Chapter 10 - Repeating My Rejection

Saturday was here and his sleep was destroyed by the familiar slam of a small body on top of his own.

‘Wake up Huds’ came the sing song voice of his seven year old sister.

Pulling the covers down, he glanced up at his sister, straddling his chest in her unicorn sleepwear.

‘what time is it?’ he asked nervously, trying to peek over at his phone that was on his bedside table.

‘Six o’clock’ Tilly replied excitedly, ‘time to go swimming! You promised to teach me Hudson, you promised, promised, promised!’

‘Yeah, I remember’ Hudson replied warily, sitting up slowly as Tilly slid off him and ran to his drawers, pulling out jeans, a t’shirt and his swimming trunks, just like in his dream.

‘You have five minutes or I’m going to mum and dad’s room’ the little girl threatened before dancing out of his room, slamming the door behind her.

Sinking down onto the bed, Hudson dragged his hand down his face. This was getting too weird. If everything in his dream was coming true, does that mean his pack was going to die?

Scowling, he shook his head hard, ‘pack it in Hudson’ he muttered to himself as he got dressed. ‘It was just a dream, Tilly comes in here every Saturday and throws clothes at you while demanding her bonding morning. Your mind is just making the dream up from what has been going on in your life.’

Stomping into the bathroom, he brushed his teeth, dragged a brush through his hair before pulling on his trainers and making his way to his bedroom door.

Opening, he found Tilly, hand poised to open the door, her neon pink swimsuit and goggles just like his dream, water wings pushed up each arm.

Hudson swallowed down his nervousness, ‘looking good little mermaid’ he said in a teasing tone.

Tilly scowled, ‘I am not a mermaid, I’m a werewolf’ she retorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

‘OK werewolf, lets get going’ her brother replied as he grabbed her and hoisted her onto his shoulders, making her squeal.

‘I want Harvey to carry me, he’s much faster’ she shouted.

‘Shh, you’ll wake everyone up Tilly bear’ Hudson hissed.

‘I wasn’t shouting’ his sister whispered back quickly, ‘see? I’m super quiet.’

Snorting, Hudson stepped outside, placing his sister on to the step and stripping out of his clothes, folding them up before handing control to his wolf.

Falling onto all fours, Harvey shook out his fur before turning to the small she wolf and licking her face affectionately.

‘Eww! Wolf drool’ Tilly moaned as she wiped at her cheek, glaring at the werewolf who was chuckling at her.

Crouching down, Harvey waited patiently for Tilly to collect her brother’s clothes and scramble onto his back before checking she was safe and taking off for the woods.

‘Faster Harvey, Faster!’ the she wolf yelled excitedly.

‘This is really familiar, right?’ Hudson mind linked to his wolf.

Harvey snorted, ‘no’ he replied gruffly, ‘should it be?’

Hudson shook his head, OK, if his wolf didn’t remember, then it definitely had to be a dream, they were two parts of the same person.

Reaching the water, Harvey slowed to a stop, crouching down as the she wolf slipped off his back and ran for the water.

Harvey’s teeth caught the back of her swimsuit, a low growl of warning leaving his throat.

Looking over her shoulder, she frowned, ‘I was just going to look while you shift back’ she muttered sulkily.

Harvey glared at her, staring her down until the little girl dropped her gaze, ‘OK, I’ll wait’ she sighed.

Shifting back, Hudson pulled on his swimming trunks before picking his sister up and striding into the water as she screamed. Dunking her under the water, he forced a laugh as she called him a mean brother just like in his dream, trying to shake off the feeling of foreboding as he set about teaching his sister to swim.

Look Huds, I’m swimming’ the little girl gushed as she doggy paddled around him happily.

‘Yes you are Tilly bear’ Hudson replied, smiling at her.

‘Looking good Tilly!’ Came Garrett's voice from behind them. Hudson spun around in the water to find the Beta standing on the shore watching them.

‘Look Garrett! Hudson taught me to swim’ Tilly called out, continuing to swim around her brother as her feet splashed him with water.

‘Yeah, you will soon be able to beat your brother in a race, though that might hurt his poor Alpha pride, you know he doesn’t like to lose’ Garrett called back with a grin. Hudson was about to flip him off when the memories of his dream surfaced again and he froze. Garrett had said that in his dream, he remembered it, the whole thing was freakishly accurate.

Grabbing his sister, Hudson hurried back to the shore, placing her on her feet as he sat down to dry off. Garrett glanced at him curiously, ‘what?’ he growled, glaring at his friend.

The beta held up his hands, ‘nothing’ he replied, ‘it’s just not like you to let me get away with a hit to your Alpha masculinity.’

Hudson looked away, glancing around the tree line, looking for anything that was out of place.

‘Luna sent me’ Garrett continued, ‘you went off without leaving a note . . again.’

The young Alpha nodded, not replying, brow furrowed as he studied the darkness under the trees canopy.

‘Mum says I have to go back to the pack house’ Tilly said suddenly, her voice sad, snapping her brother’s attention back to her.

Nodding, Hudson scrambled to his feet, pulling on his clothes and trainers before crouching down so his sister could clamber onto his back.

‘You are not as comfortable as Harvey’ Tilly grumbled as she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.

The teenage Alpha just nodded, ‘yeah’ he replied thickly, ‘Harvey is pretty comfy with all that fur.’

Back at the packhouse, Hudson dropped his sister off at his mother’s room before heading back to his own for a shower and to change.

He decided to spend the rest of the day hiding out in his room, avoiding everyone else. At six thirty a knock on his door pulled him from the book he was reading.

‘Come in’ he called out, wondering who it was.

The door opened to reveal Garrett dressed in dark jeans and a clean t’shirt. Stopping just inside the room, he raised an eyebrow, ‘you wearing that tonight?’ he asked, waving his hand toward the pair of shorts and crumbled t’shirt that Hudson was wearing.

Glancing down at himself, the Alpha shrugged, ‘what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’ he asked.

The beta pulled a face, ‘well it’s not going to get you laid tonight, that’s for sure.’

Taking in the confused look on his friend’s face, Garrett rolled his eyes, ‘the party?’ he reminded, ‘we are supposed to give Penelope a lift?’

Groaning, Hudson sat up, the damn party, he’d forgotten all about it. ‘Maybe . .’ he started before his best friend cut him off.

‘No chance, you are coming, do not bail on me man, I need my wingman’ he growled, pointing at him. ‘Plus, you know that the Gamma is only letting Penelope go because you are taking her, if you flake, she’s going to be pissed.’

Hating his life, Hudson stood up, walking over to his wardrobe, and pulled out some clean blue jeans and a deep green shirt. Stripping down to his boxers, he pulled the clean clothes on before combing his hair and sliding on some trainers.

‘This OK?’ he demanded, holding his hands out for inspection.

Garrett nodded, ‘you’ll do’ he replied, ‘you don’t look as hot as me, so you’ll be the perfect wingman.’

Ignoring the muttered ‘Asshole’ the beta led the way out of his room and down the stairs to the packhouse foyer where Penelope was waiting in a silver dress that barely covered her ass. Her best friend was stood next to her, her gaze wandering over Garrett as she licked her lips and he smirked.

Sighing, Hudson pulled his keys out of his pocket and strode outside, not even glancing at the two girls.

Climbing into his truck, he tapped his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel as he waited for the others to climb into their seats.

‘You could have waited for me’ Penelope muttered under her breath as she pulled her seatbelt on.

Behind them, the Gamma’s daughter’s friend was already inching closer to Garrett, fluttering her eyelashes as he ran his hand over her leg.

Slamming the car into drive and took off, throwing up gravel behind him as he headed down the driveway.

Once they reached the Clover pack Alpha’s house, the party was already in full swing, music blaring out of the open windows.

Cutting the engine, Hudson climbed out of the drivers seat and slammed the door, glaring at his friend as he waited for him to disentangle himself from the brunette who was giggling at him flirtatiously.

A hand gripped his arm tightly, ‘you didn’t open the door for me’ Penelope hissed.

‘If you wanted a gentleman, you should have forced someone else to take you to this fucking party’ the Alpha growled back tugging his arm from her grip and turning away.

He could feel her anger boring into his back but he ignored her, instead giving his beta a warning glance to move his ass.

‘As your date’ Penelope suddenly snapped, drawing his gaze back to her.

‘You are not my date’ Hudson growled out, taking a menacing step toward her, a smirk crawling over his face as she backed up, fear in her eyes. Leaning closer, he got into her face, ‘fuck off and take your skanky mate with you, I don’t want my beta to get any of her diseases from being around her to long.’

Penelope grabbed her friend’s hand and dragged her away, not glancing back as they disappeared inside.

‘Thanks dude’ his Beta grumbled as they walked up the steps of the packhouse and entered, ‘she was getting handsy in the back, I was looking at a damn good time just then.’

‘If that was your idea of a good time you have really low standards’ Hudson spat back. ‘That girl has been with pretty much every wolf in the pack house, she’s got STI written all over her.’

Deciding not to reply, Garrett instead led the way into the party, heading for the kitchen and grabbing two beers, handing one to his friend.

‘Just try to enjoy yourself Huds’ the beta sighed as he cracked his beer open and took a swig, walking back into the main room and leaning against a wall. ‘You need to stay for at least an hour’ he added as he winked at a passing blonde who raked her gaze over him in interest.

‘Hey’ she replied as she returned, a fruity drink in her hand, pressing herself up against Garrett who wound his arm around her.

‘Hey yourself’ he replied, trailing his yes down her form fitted dress.

The pair talked for a couple of minutes before disappearing into the sea of bodies grinding to the music, leaving Hudson on his own.

Crushing his empty can in his fist, he headed back toward the kitchen reaching for a replacement.

‘Here Alpha, try this’ came a male voice beside him. Turning, Hudson eyed the guy suspiciously as he held out a cup to him. ‘It’s the hosts special mix’ the werewolf added, rattling the cup gently in invitation.

‘Uhh, I think I’ll stick to the beer’ he replied warily, grabbing a can and backing away quickly.

The teenager shrugged, ‘suit yourself Alpha, it’s here if you change your mind.’

Nodding, he headed back out, finding a quiet are to sit just out of sight of the mingling crowd.

Taking a gulp of his beer, he felt the chair dip beside him, ‘go away’ he grumbled without looking up.

‘That’s not very nice’ the sultry voice beside him replied drawing his gaze to a short she wolf with deep red hair.

Swallowing he fought not to reach out and grab a lock, it was almost the same shade as Quinn’s, but not quite. ‘I’m not very good company right now’ he muttered, dropping his gaze again.

The red head laughed, the sound sweet, ‘well it’s a good job I sat down’ she replied, ‘I’m loads of fun, I can be fun enough for both of us.’

Despite himself, Hudson gave a small smile making the she wolf grin, ‘see’ she said, nudging him, ‘you are cheering up already.’

Finishing his drink, he went to get up just as the red head pushed him back, ‘stay here mr moody, I’ll get you a refill, I need one myself’ she said waving her empty cup.

Before he could answer, she was up and sliding through the crowd, returning moments later with two cups.

Taking one, Hudson glanced at it, it was a deep brown colour, looking up at the she wolf, he raised an eyebrow.

‘Relax’ the she wolf said with a laugh, ‘its vodka and cola.’

Nodding, Hudson threw it back, as long as it wasn’t that spiked punch stuff, he was OK.

Jining him, the she wolf threw back her own before heading back again for refills, returning this time with a half full bottle of vodka and a full bottle of cola. ‘Figured I’d save my legs’ she said as she dropped down beside him.

Smiling, Hudson nodded as he reached for the alcohol and poured them both a large measure, topping it off with a drop of soda.

Raising her glass, the red head beamed at him, ‘to fun times and forgetting about being moody’ she toasted, clinking her glass to Hudson’s and taking a gulp.

‘To forgetting everything’ the Alpha muttered, throwing back his own glass, coughing slightly as the alcohol burned it’s way down his throat to his stomach.