Chapter 3 - Sophia's Revenge

Xander’s POV

Xaaaanderrrr I am going to come, don’t stop, harder, please harder, oh god. The slutty blonde beneath was screaming and while she was a good lay, I found her annoying. She had been a friend most of my childhood and was always around. She was someone I used. She thought she would be my mate and my Luna, but little does she know I don’t want a Luna, nor do I need one. I am the Alpha to a large and dominating pack in the northwest states. My dad handed it over to me when I turned 18 and told me that he was doing so with the expectation that I would find my mate and the pack Luna and I did, but she wasn’t who we all thought.

My parents were great, they raised me well, and my dad had our pack strong, but I have taken it to a whole new level. Nobody messes with us, and most packs want an alliance. The council has even consulted me on a few problems. The council oversees whether werewolf laws are being followed and will hand down judgments in times that the pack Alpha can’t.

As I finished with the blonde known as Clarissa, someone was knocking on my door. I already knew that it was my beta and best friend, Kane. He and I have been best friends since kindergarten. I pulled out and threw the condom away, throwing Clarissa’s clothes at her, telling her to get out.

“Xander, you know you are going to be forced to choose a Luna by the council, and I have always been by your side. Always do what you say and give you what you need. When are you going to make me your Luna?”

Was this bitch serious? I just shrugged my shoulders at her and pushed her towards the door as Kane was waiting to come in. She left without another word and seemed to be satisfied in thinking that she would be the Luna.

“Dude, could you not sleep with the pack slut? God, she has this room smelling horrible. Between her perfume and arousal, I want to vomit.”

“Shut up, Kane, before I banish you!”

“You wouldn’t do that; you would be lost without me.”

“You’re right, I would be lost, but seriously, whoever I sleep with is none of your business. What do you want, anyway?”

“I have come to remind you that we have to leave on Friday for the stupid Alpha Waynes’ son’s 18th birthday party. I do believe they are combining it with the beta twins.”

“Oh god! I hate going to these stupid things, but we have to keep up appearances to keep the council happy.”

I know they have been suspicious of this pack for a while, but I am not sure why.

“We will leave around 5 pm since it is an hour’s drive and we will come home that night, so no funny business,” I told him

“Can’t promise that, boss!”

This man, my Beta, really is a man whore. One day he will meet his mate and she will be disappointed in him. He says he is just gaining experience so he can please his mate fully when he meets her. Little does he know that his mate will love him without all that experience. I had a mate once, and she stabbed me in the back. I gave myself to the mate bond and trusted her with everything, only to find out she was using me. She had a chosen mate with another Alpha, and they were gathering info to take my pack down. The day she rejected me was the day I swore off mates, and if I ever have a second chance, mate, I will not give in to it. I still haven’t found my first mate or the pack she was working with. She is still out there planning an attack; I am sure.

My dad linked me and wanted to have lunch. I am sure to go over the plans while I am gone to the stupid birthday party.

“Hey Dad, thanks for bringing lunch! I was starving, but really, do we need to discuss plans for Friday night? I mean, we haven’t had a problem in months, and people know not to mess with me. Besides, all the guards know their job and are good at it and, Dad, you know it as well. You’re at all our meetings. “

“Fine, son, you caught me. I really just wanted to have lunch with you and visit. Are you excited about the party?”


“Why? You might meet someone special. Besides, I know that Alpha Wayne would like an alliance with us, as we are the closest pack to him. He has no other alliances and won’t make any other ones.”

“Dad, I don’t trust him, and I trust his soon-to-be Alpha even less. They have called several times asking for something. I keep telling them no, but I am going to have to get more forceful with it.”

“I am glad that you see it that way. We had an alliance with them, and it ended about 10 years ago. Rogues killed their pack doctor and lead female warrior, but there were other weird things going on, and I’ve never trusted them since then. They also had a child who disappeared at that time. When they were asked about the child, they didn't know where she was and didn't make any effort to find her. The council tried helping, and they refused, saying they could handle this. They have been looking into it since and trying to find this child. She was someone who was important.”

“What do you mean, she is important?”

“She was a special child, but that is all the council would tell me.”

“Well, I will keep my eyes open for anything weird.”

“Thanks, son.”

We finished our lunch with small talk and my dad got up to leave but stopped at the door to again remind me that not all mates are the same and to not write it off if it happened again.