Chapter 6 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

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Chapter 6 Irritating me will do you no good

“Then I’m so pathetic.” Sarah blurted out, “My husband didn’t know my character after two years of marriage.”

Jason: “…”

This woman.

She just had to refute him, right?

“Follow me home.” He loosened his tie, took her bag, and dragged her wrist out.

Sarah was stunned.

Jason also paused.

The two people’s eyes fell on the bag Jason was holding.

Do you regard me as Jenny?

This was Sarah’s first idea.

Jason didn’t explain too much and walked very fast.

This scene was seen by Jenny in the ward. The tenderness on her face disappeared completely.

She didn’t care if her nails pinched so hard in her palm.

After a while, the door of the ward was opened.

Jenny’s friend came in and asked: “Didn’t Sarah hire someone to bump into you? Why did Mr. Noth…”

“It’s not her.” Jenny frowned.

The first time it happened, she thought it was Sarah who did it. After all, she would replace Sarah and

become Mrs. Noth when she came back.

But judging from Sarah’s reaction, things were not that simple.

Jason got the same answer.

After the driver received them, Jason pulled Sarah to sit in the back passenger seats.

Before he could talk about today, Chris called and immediately explained: “Boss, the IP address has been

checked, and the account login IP address is not in Atlanta.”

“I see.” Jason’s eyes were dark.

At the moment, he only felt that the mobile phone in his hand was so heavy.

He knew that he had wronged Sarah.

In all kinds of emotions, he looked sideways at the person leaning against the window.

The sun came in along the semi open window and shone on her face, vaguely showing the tiny hairs on her

Chapter 6 Instating me will do you no good



At this moment, she was not aggressive, and became the original gentle and cute person in a trance.

“Sarah.” He called her, and the handsome face became apologetic.

Sarah heard the phone call content and said softly, “Mr. Noth, please don’t tell me that you will apologize to me.”


Can you talk to me kindly?

“Just because the IP address is not in Atlanta doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt her.” Sarah said lightly, but her words

were ironic,

“What if I call other people and ask them to pay the driver?”

Jason knew that she was angry.

He wanted to apologize, but he couldn’t say anything.

Think twice.

“I know it’s not you.” He said it awkwardly.

If she had done it, she would not have discussed it so calmly, nor would she have analyzed the truth of the


Before, he was too worried about Jenny. In addition to Sarah’s abnormality in the past two days, he just

wronged her.

“Oh.” Sarah was too lazy to answer.

Jason: “?”

That is her answer?

He wanted her to stop, but also thought that what he said in the parking lot and the ward was a little serious,

so he simply took out a black gold card and handed it to her:

“This is the main card. If you are angry, you can use it freely.”


Sarah received it.

Jason didn’t expect that Sarah would agree so easily.

“Where are the other cards?” Sarah suddenly said.

Jason was still cold. Hearing this, he turned his eyes and said, “What other cards?”

“In view of your misconduct in the hospital, in order to prevent problems from happening, hand in all your


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cards from today.”

Sarah’s mood was hard to tell, “I will return it to you on the day of divorce.”

Driver: “”

Jason: “?”

“Why, you are unwilling?” Sarah asked.

“Stop where you can.” Jason was a little angry, and the atmosphere in the car suddenly became serious.

“I didn’t handle it properly about what happened today, but I wouldn’t make a mistake if your behavior in the past two days didn’t contrast too much.”

Sarah: “?”

Blame her?



“Even if there is no contrast, when you learned that Jenny had an accident and saw the chat records, you would not hesitate to doubt me, would you?” Sarah said it firmly.

Jason wanted to refute.

He also found that she was right.

Sarah threw the card in her hand at him. She was a little upset and squeezed her eyebrows.

What’s wrong with her.

Unexpectedly, because of an insignificant person, she was in a bad mood. Didn’t she already know that Jenny ranked first in Jason’s heart.

Jason was stunned by the card. Before he could speak, Sarah said again, but not to him.

“Sam, pull over at the intersection ahead.”

Sam: “OK.”

Jason’s body was cold and his voice was a little deep: “What are you going to do?”

“Buy some walnuts.” Sarah calmed down and said the most exciting words in the most prosaic tone,

“In case stupidity will spread like a cold.”

Jason was very angry.

How can I not find this woman so capable of satirizing.

“Go ahead, don’t stop.”

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Since his young master ordered, Sam naturally listened to him and drove all the way to the Paradise Villa.

Jason held his breath in his chest.

The guilt towards Sarah also dissipated at this moment.

In half an hour.

The car stopped steadily at the door.

Before Jason got off the car, Sarah opened the door with her bag and went in.

By the time he got to the living room, Sarah had already returned to the bedroom.

He knew that she was going to change her clothes, so he waited there.

Ten minutes later.

Sarah changed into pajamas, and thin bangs scattered down, making her face look more compact and


She was not surprised that Jason was still there. After all, she knew exactly what his purpose was.

“Go to the old house at six in the afternoon.” Jason saw that she sat down on the sofa and said skillfully.

“You should get ready in advance, and I will ask Sam to pick you up.”

Sarah took the remote control aside and turned on the TV: “I won’t.”


“You broke the contract first. You can’t blame me.”

“There are priorities.” Jason felt that she was more and more unfamiliar.

“Compared with Jenny’s life, and going shopping with you, which one do you think is important?”

Sarah opened a variety show.

Now when she heard the name Jenny, she felt a pain in her head.

Before today, she had always thought that Jenny was a gentle and charming person, who was very pretty when smiling,

After all, she was his ex–girlfriend.

But she never thought it was a novice.

It’s disillusionment.

“Of course, shopping is important.” Sarah answered his words.

Jason’s eyes became more apathetic, and said angrily: “Do you want to annoy me?”

Sarah didn’t speak.

Chapter 6 Instating me will do you no good


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“If you still want to get the money for divorce, you should cooperate honestly.” Jason’s patience was

exhausted. “If I am irritated, you can’t get a penny

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