Chapter 10 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 10 A qualified ex should disappear

“Come with me, Jason.” With a crutch in his hand, Grandpa Noth stood up.

Taking a deep look at Sarah, Jason left the room with his grandfather and went to the study nearby to talk

about business

Mrs. Noth still talked to Sarah.

The most she said was that if one day Sarah found that Jason was worth trusting for the rest of her life, the

Noth family would welcome her at any time.

In this family.

She felt warm.

It was the same warm life before her mother died.

Half an hour later.

After he finished talking with Grandpa Noth, Jason came back. The former looked as usual, while the latter

looked sullen.

Anyone could tell that he was not happy.

“Fuck off! Don’t get in my way here!” No one knew what the two of them were talking about.

Grandpa Noth’s mood was not good. “Take good care of Sa in the remaining month. If she is wronged, I will

give all your money to Sa!”

With a deep and outstanding temperament, Jason said, “I see.”

The two were about to leave.

Mrs. Noth suddenly said, “Wait.”

Both of them looked back, and the moon shone on them, closing the distance between them.

But it was just an illusion.

“Have you finished splitting up the property?” Mrs. Noth was afraid that Sarah would suffer losses.

“Don’t worry. I will treat her well.” Jason didn’t tell her the details.

He didn’t want to leave any impression to his family that Sarah loved money so much. “I will give her house, car and money.”

“In addition to them, you can also give Sa some of your stocks, debts and so on.” Mrs. Noth was not joking at


Jason:” ”

Was he really her biological son?

“Your mother is right said Grandpa Noth

“Listen to my wife Don’t let her worry about you,‘ said Mr Noth

“Got it Holding back his anger, he took Sarah to the car

Since they had already mentioned divorce, the two of them stopped pretending to be intimate

Seeing the car drive out, both Mrs. Noth and Grandpa Noth looked sad

They didn’t withdraw their sight until the car disappeared from their sight.

“Don’t worry about the children. Let him deal with it by themselves.”

Mr. Noth held Mrs. Noth’s hand and said in a calm and warm voice.

Mrs. Noth sighed.

Mr. Noth patted her on the shoulder.

“Shouldn’t you explain to me what a substitute meant?”

Mrs. Noth looked at his handsome face and asked, “What’s the secret between you two?”

Mr. Noth, “…”

Mrs. Noth: “Say it or not?”

“I promise my son that I won’t tell anyone.” said Mr. Noth.

Mrs. Noth: “My friend asked me out for a trip. I heard that there are many young men…”

“Go back to our room.” Mr. Noth clenched her hand and said with affection, “Let’s talk about it later.”

The car headed for the Paradise villa.

The two sat on the back seats.

This was the twenty–third time that he had looked at Sarah.

He wanted to ask her something, but for some reason, he didn’t say anything.

“Just say it.” She couldn’t ignore the gazes from time to time.

“Have you ever learned medicine?”

Jason was very curious.

Once again, he realized clearly that he had never really known her.

“No.” Leaning against the back seat, Sarah answered directly, and closed her eyes for rest. “I just read some


Chapter 10 A qualified ex should disappear


Get Bo

The look in his eyes became deeper and deeper.

He felt that she was lying to him.

“Sign the divorce agreement again when we get back. Do as mom said.” Deep in his heart, he was grateful to


She accompanied his family on his behalf. “Split the property after marriage.”

“No.” she refused “Just the previous ones.”

Jason looked at her with scrutiny.

Was this woman too contradictory? Sometimes she asked for money, and sometimes she didn’t care about it

at all.

“I will also give you a list of my assets after marriage.” Sarah hesitated for a while and said reluctantly, “Half

for each.”

At the thought that Jason would take the property to support Jenny, she felt unhappy.

However, Jason gave a lot of money, so she had to give her money as well.

“No need.” said Jason firmly. I’ll earn your money back in a minute.”

Sarah was speechless.

You can have a try.

After the two of them went back, Sarah took out the divorce agreement she had signed before, and made a

new copy of the property division, according to the previous agreement.

Since Jason didn’t want her money, she wouldn’t force him to do so.

Eleven o’clock in the evening.

The divorce agreement was put on the table again.

Sarah pushed it to him and said, “It’s time for you to sign it. Apply for a divorce the day after tomorrow.”

With a pen in his hand, Jason looked at the beautiful handwriting “Sarah“.

He couldn’t help but wonder how she felt when she signed the agreement.

He was the one who was going to get married and the one who was going to divorce.

“Sarah.” He seemed to find it out of his conscience.

Sarah looked at her phone, waiting for Robert’s reply.

When she heard that Jason called her in a deep voice, she only replied indifferently, “What’s wrong?”

“If you encounter any difficulties after divorce, you can come to me.” Jason found a good excuse.

Chapter 10 A qualified ex should disappear


“Grandpa and mom like you very much. Although we are not a couple, we can still be friends.”

“There is a saying on the Internet.” Sarah put down her phone and said in a soft and slow tone.

Jason: “What?”

“A qualified ex–girlfriend should disappear.”

Get Bo

“Let alone the ex husband.”

After saying that.

Jason was immediately annoyed. Without any hesitation, he signed his name vigorously.

He must have been crazy to be nice to her just now.

Since she was so good at pissing people off, she could make a lot of money.

“Then you better remember what you said.” Jason was so angry that he couldn’t even find the reason why. “Ex


Sarah took it. She didn’t need to give her own money to Jason to support Jenny, and she was in a better


“Don’t worry. I’m a qualified ex–wife.”

Jason was even angrier.

He took his coat and went upstairs.

If he stayed any longer, he felt that he would be pissed off to death.

Sarah didn’t want to comfort him. She put away the divorce agreement and went upstairs with her phone.

Since the phone call half a year ago, they had slept in separate rooms.

Fortunately, they slept in separate rooms.

Otherwise, she was really afraid of having a child when they divorced.

When she returned to her room and put down the divorce agreement, her phone rang. It was a message from Robert, “I have arrived.”

Sarah: [See you tomorrow?]

Not long after the message was sent, she received the phone call.

Without hanging up, she answered the phone, “Hello.”

“Are you really married to Jason?” A low, teasing and gentle voice came from the other end of the line.


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“Are you going to divorce now?”


“Okay.” Robert wasn’t as curious about it as Julian. Sitting in the special car, he smiled and looked more

refined with glasses.

“Send me the location and time. We’ll meet tomorrow.”

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