Chapter 4 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 4 The president’s wife is planning something

Sarah was too lazy to waste time with him here. She didn’t like to be wronged:

“She told you that I was the one who hired someone to hit her, so you believe her?”

“Yes.” Jason’s anger gradually subsided under her candid sight, but the chill around him didn’t dissipate.

“She never lied to me, and she has evidence that you hit her.”

Sarah raised her eyebrows and eyes slightly.

She clenched her hand and finally got emotional: “OK, get on the car, I’ll go to the hospital with you to see


Jason’s chills dissipated with the words. He didn’t expect her to be so operative.

After all, if she had done it, she could not have gone with him.

At this time.

He had some contradictions in his mind, and did not know whether to believe the evidence.

“Make way.” Sarah stared at him who blocked her, and said coldly.

Jason released her confinement, looked at the indifferent woman, and felt some inexplicable annoyance.

He suppressed his emotion and took out the car key to open the door.

Seeing this, Chris quickly came to take the key and took up the role of driver.

Sarah opened the front passenger’s door and sat in. She never looked at Jason again.

Chris was worried, fearing that Sarah will say something shocking later.

When he thought about it.

He hesitated and said, “Madam, you……”


Sarah said lightly.

Chris looked in the rearview mirror and saw that his boss didn’t respond, so he drove out of the parking lot.

Nobody spoke all the way.

Chris felt that he will be suffocated by the low air pressure in the car.

It happened that neither the boss nor his wife had any intention of opening their mouths, and they were both


The boss, after all, was always like that.

But the president’s wife was in a good mood just now!

Chapter 4 The president’s wife is planning something


Chris was worried, but he didn’t say anything.

Jason sat in the back seat and looked unconsciously at the woman who didn’t say a word on the front

passenger seat.

There was an emotional fluctuation in his eyes that he didn’t realize.

In half an hour.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

Jason pulled Sarah’s wrist towards the VIP ward of the inpatient department with a big and powerful hand.

“Mr. Noth.” Sarah was painful by him. She could not help but sneer, “If you pinch me like this, you will be

punished before I am convicted.”

Hearing what she said.

Jason released her wrist, and her pale wrist turned red.

Sarah gave him a look, which was very unfriendly.

Jason felt uncomfortable by her look, and felt a little sorry.

However, the guilt disappeared after remembering that she might be the culprit for hurting Jenny.

“Follow me.” He looked away, walked to the door of Jenny’s ward, and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened.

Jenny, who was lying on the hospital bed, saw Jason with a smile on her face and called him tenderly with

deep dependence: “Jason.”

Jason quickly walked over to pacify her.

Sarah entered at this moment.

Seeing this romantic couple, she said with a light sneer: “Do you need me to avoid first so you can cheat on


“Miss… Miss Yeats. Don’t misunderstand me. Jason and I are innocent. It’s not what you think.”

Seeing her, Jenny became nervous and tried to explain.

Sarah: “?”

She was in a light mood and said meaningfully: “If you release your hand holding him, what you said may be

more persuasive.”

While talking, she walked towards the hospital bed.

After getting closer, she completely observed the appearance of Jenny.

Gentle and kind, weak.

This was Jenny’s first impression on her. No wonder Jason never forgot her.

‘Jason Jenny grabbed Jason’s hand and felt aggrieved.

This scene.

Sarah saw it.

There was a bit of mockery in her heart, and she knew what Jenny was thinking.

All Jenny wanted to do was to see her make a scene in the ward like a shrew and make Jason angry.

Jason thought that Jenny was afraid Sarah would embarrass her, so he patted her on the back and

comforted her.

His voice was much softer than usual: “Nothing, I’m here.”

“Jason.” Sarah felt sick, “I’m still here.”

She was so brazenly cuckolded.

He thought she was so weak?

Jason turned a deaf ear and continued to pacify Jenny.

“Chris, how long will you watch it outside?” Sarah glanced outside the door, and she was about to be


Chris pushed the door and entered. He didn’t know how he was found: “Madam.”

“Take a picture of your boss flirting with other woman with your mobile phone.” Sarah said calmly,

“I really want to know whether the Noth Group’s stock will be affected when the news about the president’s

marital infidelity come out.”

Chris: “!!!”

Madam, don’t mess with me.

“Jason…” Jenny released Jason’s hand with a pale face.

“Sarah, have you had enough trouble?” Jason was cold and patted Jenny on the back to appease her.

“I asked you to apologize to Jenny.”

Sarah took out her mobile phone, started recording and said, “I thought you asked me to catch an adulterous


After she had said that.

The ward was silent.

“What do you think will happen if I send this to your mother?” Sarah saved the video and put the phone in the



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