Chapter 2 - Divorce Has Never Felt This Good


Becky already knew that her supposed husband wouldn’t protect her. But when he pressed his hand on her shoulder, she still felt that he might as well have stabbed her in the back.

She married this man regardless of her family’s objection. She naively reasoned that no matter how cold he was to her, she would gradually move him and win his heart as time passed.

Under the pressure of Rory’s hand, Becky was forced to kneel, which hurt her knees. However, in that moment, the pain in her knees was nothing compared to the pain in her heart.

Becky raised her head to look up at Rory, who was standing next to her. His eyes were sharp and ruthless, devoid of any sympathy towards her, which only pained her further.

She had been too naive.

“Becky, do you know your mistake?”

Hearing Elmore’s voice, Becky looked back at him and straightened her back. “I didn’t push her. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Elmore grabbed a vase and threw it at Becky, missing her by inches.

The vase smashed into countless pieces next to Becky. A stray shard flew straight at her, cutting the back of her hand.

“Impenitent woman! You don’t deserve to kneel in our living room! You have dirtied our home and brought shame on our family! Drag her out and make her kneel outside until she knows she’s in the wrong!”

After saying that, Elmore addressed Rory specifically. “Find someone to keep an eye on her. If she doesn’t admit her mistake, don’t let her get up!”

Elmore stormed off angrily. Glancing warily at Rory, Jenifer Casper, Rory’s mother, walked up to Becky and said, “Becky, get up. Elmore is just being unreasonably angry. Don’t take it to heart.”

The sole person in the Casper family who was kind to Becky was Jenifer.

She was a soft-hearted woman who thought that no matter what Becky did, she was still a member of this family.


ise Casper, Rory’s sister, sneered with disdain. “Mom, Grandpa said that if she doesn’t admit her fault, she can’t stand up. Please don’t get involved in this matter!”

Denise was by no means fond of Becky, unlike her mother. She knew that Jenifer wouldn’t be able to bear seeing Becky in trouble like this, so she took her mother’s arm to take her away.

Jenifer sighed and looked to Rory, who had been silent this whole time. “Rory, what’s on your mind? Becky’s your wife. You have been married for three years. Even if she—”

Rory’s eyes turned icy cold. “I don’t have such a vicious wife!”

His words sent a shiver down Becky’s spine. She knew in that moment that explaining herself would be futile, because her own husband had already made up his mind about her.

After saying that, Rory stood up straight and added coldly, “Behave yourself, Becky.”

Every indifferent word that left his mouth was like a blow to Becky’s heart.

Then, the man walked away. As the sound of his footsteps got softer and softer, Becky felt as though her heart was about to give up.

Two servants appeared all of a sudden. “Mrs. Casper, you have to kneel outside as ordered.”

The two servants exchanged tacit glances and then grabbed either side of Becky. They dragged her out of the living room and forced her to kneel outside.

Becky had never been insulted like this. She raised her head and looked at the two servants defiantly. “How dare you treat me like this?”

But the two servants didn’t take her seriously at all. “Just stay there, Mrs. Casper! Unless you admit your mistake, you have to kneel here the whole night. Save us the trouble and behave yourself.”

Just then, thunder roared in the sky and seconds later, rain poured down relentlessly.

The two servants were stunned for a moment before they reacted. The two quickly ran into the house, leaving Becky kneeling outside alone.


Bcky lrdy knw tht hr supposd husbnd wouldn’t protct hr. But whn h prssd hs hnd on hr shouldr, sh stll flt tht h mght s wll hv stbbd hr n th bck.

Sh mrrd ths mn rgrdlss of hr fmly’s objcton. Sh nvly rsond tht no mttr how cold h ws to hr, sh would grdully mov hm nd wn hs hrt s tm pssd.

Undr th prssur of Rory’s hnd, Bcky ws forcd to knl, whch hurt hr kns. Howvr, n tht momnt, th pn n hr kns ws nothng comprd to th pn n hr hrt.

Bcky rsd hr hd to look up t Rory, who ws stndng nxt to hr. Hs ys wr shrp nd ruthlss, dvod of ny sympthy towrds hr, whch only pnd hr furthr.

Sh hd bn too nv.

“Bcky, do you know your mstk?”

Hrng lmor’s voc, Bcky lookd bck t hm nd strghtnd hr bck. ” ddn’t push hr. ddn’t do nythng wrong.”

Bfor sh could fnsh hr sntnc, lmor grbbd vs nd thrw t t Bcky, mssng hr by nchs.

Th vs smshd nto countlss pcs nxt to Bcky. stry shrd flw strght t hr, cuttng th bck of hr hnd.

“mpntnt womn! You don’t dsrv to knl n our lvng room! You hv drtd our hom nd brought shm on our fmly! Drg hr out nd mk hr knl outsd untl sh knows sh’s n th wrong!”

ftr syng tht, lmor ddrssd Rory spcfclly. “Fnd somon to kp n y on hr. f sh dosn’t dmt hr mstk, don’t lt hr gt up!”

lmor stormd off ngrly. Glncng wrly t Rory, Jnfr Cspr, Rory’s mothr, wlkd up to Bcky nd sd, “Bcky, gt up. lmor s just bng unrsonbly ngry. Don’t tk t to hrt.”

Th sol prson n th Cspr fmly who ws knd to Bcky ws Jnfr.

Sh ws soft-hrtd womn who thought tht no mttr wht Bcky dd, sh ws stll mmbr of ths fmly.


s Cspr, Rory’s sstr, snrd wth dsdn. “Mom, Grndp sd tht f sh dosn’t dmt hr fult, sh cn’t stnd up. Pls don’t gt nvolvd n ths mttr!”

Dns ws by no mns fond of Bcky, unlk hr mothr. Sh knw tht Jnfr wouldn’t b bl to br sng Bcky n troubl lk ths, so sh took hr mothr’s rm to tk hr wy.

Jnfr sghd nd lookd to Rory, who hd bn slnt ths whol tm. “Rory, wht’s on your mnd? Bcky’s your wf. You hv bn mrrd for thr yrs. vn f sh—”

Rory’s ys turnd cy cold. ” don’t hv such vcous wf!”

Hs words snt shvr down Bcky’s spn. Sh knw n tht momnt tht xplnng hrslf would b futl, bcus hr own husbnd hd lrdy md up hs mnd bout hr.

ftr syng tht, Rory stood up strght nd ddd coldly, “Bhv yourslf, Bcky.”

vry ndffrnt word tht lft hs mouth ws lk blow to Bcky’s hrt.

Thn, th mn wlkd wy. s th sound of hs footstps got softr nd softr, Bcky flt s though hr hrt ws bout to gv up.

Two srvnts pprd ll of suddn. “Mrs. Cspr, you hv to knl outsd s ordrd.”

Th two srvnts xchngd tct glncs nd thn grbbd thr sd of Bcky. Thy drggd hr out of th lvng room nd forcd hr to knl outsd.

Bcky hd nvr bn nsultd lk ths. Sh rsd hr hd nd lookd t th two srvnts dfntly. “How dr you trt m lk ths?”

But th two srvnts ddn’t tk hr srously t ll. “Just sty thr, Mrs. Cspr! Unlss you dmt your mstk, you hv to knl hr th whol nght. Sv us th troubl nd bhv yourslf.”

Just thn, thundr rord n th sky nd sconds ltr, rn pourd down rlntlssly.

Th two srvnts wr stunnd for momnt bfor thy rctd. Th two quckly rn nto th hous, lvng Bcky knlng outsd lon.

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