Chapter 7 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 7 Once the ex cried, the current must lose

Sarah put down the remote control and said indifferently. “Then no.”

Jason “?”

“When you are in a hurry to marry her, you will offer a higher price to let me leave.” Sarah said seriously.

All of a sudden, his breath turned cold.

He had never been threatened like this before. Sarah was the first one, “Do you really think I can’t do anything

to you?”

“Of course not.” Sarah switched to another reality show and said seriously,

“You can freeze the card you gave me, restrict my consumption and freedom, send me to a remote place and

lock me up, and you can also…”

Hearing her increasingly ridiculous words, most of his anger inexplicably dissipated.

He suddenly wanted to know.

How could this woman who can pissed him off by just a few words be so gentle for two years in the past?

“But in this way, Jenny could only be your mistress.” Sarah had adjusted her mood. “You don’t want to see her discussed by others.”

Even if he was a legend in the business circle, once such a love affair was exposed.

He would also be discussed and laughed at.

As for Jenny, even if she was protected by Jason, as long as she went shopping and attended the banquet, she would be looked at strangely by others.

He wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen to his Jenny.

“How can you go to the family with me?” He took the initiative to stop the unpleasant conversation before.

“From now on, cut off the connection with Jenny.” Sarah paused and talked to him, “You can resume contact after we get divorced,”

Without hesitation, he refused, “No.”



“There is still a month left before the application is made. Who knows if something will happen.”


For a moment.

The atmosphere in the living room was a little weird.

Chapter 7 Once the ex cried, the current must lose

Get Boy

Without being affected, she pressed the start button.

The TV was broadcasting the variety show, which ranked number one on the recent list.

As soon as she played it, she saw the popular actor Lucas chatting with the others after completing the task.

Coincidentally, the conversation was about the ex–girlfriend.

“I want to ask you a question. If you are married and your ex suddenly comes back, will you choose to be

back with her or continue to be with your wife?”

“Of course, my wife!”

“I’m afraid only the stupid would choose ex.”

“Lucas, what about you?”

“I’m not a bad man.” There was a sunny temperament around him, and his gentle voice was very healing.

“Life is a process of constant improvement. Probably the one who chooses ex is not clear whether it is the

previous unwillingness and obsession, or the real love.”

“It’s so profound.”

“Speaking of this, I remembered my friend who dumped his current girlfriend for his first love. What a jerk.”

“There is a saying on the Internet that once the ex cried, the current must lose.”


The show was still on.

With a hint of pressure in his deep eyes, Jason looked at the calm Sarah.

He seriously suspected that she was trying to imply him.



“I can promise you.” In order to get a divorce, he made a concession and negotiated with her.

“But before that, I have to investigate the car accident of her first.”

“Sure.” Sarah didn’t go deep into this. “If you need to talk to Jenny during this period, let Chris do it for you.”


He wanted to refuse.

Thinking of how much his parents and grandfather liked her, he agreed, “Okay.”

“Go ahead with your work.” Sarah wanted to get divorced more than him. “Pick me up at six o’clock.”


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