Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

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#M720325ScriptRootC1149420{min-height:300px} The Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap novel series by author Hannah Baker has been updated on Novel Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap in the genre of Romance, drama, ... tells about the troubled love of the male and female leads. Currently, the Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap novel series is updating the fastest content on the market and continuously on the website. Please visit daily to read FULL Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap books or download free PDF novel Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap hereIntroducing the novel series Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap She was pregnant with a stranger’s child after selling herself to him, yet was forced to marry another stranger for their mothers had agreed on the marriage when they were young. She originally thought this was just a convenient marriage; nevertheless, she gradually developed deep feelings for him in their married life. When she was about to give birth, he handed her a divorce agreement. Only then did she realize that she loved him deeply. Later, he came back to her and told her, “Please come back to me, my wife. I've fallen for you long time ago.” Key: convenient marriage mr. nelson's love trap novel the convenient marriage mr. nelson's love trap convenient marriage mr nelson's love trap pdf
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Chapter 1: Nothing to Regret

The heat of his body pressed against her and the warmth from his breath tickled her ear.“Are you scared?” he asked.His hot breath lingered near her ear, making her shiver and scared to speak. Dolores Flores sensedthat the man was holding himself back, his deep voice thick with desire. “It’s still not too late to changeyour mind.”Dolores clenched her fists and shook her head nervously. “No, I want this.”She w

Chapter 2: She Was Pregnant

“Lola, marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly. I forbid you from marrying him,” Jessica said, knowing fullwell the reason Dolores agreed to marry Matthew.Dolores placed the bag of food on the table beside the bed, pulling some out and handing it to hermom.“At least I didn’t marry any stranger. It’s your friend’s son.”“She passed away a long time ago. I know nothing about her son. Even if it means breaking mypro

Chapter 3: I Should Marry You

After trying on the dress, Dolores stepped out of the changing room and once again looked toward thechanging room where the man and woman had been speaking. The door was tightly closed.“That dress suits you well. It matches your temperament.”The salesperson had good judgment and taste in fashion; she could pick clothes that fit her customersby just looking at them. The long pale blue dress Dolores wore made

Chapter 4: A Marriage without Wedding Ceremony

Although it was phrased as a question, Matthew sounded more commanding than anything else.Dolores nodded and, from the way he looked at her, Matthew seemed to want to talk to her aboutsomething. And coincidentally, she wanted to talk to him too.Randolph shot Dolores a warning look. “Mind your boundaries.” He did not want Dolores to offendMatthew before they even got married.Seeing Matthew’s apathetic look, i

Chapter 5: Wedding Night

Dolores seemed to understand what Coral was thinking. She didn’t explain and just smiled at herinstead. The arrangement was between her and Matthew and she had no right to ask about his privatelife or request he stayed home with her. She even felt more comfortable in his absence.Dolores entered the room and stared at the bedroom furnishings. The style was unique with a blackand white color scheme. The monoch

Chapter 6: The Three of Them Could Live with Each Other

Matthew frowned and felt like he’d been cheated on.In the living room, Coral was already up to make breakfast.Seeing Dolores sitting alone on the sofa in her pajamas, Coral gave her a beaming smile. “Did yousleep well last night?”Coral assumed Matthew wouldn’t come back last night as he was with Helen. However, Coral hadheard a noise in the night so she got and found out that Matthew had come back last night

Chapter 7: Painless Abortion

“What’s going on?” Jessica asked, finally understanding the situation. “Wasn’t the money for theoperation covered by the offender’s insurance?”Jessica’s operation after the accident was fairly expensive and a lot of money had been spent on herson’s burial expenses as well. Before they released Jessica from the hospital, Dolores also gave her alittle money, explaining that it was what was left from the offend

Chapter 8: How Do You Want Me to Respond?

Dolores slowly lifted her head. When she saw the man’s face, she gasped in surprise.“Dr. Herbert?” There was a group of people with Sampson, and they made Dolores even moresurprised. “Why, why are you here?”Sampson was the one that had helped treat Dolores’ brother’s autism. During his treatment, Doloresand Sampson got to know each other.Sampson smiled gently.Before he could speak, the director of the hospit

Chapter 9: Apply for A Translator Vacancy

She couldn’t say, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten married to Matthew, and you can’t be together allbecause of me,” right? Those words sounded so insincere.Their mothers arranged the marriage, so was there really anything she could do about it?Matthew glared at Dolores, his jaw set, and took a steady step forward. An oppressive atmospherepermeated the air and Dolores involuntarily took a step back.“I didn

Chapter 10: Being Stymied and Made Difficult by Someone

She knew the language of A Country.Even if she wasn’t sure whether Dolores was the woman the night before, Helen was certain now!“Ms. White?” Helen’s aid didn’t understand why Helen suddenly stopped in front of the HR waiting roomand continued. “The meeting is about to start soon.”Helen handed the document in her hand to her aid. “You take the document to Mr. Nelson first, I’ll goover it later.”“Then you can