Chapter 10 - Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Soon enough, the news reached Rory’s ears. After watching the video of that night, he sank into his chair and didn’t say anything for a long time, his expression cold as ice.

Around an hour later, someone found Becky’s Instagram account. All her posts had been deleted except for one, which was posted an hour ago. It read, “Sorry, it was all my fault.”

Becky had actually apologized. But her apology looked ironic and ridiculous now that the truth was brought to light.

Lowell stood in front of the desk and reported it to Rory. After he finished speaking, he kept his head down and didn’t dare to look his boss in the eye.

The atmosphere in the office was so depressing that Lowell felt the need to hold his breath. Rory’s expression was dark and shrouded in coldness, like a stormy sky.

“Delete the video and recordings in half an hour!”

Lowell stiffened. Scratching the back of his head, he said in a shaky voice, “Mr. Casper, there is nothing we can do.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Rory asked in a dangerously low voice.

Lowell had no choice but to bite the bullet. “I’ve already asked the PR department to deal with it after the video and recordings were released. But they soon told me that it was the CEO of Savoy Entertainment who released them in the first place.”

As soon as Lowell finished speaking, Rory’s expression hardened.

It turned out Becky was more capable than she looked.

Rory pursed his lips tightly. Without a word, he reached for the phone beside him. Just as he was about to call Becky, his phone suddenly started to ring.

When he saw the caller ID, his eyes narrowed and he answered the phone. “Grandpa.”

When Elmore found out about the sensation on the Internet, he was furious. As soon as the call connected, he roared angrily, “Is Becky behind this? Where is she? Tell her to delete everything right away and come home right now!”

“I’ll take care of it, Grandpa.”

After hanging up, Rory dialed Becky’s number. However, he couldn’t get through.

The scandal of Rory falling in love with his sister-in-law was now exposed to the public. Elmore was so angry that his blood pressure kept rising dangerously. Rory couldn’t find Becky, so he could only go back home alone to try and calm Elmore down.

The second Rory stepped inside the villa, Elmore roared, “Where’s that bitch?”

Rory frowned. “Grandpa, I have divorced Becky.”

“Divorce? I don’t give a fuck if you’re divorced. She has smeared our family’s name. She must clarify this matter and apologize in public!”

“Yes, Grandpa. Take care of yourself.”

After saying that, Rory surveyed the room and looked at the other family members. Then he turned around and headed to his car. “Go to the hospital,” he ordered the driver.

There was no need for Rory to tell the driver which hospital he wanted to go. One of the two women that were involved in this matter was Becky, while the other was Babette.

At this time, Babette, who was still in the hospital, was stunned after hearing the news.

She had no idea that Becky had such a devious trick up her sleeve.

Now that her crime had been made public, Babette couldn’t stay with the Caspers anymore.

Was Becky out of her mind?

It seemed she was hell-bent on taking revenge.

Just as Babette was lost in thought, the door to the ward was pushed open and a man in a perfectly tailored suit came in. His piercing eyes looked straight at her as he asked in a low voice, “Is it true?”

Babette’s heart leaped to her throat. Discomfited under his intense gaze, she desperately tried to come up with an excuse. “Rory, listen to me. Becky found someone to…”

It was clear that Babette still wanted to plead her case, however futile that might be. Rory’s expression darkened and his eyes flashed angrily. “Get ready. Someone will send you abroad tomorrow.”

“What?! No! Rory, I— I don’t want to go abroad! You know I love you!”

Babette knew that if she was sent abroad, it meant that she’d have nothing to do with the Caspers anymore.

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears. The man had already turned around and left the ward without looking back.

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