Chapter 9 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 9 Am I adopted

With a resigned expression, he put the fruit in front of Sarah and sat next to her.

Before he could remind Sarah of the divorce, Grandpa Noth said,

“Don’t you see that Sa is overcautious and embarrassed to eat? As a husband, you should aware of it.”

“Am I adopted?” Finally, Jason asked.

“No,” said Mrs. Noth.

“It’s a gift from opening a bank account.” said Mr. Noth.

Jason: “…”

“Dad, mom, Grandpa.” Seeing that the time was almost right, Sarah began to talk about something important.

“In fact, we have something important to talk with you today.”


“How long has it been?”

“When did it happen?”

Mrs. Noth and Grandpa Noth said one after another.

Seeing the hope and happiness in the eyes of the two, although she didn’t want to destroy it, she still said,

“I’m going to divorce Jason.”

As soon as she finished speaking.

The atmosphere suddenly became cold.

Mrs. Noth stopped picking up the fruit. The smile on Grandpa Noth’s face gradually disappeared, and even

Mr. Noth put down the newspaper in his hand.

It was obvious that this matter had greatly stimulated them.

“Why do you want a divorce all of a sudden?” Mrs. Noth asked after a long pause.

“Because of me.” Sarah took the responsibility, and wanted to ended it quickly. “I don’t like him anymore,” she


“That’s good,” said Mrs. Noth.

Grandpa Noth breathed a sigh of relief.

Mr. Noth glanced at his son with an unpredictable look.

“Then divorce him.” Grandpa Noth said it seriously.

“Grandpa and dad will teach you how to manage a company. Then you will be the president of the Noth

Chapter 9 Am adopted


Get Ho

group,” said Grandpa Noth.

In everyone’s eyes.

It was not a big deal that she didn’t like him.

Love could be cultivated. As long as it was not a matter of principle, they could keep Sa.

“We are not kidding.” Jason finally said. “The divorce process is going on. We’ll submit the divorce application

on Monday.

We’ll get a divorce certificate as soon as the calm period is over.”

“Did I let you speak?” Mrs. Noth was a little angry.

“I just want to inform you this time,” said Jason in a determined attitude.

“So, it’s you who want to divorce, not Sa?” Grandpa Noth quickly grasped the key point.

“It was you who got married with her, and now you want to divorce her again. Do you really have any sense of

responsibility as a man?”

Mrs. Noth: “Why did you marry Sa?”

“Don’t tell me anything about falling in love at first sight,” said Grandpa Noth.

Mr. Noth: “Do you take Sa as a substitute for her?”

Mrs. Noth and Grandpa Noth looked at Mr. Noth at the same time.

The two of them had serious expressions on their faces. “What substitute?”

Jason: “…”

Was he really his father?

“I proposed to divorce.” Sarah knew it was wrong to say more, so she didn’t mention the details. “It has

nothing to do with Jason.”

Her tone was serious and her attitude was sincere.

They knew that Sarah was not joking.

They wanted to mediate again, but when they sensed the invisible gap between the two, they knew that there

might be a conflict between the couple that they didn’t know.

For a moment.

The atmosphere in the room was a little serious.

Sarah didn’t say anything more, waiting for the elders‘ reply.

“How about this?” Mrs. Noth took her hand. She really liked her.

“Divorce is not a trivial matter. Ask your parents to come here and we can have a talk. If they are not

convenient, we can meet them.”

“Yes, we should talk about it. You have been married for two years, but he didn’t go to see Sa’s parents.”

Grandpa Noth was really angry and looked at Jason more and more unpleasantly. “This time, we have to meet them and apologize to them.”

He didn’t take good care of their daughter.

If he were Sa’s grandfather, he would have hit this brat with his walking stick!

“No, I can make the decision myself. Sarah refused.

Mrs. Noth insisted, “Sa…”

“I don’t have a good relationship with my family.”

It was the first time that she talked about family affairs, and what she said was true. “My father has a new


Hearing that, Jason paused.

Looking at her face which was no different from usual, he only felt a little strange in his chest.

He asked in a slightly hoarse voice, “Why haven’t I heard you mention it before?”


Grandpa Noth hit him with his crutch.

He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He pictured in his mind that Sarah was in a very bad situation.

After her father had a new wife, he turned a blind eye to her, and now she was divorced.

Why did she suffer so much.

“Grandpa!” She didn’t expect that he would suddenly make a move.

“How dare you say that!” Grandpa Noth was filled with anger.

“You have been married for two years. Have you ever cared about Sa? As her husband, you don’t even know what’s going on with her family!”

The more he said, the angrier he became.

He really wanted to drive Jason out.

“How about this, Sa?” Seeing this, Mrs. Noth subconsciously thought that it was because her son didn’t care about her, which caused her to lose her expectation for marriage.

“You can stay with Jason for another year. If you insist on divorcing after a year, I will help you.”

Chapter 0 Amadopted

Just when Sarah was about to refuse, “No…”

“In fact, I don’t have much time left. Mrs. Noth’s eyes darkened, and her tone became a little heavier.

“I was afraid that it would affect you, so I didn’t say anything.”

Mr Noth, “…”

Sarah. “?”

Jason: “2”

How could Mr. Noth react like this if what Mrs. Noth said was true?

“The doctor said I had stomach cancer and I still have one and a half years to live.”

Mrs. Noth was very depressed. “Sa, please give Jason one more year, just one more year, okay?”

Sarah took her hand to feel her pulse and looked at her eyes again.

Mrs. Noth was a little confused about what she had done.

“You may meet a quack.” Sarah put it another way, taking care of the elders‘ dignity. “Your pulse is calm and


From your pupils to 1/2 of the edge of the black eyeballs, there is no ring made of black deposit. Your

stomach is very healthy.”

Mrs. Noth stopped pretending to be sick. She held her hand and said, “Sa…”

“Divorce is the result of our careful consideration. You don’t have to persuade.”

Sarah comforted her, “Thank you for your concern and care for me all these years.”

Mrs. Noth’s eyes turned red.

She really didn’t want to leave her. She always wanted to have a daughter, but she had two sons.

It was not until Sa came that her wish was fulfilled.

“Have you really made up your mind?” Grandpa Noth was not as energetic as before, and there was no sign of

reluctance on his thin face.

Sarah: “Yes, I’ve made up my mind.”

Everyone stopped talking when they saw her honest and insistent attitude.

They knew that couldn’t persuade her anymore.

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