Chapter 5 - Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

When it came to the topic of the divorce, there was no expression on Becky’s face. Her tone was calm and serious.

Jessie wondered if she had misheard. She tilted her head to the side questioningly until Becky said, “The divorce agreement is in my luggage. Help me find it please.”

It sounded like Becky was serious this time!

Jessie almost burst into tears of joy. Becky had finally figured it out. All the idiots of the Casper family would have nothing to do with Becky from now on!

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll take care of the discharge formalities right away! You get that divorce agreement signed as soon as possible! You’re done with the Casper family!”

“Yes. Thanks, Jessie.”

Jessie had been wanting Becky to divorce Rory since the beginning of their marriage. In fact, she had never been optimistic about their marriage.

Jessie had known Becky since they were little, and she and Becky were best friends. She didn’t have the heart to tell Becky outright to divorce Rory. Instead, she hoped and waited for the day Becky would finally understand that their marriage was a mistake.

As the years went by, Jessie had almost lost hope and thought that they’d never divorce. Becky was simply too stubborn and obsessed with Rory.

Now that Becky had finally come to her senses and wanted a divorce, Jessie didn’t want to delay things anymore. She went straight to go through the discharge procedures, and then checked the divorce agreement. “When did you draw this up? You’re giving up all your property in the divorce? Aren’t you letting Rory off a bit too easy?”

Becky took the divorce agreement from her and asked, “Do you think I need that pitiful amount of money?”

Jessie paused for a second. She knew what Becky meant.

After all, Becky’s father was the head of the Ramos family, a rich and powerful family. The idiots of the Casper family knew nothing about her real identity. They thought that she was from an ordinary family.

How ridiculous!

After getting discharged from the hospital, Becky got into Jessie’s car. Before Jessie could ask Becky where she wanted to go, Becky took the initiative to say, “Let’s go to Crowbar Technologies.”

Rory was probably in the office at this time.

Thinking about the possibility of their divorce, Jessie sped all the way to the Crowbar Technologies building. If it weren’t for the mandated speed limit, she would’ve gone as fast as the car could go.

Half an hour later, the car pulled to a stop in front of a towering building.

Jessie pulled the handbrake and turned to face Becky. “Remember, be cool and get it done real fast.”

Lowering her head, Becky smiled. “Don’t worry.”

Three years was more than enough to wear out all her patience with that man.

With the divorce agreement in her hand, Becky strode straight into the building. The receptionist didn’t stop her, but the people she bumped into along the way all looked at her with judgmental eyes.

Before Becky made it to Rory’s office, his assistant, Lowell Baldwin, had informed him of her presence.

“Let her in.”

He wanted to see what this woman was up to.

“Okay.” Lowell nodded obediently.

Then, he walked out of the office and left Rory alone.

Just then, Becky stepped out of the elevator and went straight to Rory’s office. She had come here several times before and knew the way.

As she walked, Rory’s secretaries greeted her perfunctorily. Normally, Becky would respond with a polite smile, but today, she was in no mood for pleasantries.

She strode to the door of Rory’s office, high heels clacking against the tiled floor, and knocked. Before the person inside could answer, she pushed the door open and walked in. “Sign the divorce agreement. Be at the gate of the court at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Becky put the document on Rory’s desk. She had already signed it. What was left was his signature.

Without waiting for a response, she turned around and left.


Jessiewonderedifshehadmisheard.ShetiltedherheadtothesidequestioninglyuntilBeckysaid,”Thedivorcea greementisinmyluggage.Helpmefinditplease.”


Jessiealmostburstintotearsofjoy.Beckyhadfinallyfigureditout.AlltheidiotsoftheCasperfamilywouldhavenot hingtodowithBeckyfromnowon!

“Okay,waitforme.I’lltakecareofthedischargeformalitiesrightaway!Yougetthatdivorceagreementsignedass oonaspossible!You’redonewiththeCasperfamily!”


JessiehadbeenwantingBeckytodivorceRorysincethebeginningoftheirmarriage.Infact,shehadneverbeeno ptimisticabouttheirmarriage.

JessiehadknownBeckysincetheywerelittle,andsheandBeckywerebestfriends.Shedidn’thavethehearttotell BeckyoutrighttodivorceRory.Instead,shehopedandwaitedforthedayBeckywouldfinallyunderstandthattheir marriagewasamistake.

Astheyearswentby,Jessiehadalmostlosthopeandthoughtthatthey’dneverdivorce.Beckywassimplytoostub bornandobsessedwithRory.

NowthatBeckyhadfinallycometohersensesandwantedadivorce,Jessiedidn’twanttodelaythingsanymore.S hewentstraighttogothroughthedischargeprocedures,andthencheckedthedivorceagreement.”Whendidyo udrawthisup?You’regivingupallyourpropertyinthedivorce?Aren’tyoulettingRoryoffabittooeasy?”



Afterall,Becky’sfatherwastheheadoftheRamosfamily,arichandpowerfulfamily.TheidiotsoftheCasperfamily knewnothingaboutherrealidentity.Theythoughtthatshewasfromanordinaryfamily.




















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