Chapter 5 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 5 When I was wronged, have you ever been so angry for me

Jenny looked at Jason deeply.

She said an ambiguous sentence: “I will do what Jason said.”

“Jason, will you let me have a look?” Sarah’s beautiful eyes slightly raised.

Jason looked at the way she pretended. Without saying too much, he reached a mobile phone on the table.

and clicked on WhatsApp.

He found the chat record and gave it to her.

Sarah took it over.

The content of the chat record also appeared in front of her.

Mrs. Noth: [As long as you help me kill Jenny, I will help you pay your debts, and I will also pay you one

million dollars

Driver: [How do I know if you mean what you say?]

Mrs. Noth: [I’m Jason’s wife. I don’t even care a million dollars.]

Driver: [I trust you this time. If you dare to renege, I will go to the Noth Group to make trouble!]

Driver: [Send the photo to me.]

Mrs. Noth: [Picture]

Mrs. Noth: [Don’t leave any evidence.]

Sarah finished reading, and gently picked her eyebrows: “Is that all?”

Jason looked at her condescendingly and wanted to find a little panic on her face, but he didn’t find anything:

“That’s all.”

“I didn’t do it.” Sarah returned the mobile phone and analyzed rationally.

“With Mr. Noth’s ability, it should be easy to find out the real identity behind the account.”

“The account is new, and there is no real name authentication.” Jason’s breath was cold.

Sarah: “You can check the login IP address.”

Jason frowned and glanced at her coldly.

Sarah was never a smart woman in his impression.

in the past, he helped her solve problems.

Why did it seem that she is a new person?

“You won’t tell me that the IP address is hidden by the other party, will you?” Sarah saw that he had not

Chapter 5 When I was wronged, have you ever been so angry for me


Jason’s eyebrows showed anger.

Sarah looked at his face, it was still so beautiful, even if he was cold now, it was also very pleasing.

“You threatened me?”

“I’m joking. I just think you two are very attractive. Every scene I just recorded can be printed out.”

Sarah said casually, glancing at them, “But are you sure you want to talk to me like this?”

Jason didn’t move.

The attitude was that no matter what you say, I will accompany Jenny.

“Fine.” Sarah put down her bag.

Everyone couldn’t understand what she was doing.

Only Chris was in a panic. His intuition told him that she wanted to do something!

Facts proved that.

His idea was correct.

Sarah came to him and took his arm. Her tone was no different from that before.

“If you want to say anything, quickly. I have something to talk with Chris.”

Chris: “!”

He spoke quickly, and the calmness disappeared without a trace:

“Boss, there’s nothing between me and your wife, and I have never done anything wrong to you.”

“What’s the hurry?” Sarah’s voice had the ability to pacify people’s hearts.

“As a man, you are not as calm as Miss Smith. See how calm she is.”


Jason: “…”

Jenny’s eyes flashed a shred of malice.

Jason felt that the hand on Chris‘ arm was a sore in his eye.

“Chris.” He opened his mouth with some warning in his tone.

Chris wanted separate his hands from Sarah.


Can’t be separated!!!

He looked at the president’s wife who had a calm face and a string of question marks on his forehead.

How can the President’s wife had such a big strength!

“Boss…” He was about to cry, “There’s really nothing between me and your wife.”

Jason’s air pressure became colder.

The next moment.

He took a pillow and stuff it to the back of Jenny. His hand also left at that moment.

Sarah raised her eyebrows slightly, and then took her hand away from Chris, and found a chair to sit down.

Chris survived.

Jenny saw this tacit understanding between them, and the hand hidden in the quilt was squeezed


“I heard from Jason that Miss Smith accused me of hiring someone to bump into you. There is still evidence.”

Sarah changed her address, and the look on her face was incomprehensible. “Why don’t you show me the


Get Boy

spoken for a long time and took the initiative to say.

Jason didn’t answer her, but gave an order: “Chris, let the technical department check all the login IP

addresses of this account.”


Chris took the mobile phone and left.

He was really afraid of being troubled by the president’s wife again!

“It’s really not you?” Jason’s voice was still cold, and his eyes were dark.

When he saw the chat record, his first reaction was that Sarah did it.

After all, what she did these two days overturned his previous impression of her.

She didn’t love money but asked so much for divorce.

She had a gentle character but suddenly turned against him.

Who knew if her kindness and free and easy divorce were also fake.

“Instead of wasting time here, it’s better to find out how the driver knows Miss Smith’s route today.”

Sarah was smart and didn’t quarrel with him.

Before Jason could say anything.

Sarah said again, “There is more.”


“You should report it to the police at the first time.” Sarah reminded him with her eyes fell on his wonderful face,

“Instead of catching me, an insignificant person.”

Jason’s eyes were slightly dark.

He did not know why. At the moment when he learned that it was Sarah, his first reaction was to go to her instead of going to the police.

At one time, they looked at each other.

Strange atmosphere spread between the two.

Jason could only see her in his eyes. Her smiling eyes blinked slightly. Her curly eyelashes were like the wings of a butterfly.

The two people just looked at each other, and neither of them moved away.

It was not until Jenny’s voice came that Jason’s thoughts were pulled back: “Jason.”

Chapter 5 When I was wronged, have you ever been so angry for ma

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to rest.”

In a simple sentence, anyone can understand her intention of chasing them away.

Sarah didn’t plan to let her rest. She stood up and came to the hospital bed, with a smile: “Before that, should

Miss Smith apologize to me?”

“What?” Jenny was confused.

Jason understood her meaning and called her name with some warning: “Sarah!”

“I will put aside you seducing my husband. After all, it’s mutual.” Sarah was not affected by him.

She said slowly, “Let’s talk about you wronging me for no reason.”

“I’m sorry.” Jenny quickly apologized and said apologetically, tightening her fingers uneasily, “I saw Mrs. Noth on it, and subconsciously thought it was you.”

“That’s it.” Sarah gave her back in her own way, “I thought you didn’t want Jason go shopping with me and deliberately designed this accident.”

Jenny subconsciously explained, “I didn’t!”

“Sarah!” Jason was angry.

“Why are you so angry? It’s just a joke.” Sarah said with good temper, as if she really didn’t care.

“Are you kidding like that?” Jason subconsciously protected Jenny,

“I know you don’t like her, but you don’t need to slander her. Bring it on me.”

Sarah raised her lips and looked at him. She said, “You are so angry even if I am joking.

When she told you it was me hired someone to bump into her, have you ever been so angry for me?”

Jason paused, and his deep cold eyes were hard to understand.

“Jason.” Sarah called him, formally.

Obviously, it was just a common address, but Jason’s heart was confused unconsciously.

He frowned and threw away the strange emotion.

“Do you need me to remind you that we are not divorced yet?” Sarah felt a little emotional. If not for her strong self–esteem, she wanted to tell him that she would be unhappy if he protected other women in her face.

“Jason.” Jenny said appropriately and looked thoughtful. “This is my fault. Don’t be angry with Miss Yeats.”

Sarah was speechless.

She was not in the mood to pay attention to her, but that didn’t mean she can tolerate others bullying her

again and again.

“Since when Miss Smith take charge of our family affairs?” she sounded indifferent.

“I just don’t want to see you arguing.”

“We quarreled because of you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“A simple sorry is enough?”

“Enough!” Jason was a little upset. He grabbed Sarah and walked outside.

This time, his strength was lighter than before. “Follow me out.”

Sarah didn’t stay much either.

She took her bag and went out with him.

Jason dragged her to the end of the corridor, suppressed all the emotions in his heart, and recovered his

indifferent appearance:

“What do you want to do?”

“Argue with her.”


“Call her a mistress.”

“She is not.”

“Am I?”


“Then who is?”

Facing Sarah’s question, Jason couldn’t answer it.

The atmosphere was frozen.

He lowered his eyes to explain something to her, but found that her delicate face was full of impatience, and her eyes were not as gentle as before.

After a long time, he said: “You were not like this before.”

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