Sophia's Revenge

Sophia's Revenge

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 110
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Synopsis about Sophia's Revenge

Sophia is a pack slave who just wants to escape her life. She has been forced to do chores and cooking, since she was 10. The Alpha would punish her if she didn't, he felt that they weren't done up to his standards or really any excuse to punish her. Things started to get worse when he allows his son, the soon to be Alpha to start giving her punishments. He not only beats her, but he also takes the only thing she has to give her mate. Her innocence. She is threatened by the future Beta about taking her along with the future Alpha right before their birthday party. She decided to run that night during the party but is caught by the future Beta in the woods. She was rescued by her future mates only she didn't know who they were or that they were her mates. Her wolf left her the day after she showed up. She can't recognize the mate bond. But in order for her to get both of her mates and discover who she is, and get revenge on all those that hurt her, she must be marked by both of them. Xander had a mate once and didn't want another one after she betrayed him. He refuses to accept Sophia. Kane doesn't have a mate but wants one desperately. He is lonely after losing his parents and his brother moved away. He feels something towards Sophia but what he doesn't know is that it is a mate pull but Xander has to accept her first, in order to feel it fully. Can they all overcome their demons and fears and accept each other and help save the werewolf world together or did the moon goddess fail by pairing these three up?
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All Chapters of Sophia's Revenge

chapter 1

Sophia’s POVMom, Dad look at me! I squealed as I was halfway up a tree. Look how far I can go; I can see almost all the pack lands. My dad told me to come down before he had to come up and get me because I went too high and his laughter is the last thing I ever heard from him.

chapter 2

Sophia POVBEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm makes the most annoying noise. That noise signals 4 am and if I don’t get out of bed, I won’t get my shower.

chapter 3

Xander’s POVXaaaanderrrr I am going to come, don’t stop, harder, please harder, oh god. The slutty blonde beneath was screaming and while she was a good lay, I found her annoying. She had been a friend most of my childhood and was always around. She was someone I used. She thought she would be my mate and my Luna, but little does she know I don’t want a Luna, nor do I need one. I am the Alpha to a large and dominating pack in the northwest states. My dad handed it over to me when I turned 18 and told me that he was doing so with the expectation that I would find my mate and the pack Luna and I did, but she wasn’t who we all thought.

chapter 4

Sophia POVI went up the four flights of stairs to the Alpha’s floor. I walked down to one room past the Alpha’s office. This is the room that he had set up just for my punishment. It used to be the beta’s office, but he said that since he always did his work in the Alpha’s office, it would serve a better purpose for punishments.

chapter 5

Xander’s POVI had just finished training. While it wasn’t something I had to do, because my gamma Lucas did a great job, I enjoyed doing it. It gave me extra time with pack members, and I could also see who had the potential to be a warrior. I headed to my room to shower, as I had to go to this stupid party. I know my mom looked at it as a chance to meet a second chance mate, but again, I don’t want one. I was going to take this pack all the way to the top and become the most feared pack known.

chapter 6

Sophia’s POVI had managed to get downstairs after my punishment by Blaine and finish cleaning up breakfast before I started cleaning the rest of the pack house. It was now about midnight, and I was exhausted and ready for my bed. I went to my room and found that it had been destroyed. That really doesn’t surprise me. Alyssa and her friends like to come in here and trash it. I mean, there isn’t much to trash, but they didn’t manage to destroy my only blanket. It was good that it was summer, and it didn’t get too cold in my room. My head hit the pillow and the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. It was now 4 am and Spencer’s eighteenth birthday. The thought sent chills down my spine. If he caught me alone, God only knows what he would do to me.

chapter 7

Xander’s POVThe hosts introduced Blaine and Spencer as the future Alpha and Beta when the party was well underway. Spencer’s sister was also introduced, but there was nothing special about her besides being a Beta’s daughter.

chapter 8

Xander’s POVThis party turned into a shit show really fucking fast. I didn’t want a mate, let alone one who couldn’t even protect herself. I was going to get her medical care and healthy again, and then I would reject her. She can choose to stay with us at Red Moon Pack or leave. I would hold nothing against her if she left.

chapter 9

Blaine’s POVThat fucker took what I wanted. I didn’t even know he was supposed to be here. She was mine to do what I wanted.

chapter 10

Sophia’s POVI don’t know where I am or what is going on. All I know is that it is dark, but not a scary dark. I am warm and my body doesn’t hurt, nor am I hungry. It’s like I am just floating in this black abyss. The last thing I remember is Spencer on top of me and someone stopping him, and then blackness. I truly hope I am dead. I could spend all of eternity here. This is the most peace I have felt since my parents died.