Chapter 9 - Sophia's Revenge

Blaine’s POV

That fucker took what I wanted. I didn’t even know he was supposed to be here. She was mine to do what I wanted.

Spencer had set up a room in his parent’s cabin that resides on the pack’s border. We were going to take turns with her for the weekend. She had tried to hide from us since Spencer opened his big ass mouth and told her he had plans for her. She went out into the clearing and Spencer was supposed to chase her to the cabin, tie her up and then come back there to finish the party.

For some reason, Alpha Xander had been out there and his Beta. They found her and took her. Spencer was trying to have his way with her. The fucking idiot couldn’t wait till later. I knew he had wanted her for a long time. Her being the pack slave, he had kept his hands to himself, but any chance to touch her in private, he was all over it.

He was literally caught with his pants down and so now he is staying in the dungeon, but he is getting much better treatment than any prisoner before him.

I am currently headed down to see him and maybe we can devise a plan to get her back.

“Spenc, wake up,” I yelled at him.

“What do you want? I’m still pissed about the beating you gave me.”

“Dude, we had to give you some sort of punishment. You were literally caught with your dick out, trying to put it in her. If your impatient ass had waited, we would have her right now. So don’t give me that shit.”

He hung his head in submission, knowing I was right.

“We’re going to get her back!”

“How do you suppose we do that, Blaine? Their pack has tight security from what I heard, and Alpha Xander would slaughter us.”

“First, we are going to find a rat in his pack. This may take a while, but it will happen. Even if it’s the last thing I do.”

“After we find a rat to expose their secrets to us and tell us why their Alpha wants her so badly. We wait for her to be alone outside and if that takes too long, we simply kill him and take her.”

“Blaine, I may know someone who could help us. If I remember correctly, she was sleeping with the Alpha and maybe she was ready to turn her back. She was hoping to be his Luna, but that didn’t happen. She may be getting frustrated with him. She is not a patient person and I know for a fact she has been sleeping with him for a while. If you could get me out of here, I can call her.”

“Let’s go, and this had better be worth me taking you out of here 2 days early.”

We went to Spencer’s room, where he grabbed his phone and called someone, and put it on speakerphone.

“Hello beautiful, how are you?”

“What do you want, Spencer?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to meet up with my Alpha and me?”

“Alpha Wayne?”

“No, the soon-to-be Alpha Blaine.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Well, the way I see it, you have been working on your Alpha for a while and you are still not the Luna and maybe we can help you out if you help us out.”

“I will see you tomorrow at 11 am, you know where.”

“I will see you then.”

“Who was that?”

“Her name is Clarissa; she is smoking hot. I hooked up with her a couple of times. After Alpha Xander had pissed her off. She had a mate within our pack, but he was an omega and she got rid of him real fast. I found her leaving the pack after she rejected him. She was a little remorseful, and I helped her feel better.”

After that, I left his room to go to mine and take a shower. The dungeon always made me stink, but we housed criminals and rogues down there. It isn’t supposed to be pleasant.

I got in the shower, and thoughts of Sophia flooded my mind. I was quickly hard. Thoughts of her pouty lips, and those emerald eyes that seemed to glow, they were so bright and those hips that curved just the way I liked, leading down to her round ass that would sway as she walked. As all the images flooded my mind, I stroked myself. When I thought about the scars on her body, it made me come instantly. After washing everything down the drain and washing my body, I quickly got out. I continued to think about those scars on her body and how I wished my father would allow me to hurt her as well. After her first punishment, she never cried. She didn’t want us to have her misery, too. I would be the one to break her and make her cry. Those tears will be my sweet joy. Her pain was my joy. It turned me on for some reason. It never did with anyone else, but with her, it was like I couldn’t get enough of it.

I walked out of the bathroom in my towel, when I heard “Hey baby, I haven’t seen much of you since our birthday.”

“What do you want, Alyssa?”


“I am not in the mood. Get lost.”

“Really, because I heard you in the shower, I would know that grunt anywhere. I thought maybe you were having thoughts about me, and we could finish it in your bed.”

“As I said, I am not in the mood. You’re not my girlfriend anymore, you won’t be my Luna, you’re not my mate.”

If I couldn’t make it clearer, I don’t know what would.

She quickly left my room, slamming the door in the process. I am sure this isn’t the last of her.

The next day, Spencer and I headed into town to meet at some swanky hotel restaurant. This woman was all about money and power. Spencer and I were waiting not so patiently as she was 15 minutes late.

This blonde woman, who was dressed in a tight red dress, had her breast on display for everyone to see and it curved around her hips and showed her nice plump ass. She walked up to our table like she owned the place and sat down. Spencer was right, she was smoking hot.

“What do you want from me, Spencer?”

“Well, we need some information on your pack and your Alpha.”

She sat there looking at us, contemplating if she wanted to help or not.

“Do you boys even know what my price is?”

I told her to name it and we could see if we could compromise.

“Well, you’re the soon-to-be Alpha, am I correct? And my guess would say that your dad doesn’t want to hand it over until you have a Luna?”

“You would be correct. I have yet to find my mate. I have been trying to convince my dad that I don’t need one right now, but he won’t see another way.”

“Well, I think we could both help each other.” You make me your Luna, and I will give you whatever you need. What information are you looking for?”

I was sitting there staring at her, mulling over her offer. She is hot. I could take her to bed every night and not complain. However, was I willing to dismiss my mate wherever she was? I think I am because it means we can have Sophia back and I will keep her in a separate room. Clarissa will never have to know about her.

“I want to know about the security of your pack. I am also looking for information about a girl that your Alpha took from my birthday party. She was injured, and he refused to let us help her and just put her in the car and left. We would like her back.”

“What is she to you?”

“She is our pack slave and a thing to beat when we feel like it and, well, we want her back to continue to do just that.”

“Will you cheat on me with her?”

“The pack slave, no, she is disgusting, and I simply find enjoyment in making her bleed and cry. I will take out any anger on her and come home to you and make love to you.”

“Sir Blaine, you have a deal. However, I will have to return to Red Moon as I don’t know anything about her yet. I will also have to keep face with Alpha Xander until it is time. I also expect you to reject your mate when you find her.”

“Consider it a done deal. Now, let’s go get you a burner phone, so we can talk without anyone looking at your regular phone.”

After our deal with Clarissa, we got her a phone and went our separate ways. We were going to find a different place to meet each week and go over any information she may have for us.

Spencer and I headed home to have a meeting with my dad and give him some information about finding Sophia. He wants her back, but for different reasons, but he won’t tell me those reasons until I have my Luna. He has no idea what I have planned. He just thinks I want to help him find her.