Chapter 8 - Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Becky arrived at the gate of the court five minutes before nine o’clock.

Rory had not come yet.

At nine o’clock, the door to the court clerk’s office opened on the dot.

Becky lowered her head and checked the time on her phone. Rory was always punctual, but today, he was late.

At five past nine, she saw Rory stride in.

He was wearing a well-tailored suit as usual, and his sharp face was expressionless.

When their eyes met, Rory slightly tilted his head and watched coldly as she approached.

It wasn’t the first time he had looked at her so coldly. In the past, Becky always felt hurt when he looked at her like this. But today, she felt nothing.

“Good morning, Rory. Here’s a copy of the divorce agreement,” Becky said as she handed the document to him.

Rory’s expression darkened. “Have you thought it through?”


Becky locked eyes with him firmly.

She wasn’t thinking clearly when she married him, but now, she definitely was.

Hearing the resoluteness in her voice, Rory frowned unhappily. “Good,” he said gruffly.

He sneered inwardly and hoped she had better not regret this.

Without saying anything more, Becky walked briskly to the office.

They got the divorce forms and filed them. Then, they paid the filing fees to process their divorce.

All they had to do was wait for the judge to finalize the divorce.

After that, the two of them had nothing to do with each other.

After everything was done, Rory turned around and left without so much as glancing at her.

Becky wasn’t surprised. He had long wanted to get rid of her. Now that his wish was fulfilled, of course he didn’t want to look at her any more.

In Rory’s eyes, she was probably a vicious and scheming woman, like what the netizens painted her to be.

It didn’t m

atter anymore. They had severed all ties with each other after all.

However, when Becky walked out of the court, she was surprised to see that Rory hadn’t left yet.

“You made Babette lose her baby. Even though we’ve divorced, you should go to the hospital and apologize to her.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a gust of wind blew over, and Becky had never felt an autumn wind so cold before.

She had thought that because they had been married for three years, Rory would feel a little sad after their divorce. Now Becky felt that she had still been too naive.

She raised her head to look at the man in front of her and suddenly smiled. “You’re right. For the sake of our history, you can rest assured that I’ll take responsibility for what I’ve done.”

However, she wasn’t going to admit to something she hadn’t done.

“By the way, as a way of showing my sincerity, I’ve prepared a big gift for Babette. Please tell her.”

Then, without waiting for a response, Becky took one last look at Rory and left.

Becky walked to the sidewalk and hailed a taxi.

After getting in the taxi, it zoomed past Rory. He saw her sitting in the back seat with a cold expression.

Rory frowned and felt inexplicably irritable. He glanced at the car parking nearby, but instead of walking over, he took out a cigarette box from his pocket, clamped a cigarette between his lips, and lit it.

While he didn’t want to marry Becky back then, he didn’t want to divorce her either.

But now, they were divorced. Rory didn’t feel sad. For him, Becky was just a woman whom he could accept as his wife.

When he thought of their divorce, he started to feel that smoking couldn’t dispel the depression in his heart.

“Forget it. She’s just some woman who overestimates herself,” he murmured.

Bcky rrvd t th gt of th court fv mnuts bfor nn o’clock.

Rory hd not com yt.

t nn o’clock, th door to th court clrk’s offc opnd on th dot.

Bcky lowrd hr hd nd chckd th tm on hr phon. Rory ws lwys punctul, but tody, h ws lt.

t fv pst nn, sh sw Rory strd n.

H ws wrng wll-tlord sut s usul, nd hs shrp fc ws xprssonlss.

Whn thr ys mt, Rory slghtly tltd hs hd nd wtchd coldly s sh pprochd.

t wsn’t th frst tm h hd lookd t hr so coldly. n th pst, Bcky lwys flt hurt whn h lookd t hr lk ths. But tody, sh flt nothng.

“Good mornng, Rory. Hr’s copy of th dvorc grmnt,” Bcky sd s sh hndd th documnt to hm.

Rory’s xprsson drknd. “Hv you thought t through?”


Bcky lockd ys wth hm frmly.

Sh wsn’t thnkng clrly whn sh mrrd hm, but now, sh dfntly ws.

Hrng th rsolutnss n hr voc, Rory frownd unhpply. “Good,” h sd gruffly.

H snrd nwrdly nd hopd sh hd bttr not rgrt ths.

Wthout syng nythng mor, Bcky wlkd brskly to th offc.

Thy got th dvorc forms nd fld thm. Thn, thy pd th flng fs to procss thr dvorc.

ll thy hd to do ws wt for th judg to fnlz th dvorc.

ftr tht, th two of thm hd nothng to do wth ch othr.

ftr vrythng ws don, Rory turnd round nd lft wthout so much s glncng t hr.

Bcky wsn’t surprsd. H hd long wntd to gt rd of hr. Now tht hs wsh ws fulflld, of cours h ddn’t wnt to look t hr ny mor.

n Rory’s ys, sh ws probbly vcous nd schmng womn, lk wht th ntzns pntd hr to b.

t ddn’t m

ttr nymor. Thy hd svrd ll ts wth ch othr ftr ll.

Howvr, whn Bcky wlkd out of th court, sh ws surprsd to s tht Rory hdn’t lft yt.

“You md Bbtt los hr bby. vn though w’v dvorcd, you should go to th hosptl nd pologz to hr.”

s soon s h fnshd spkng, gust of wnd blw ovr, nd Bcky hd nvr flt n utumn wnd so cold bfor.

Sh hd thought tht bcus thy hd bn mrrd for thr yrs, Rory would fl lttl sd ftr thr dvorc. Now Bcky flt tht sh hd stll bn too nv.

Sh rsd hr hd to look t th mn n front of hr nd suddnly smld. “You’r rght. For th sk of our hstory, you cn rst ssurd tht ‘ll tk rsponsblty for wht ‘v don.”

Howvr, sh wsn’t gong to dmt to somthng sh hdn’t don.

“By th wy, s wy of showng my sncrty, ‘v prprd bg gft for Bbtt. Pls tll hr.”

Thn, wthout wtng for rspons, Bcky took on lst look t Rory nd lft.

Bcky wlkd to th sdwlk nd hld tx.

ftr gttng n th tx, t zoomd pst Rory. H sw hr sttng n th bck st wth cold xprsson.

Rory frownd nd flt nxplcbly rrtbl. H glncd t th cr prkng nrby, but nstd of wlkng ovr, h took out cgrtt box from hs pockt, clmpd cgrtt btwn hs lps, nd lt t.

Whl h ddn’t wnt to mrry Bcky bck thn, h ddn’t wnt to dvorc hr thr.

But now, thy wr dvorcd. Rory ddn’t fl sd. For hm, Bcky ws just womn whom h could ccpt s hs wf.

Whn h thought of thr dvorc, h strtd to fl tht smokng couldn’t dspl th dprsson n hs hrt.

“Forgt t. Sh’s just som womn who ovrstmts hrslf,” h murmurd.

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