

The she wolf gulped, fighting back the tears that were brimming in her eyes, ‘you are rejecting me over a rank’ she whispered slowly. ‘I’m not good enough because of a rank,’ she was almost talking to herself as if unable to grasp what he was saying.

The young Alpha groaned, pushing away from her and crossing his arms over his chest defensively. ‘The Goddess made a mistake’ he huffed decisively, ‘she must have done, It's nothing personal and I’m sure there is a lovely Omega male in a pack somewhere waiting for you that will make you really happy. This is really a good thing’ he added cajolingly, ‘now your real mate can find you.’

Quinn shook her head, ‘you can’t reject me, the Moon Goddess doesn’t make mistakes’ she tried to argue.

‘Well, she did this time’ Hudson growled back loftily, ‘you are not good enough to be my Luna. I would be harming my pack by bringing you home. Go and find someone that’s more suited to your level, Omega, and I’ll find someone more suited to mine.’

Quinn took in a shuddery breath, her gaze holding his, ‘are you sure?’ she asked, her voice strong despite the quiver in her lip, ‘you want to break our bond?’

Hudson laughed, ‘I already did’ he scoffed, ‘now go about your life, don't speak to me again, and don’t tell anyone about this’ he added, using an Alpha command on her. It wasn't easy to command a member of another pack, and you couldn't make another Alpha submit to you, though stronger Alpha could make weaker Alpha uncomfortable with their Auras.

No-one could make another pack member murder their own Alpha or something either, but low level commands were possible. The stronger the Alpha making the command, the harder it was for a lower rank to fight it. As Omegas were the weakest members of a pack, and most receptive to Alpha auras, she wouldn’t be able to defy him even if he wasn’t as strong as he was.

The she wolf nodded once before turning on her heel and walking away heading toward the forest instead of back to the building.

Shrugging, Hudson let her go, it was time for him to get back to what he was supposed to be doing, finding the new werewolf and making sure he wasn’t a threat.

Hudson spent the day searching for the new student, asking around about anyone new, but no one had seen a new face in the school.

Frustrated, he headed home to the pack house, entering through the front door, he stomped up the stairs to his father’s office, knocking loudly.

‘Come in’ his father’s voice rang out, the older wolf dropping his pen as his Beta, Floyd took a step back from whatever they were studying on the desk, bowing to Hudson briefly.

‘Could you give us five minutes Floyd?’ Alpha Carlton asked, the Beta nodding immediately and leaving the room, shutting the door behind him.

‘So?’ he father asked, leaning forward and clasping his hands in front of him on the desk, ‘what did you find out?’

Hudson sighed in frustration, ‘nothing’ he growled, ‘no one saw a new kid at school, I asked every student I could find and some of the teachers, no student showed up.’

Alpha Carlton frowned in confusion, ‘that’s odd’ he muttered, ‘the school assured me that this student was starting today.’

Reaching for his phone, he dialed quickly, tapping his fingers on the polished wood as he waited for the call to connect.

‘Hello?’ came the tinny voice at the other end of the line.

‘Principal Stewart?’ the Alpha asked, his authoritative tone flowing through the speaker to the school dean. ‘This is Alpha Carlton, I was under the impression that a new student was starting today?’

‘Alpha, what a surprise. Yes, the new student was supposed to start today but they never arrived at the office to collect their timetable. I have spoken to their Alpha already and he has said that the student had returned home soon after leaving for school, but gave me no further information on what happened.’

Alpha Carlton nodded to himself, a frown creasing his forehead, ‘and you can’t tell me which pack this is?’ he gritted out.

The principal hesitated, he wasn’t a Shadow Pack member, and though he didn’t want to offend the strong Alpha on the phone, he also didn’t want to cause issues for his own pack with the new pack by divulging information that was classified.

‘I uh . . am bound by law Alpha’ he finally stammered out.

Hudson growled, ‘fuck the law, make him tell us’ he snapped angrily, his father holding a hand up to quieten him as he continued to talk to the principal.

‘I understand your predicament Principal Stewart, and do not wish to put you in a difficult situation’ the Alpha replied, a tinge of disappointment in his voice as the other man audibly released a breath. ‘I cannot expect you to keep my pack information safe and at thesame time ask you to give up another packs information to me without their permission.’

‘Thank you Alpha’ the man said gratefully, ‘I take my position seriously, any information given to me by any of the packs is never uttered to anyone else, I would not want to betray the trust that has been given to me.’

Alpha Carlton said farewell to the man and hung up before turning back to his son who was glaring at him mutinously. ‘You should have ordered him’ Hudson huffed, crossing his arms over his muscular chest.

His father shook his head, ‘if the other pack has said that he is not to give out their name to others, then it is not fair to force him to go against that order’ he replied.

Hudson rolled his eyes, ‘I really don’t see the issue with knowing, it’s not like we’ll march up to their borders and declare war is it.’

Alpha Carlton groaned, ‘actually son, in some cases that is exactly what has happened’ he sighed. ‘Two future Alphas in the same school that are not allianced, come to blows, the one who loses goes home and a war is declared between the packs to prove dominance. Many of the outside packs who send a member into a school with wolves they are not allianced too will Alpha order the teachers and the child not to divulge the pack name in case of an altercation with the dominant pack. Those outside of our alliance do not know how we would react should one of their high ranks challenge you’ he added with a wink as Hudson snorted.

‘Like they’d be able to do any damage’ he scoffed.

Alpha Carlton grinned, ‘probably not son, but when it comes to two packs of similar strength a fight between their future Alphas would give the impression of weakness regarding the losing side, We are not creatures who accept others questioning our strength or take kindly to another pack being disrespectful, we as a species will need to show dominance if it’s ever challenged and that is dangerous within our world.’

Hudson nodded slowly, absorbing his father’s words, ‘do you think this guy has been sent to spy on us by a pack looking for trouble?’ he asked curiously.

Alpha Carlton shook his head, ‘no, I think he’s just here to get an education and his pack has a reason that they want him separated from their other students’ he replied. ‘But, I wouldn’t be a very good Alpha if I didn’t make sure’ he added, ‘my pack depends on me to keep them safe so no one is taken at their word, I will investigate them until I am satisfied my people are in no danger.’

Eyeing his son, he waved his hand dismissively, ‘now get out of my office so Floyd and I can get back to work’ he grumbled, making the future Alpha laugh as he jumped out of the chair.

‘I’m going, I’m going’ he replied, ‘I need food.’

Alpha Carlton growled playfully, ‘stay out of the kitchen, Marcie doesn’t need you under her feet whilst she’s cooking’ he scolded.

Hudson grinned widely, ‘dad, I’m a growing wolf’ he protested, ‘how can I protect this pack when you finally realise you’re an old man and hand it over to me if I’m wasting away from lack of food.’

‘Old man?’ Carlton questioned, arching an eyebrow, ‘you want to challenge me boy? See just how decrepit this old man really is?’

The younger wolf shook his head, moving around the table to plant a kiss on his father’s head. ‘Nah, you can keep the seat warm for a few more years’ he replied cheekily, ‘I’d hate for you to retire and have to take up gardening or something.’

‘You’re a cheeky little pup’ the older wolf muttered, swatting at him as he jumped out the way laughing, ‘send my Beta in.’

‘Yes sir, right away sir’ Hudson barked, saluting cockily and striding to the door, throwing it open to reveal Floyd leaning against the wall waiting patiently.

‘All yours Floyd my man’ he said jovially, dodging to the side and taking the stairs two at a time down to the kitchen in search of Marcie, the head Omega and hopes that she would make him an afternoon snack.