Chapter 10 - Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

She knew the language of A Country.

Even if she wasn’t sure whether Dolores was the woman the night before, Helen was certain now!

“Ms. White?” Helen’s aid didn’t understand why Helen suddenly stopped in front of the HR waiting room and continued. “The meeting is about to start soon.”

Helen handed the document in her hand to her aid. “You take the document to Mr. Nelson first, I’ll go over it later.”

“Then you can start working tomorrow.” As there were only a few people who knew the language of A Country , even though Dolores had no work experience, it would be sufficient if she knew the language of A Country .

Dolores stood up and bowed slightly. “Thank you.”

She happily walked out of the interview room. After she came out, Helen walked in.

“The woman just now doesn’t meet the requirements for the job, we shouldn’t hire her.”

“Although she has no work experience, she knows the…”

“So it doesn’t really matter what I say, does it?” Helen spoke sternly.

Helen was Matthew’s secretary and his girlfriend, and she’d become the new young lady of the Nelson family. Who dared to offend her?

Although the interviewer felt it wasn’t a good idea, he still answered.



Dolores, walking out of the tower, was elated. For the first time in a long time, she felt hope for her future. Her life was finally looking up.

She took a cab from the WY Group to the house of the Flores family.

The ride wasn’t long and soon the cab stopped in front of the Flores family. Dolores paid the driver and got out of the car. She walked in with light and steady paces.

In the living room, Beulah, who was wearing a silk nightgown that showed off her alluring figure, was sitting on the sofa.

When Beulah saw Dolores, she raised her delicate eyebrows, “Why, if it isn’t Dolores.”

Dolores gazed at Beulah’s wrist and saw she was wearing a jade bracelet and frowned. Dolores had seen it in her mother’s jewelry box when she was a child. Her mother said that her grandmother gave the bracelet to her.

But it had been given to Beulah instead.

Dolores contained herself. “I’m here to see Randolph Flores.”

Beulah fiddled with her exquisitely manicured nails without looking up at Dolores. “I’m sure your life after marrying a cripple is not smooth, right?”

“It’s none of your business.” Dolores mumbled and asked again, “Is Randolph here?”

Beulah raised her eyes and looked at Dolores to size up her. “You look like a deflated eggplant; I think the cripple of the Nelson family doesn’t like you either, right?”

Dolores couldn’t help but sneer. At that moment, she sincerely thanked Matthew purposely for pretending to be paralyzed so that she could have the chance to come back.

If Beulah knew Matthew wasn’t crippled, would she regret not letting her daughter marry him?

As a man, Matthew was indeed handsome, capable, and wealthy. He was a man whom many women craved for.

Since Randolph didn’t seem to be home, Dolores didn’t want to waste time with Beulah.

She turned to leave, but when she reached the door, a car turned on the drive and stopped at the door. Dolores knew the car all too well. It was Randolph’s.

The driver opened the door of the car and Randolph climbed out. Seeing Dolores standing in the doorway, Randolph realized she might ask for Jessica’s dowry. His face darkened. Without waiting for her to speak, he cut her off. “If you want to get your mother’s dowry, you have to do one thing for me.”

Dolores frowned. “You said that as long as I marry Matthew Nelson, you’d return everything that belongs to us!”

Randolph snorted coldly. “Why did I want you to marry into the Nelson family? Because it will help the Flores family in social standing and especially in business!”

Dolores was so angry her blood boiled, and her body trembled, “How can you not keep your words, are you even a man?”

“You’re far too trusting and stupid!” Randolph made a distasteful face. “I’m your father. Is this really the way you want to speak with me?”

Dolores was enormously disheartened and crestfallen. He had gone back on his word.

“If you want your mother’s dowry, tell Matthew to give me the development rights of Repulse Bay, then I’ll give it to you.”

Without saying another word, Randolph walked past Dolores and went into the courtyard.

When he was a few steps away from Dolores, he stopped again. “That land is very important to me. As long as you successfully convince Matthew to give the development rights to me, I’ll return everything your mother brought during our marriage, including the piano your mother gave you as a birthday present.”

Dolores never thought Randolph could be so shameless! He went back on his words over and over again. Dolores did not trust him anymore.

If she wanted to get those things back, she could only think of another way.

Dolores narrowed her eyes. The land Randolph wanted was in Matthew’s hands…

If she wanted to use Randolph weakness, it seemed she still had to put effort into her ‘newlywed husband’.

But how could she do it? Although the two of them were legally husband and wife, their relationship was more like strangers or even worse than that.

Dolores still hadn’t managed to come up with a solution after returning to her residence. Instead, she received a call, and they informed her she wasn’t qualified.

“Didn’t you say when I left I could start working tomorrow?” Dolores asked anxiously.

“I’m sorry, we can’t hire you. You don’t meet our requirements.”

Without another word, the person hung up the phone immediately.

Dolores stared at her phone. She lost her presence of mind for quite a while.