Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

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Read Divorce Has Never Felt This Good by Kesley Peht. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBecky endured three years of marriage to the cold-hearted Rory. In all that time, she naively reasoned that one day, he'd gradually come to like her. But the second he forced her to kneel down and humiliate herself, she knew she had been wrong about him. This man had no feelings for her at all. So why should she still love him? When Rory gave her the choice between kneeling down and divorcing, she didn't miss a beat and chose the latter. After all, why should she waste her youth on this scumbag? Wouldn't it be nicer for her to just have fun every day with her billion-dollar family fortune?
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Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 1

The Casper family was a well-known family in Courtbush. Today was Elmore Casper’s eightiethbirthday party. Many distinguished guests were present and the atmosphere was lively.However, a sudden ear-piercing scream from the garden startled everyone present.Someone recognized that it was the voice of Babette Casper, the wife of Elmore’s eldest grandson.She was pregnant, and her husband had already passed away.

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 2

“Rory?”Becky already knew that her supposed husband wouldn’t protect her. But when he pressed his hand onher shoulder, she still felt that he might as well have stabbed her in the back.She married this man regardless of her family’s objection. She naively reasoned that no matter howcold he was to her, she would gradually move him and win his heart as time passed.Under the pressure of Rory’s hand, Becky was f

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 3

The rain got heavier while Becky’s heart grew colder.She didn’t know how long she had knelt outside. She only knew that when the rain stopped, the skywas still pitch black.The two servants had fallen asleep. In fact, Becky could’ve seized this as an opportunity to leave, butshe wasn’t reconciled.She simply didn’t believe that Rory could really be so cruel.But sometimes, even she had to admit that she was bei

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 4

By the time Becky woke up again, it was already seven o’clock in the morning of the following day. Shehad been sleeping too much yesterday, so this morning, her whole body felt weak.Just then, Jessie came back with breakfast. Seeing that Becky was awake, she ran to her bedside andasked worriedly, “How are you feeling? Any better?”Becky nodded and smiled slightly. “Much better.”“I brought your favorite food.

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 5

When it came to the topic of the divorce, there was no expression on Becky’s face. Her tone was calmand serious.Jessie wondered if she had misheard. She tilted her head to the side questioningly until Becky said,“The divorce agreement is in my luggage. Help me find it please.”It sounded like Becky was serious this time!Jessie almost burst into tears of joy. Becky had finally figured it out. All the idiots of

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 6

Becky was in Rory’s office for less than ten seconds. Watching her walk away, Rory pulled a long face.He reached for the document on the desk. On one side, Becky had already signed her name, while theother space was left blank for him to sign.The divorce agreement was simple. It was only a piece of paper. The terms on it were very clear—shedidn’t want any property under his name.After reading the divorce agr

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 7

“I’ll go home as soon as I finish what I have to do here,” said Becky.From the other end of the line, Stevie also felt a lump in his throat. “Okay. your mother and I are waitingfor you.”“See you, Dad.”After hanging up the phone, Becky had to bury her face in her hands.She was a grown woman now, but her parents still worried about her. And all because of her cruelhusband.Becky felt guilty towards her parents.

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 8

Becky arrived at the gate of the court five minutes before nine o’clock.Rory had not come yet.At nine o’clock, the door to the court clerk’s office opened on the dot.Becky lowered her head and checked the time on her phone. Rory was always punctual, but today, hewas late.At five past nine, she saw Rory stride in.He was wearing a well-tailored suit as usual, and his sharp face was expressionless.When their ey

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 9

When Becky returned to Jessie’s apartment, the latter looked at her and asked excitedly, “How did itgo? Are you divorced yet?”She was anxiously looking forward to their divorce. The whole morning, the fear that Becky might notpush through with the divorce kept gnawing at her.Seeing Jessie like this, Becky couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, I just need to wait for the judge to finalizethe divorce.”Jessie almost

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Chapter 10

Soon enough, the news reached Rory’s ears. After watching the video of that night, he sank into hischair and didn’t say anything for a long time, his expression cold as ice.Around an hour later, someone found Becky’s Instagram account. All her posts had been deletedexcept for one, which was posted an hour ago. It read, “Sorry, it was all my fault.”Becky had actually apologized. But her apology looked ironic