Chapter 10 - Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

"She's the one who bullied me first.'

Lucas said somewhat innocently, his pair of good-looking slanted eyes looked straight at Nicole, looking so pitiful.

Although Nicole knew that Lucas was pretending, she still couldn't be immune to that look on his face. She shook her head and said, "What Auntie Kent did ¡is a manifestation of liking you, but what you did ¡s not what a gentleman should do, Isn't ¡t2

“Okay, i'll apologize to her."

Lucas put away his innocent expression and walked out with a sigh.

Olivia still liked Lucas very much; after all, this boy looked pleasing to the eye and really made her unable to get angry. Soon after, she started to touch Lucas again.

Lucas had been holding back for Nicole's sake, but distancing himself from Olivia as much as possible.

Three of them spent the whole night together in such a harmonious atmosphere.

Early in the morning, when Nicole got up, Lucas had already gone out to buy breakfast and set it on the dining table.

"Good morning, Mommy."

He flashed a big smile at Nicole. Even though his face resembled Samuels, Samuel had never smiled at her. While Lucas was Nicole's angel, an angel that belonged only to her.

"Good morning!"

Nicole rubbed his head happily.

Olivia heard the sound and came out of the room. When she saw the breakfast on the table, she immediately said happily, "Nicole, you're practically my angel! You actually bought me breakfast! That's great, I can finally have breakfast today before l go to class.'

"It was Lucas who bought it, l just got up too."

Nicole was used to this kind of behavior from Olivia, but Lucas frowned.

"Mommy, do I really have to go to Auntie Kents kindergarten?”

His tone was tinged with a hint of contempt.

Olivias ears immediately pricked up.

"You little punk, what's with your tone? Let me tell you, In the ace teacher of our kindergarten!"


Lucas ignored her and sat down directly at the dining table, picking up his chopsticks and eating his breakfast.

Olivia was dumbfounded.

While Nicole fled the scene in a hurry.

"I'm going to report to the Eternal Group today, so i'm going to wash up first."

"Nicole, you are not being righteous to your friend!"

Olivia stomped her feet, but Nicole had already gone into the washroom.

Despite the horseplay in the morning, Lucas still followed Olivia to the kindergarten, while Nicole headed towards the Eternal Group.

She got married eight years ago and was forced to leave here five years ago. As the eldest daughter- in-law of the Green family and Samuel's wife, she had never set foot in the Eternal Group. Now, she had come back with the face of a stranger. She wondered if Samuel could sleep last night when he saw the name of Nicole.

Nicole hooked the corners of her mouth slightly, while a hint of hate slipped through her eyes.

She adjusted her emotions and walked into the Eternal Group.

"Excuse me, Miss, may l ask who you're looking for?"

The receptionist spotted Nicole soon and stopped her.

Nicole glanced around the lobby of the Eternal Group, which was really luxurious and magnificent. No wonder it would become the leading enterprise in the Seapolis City. But now that she was back, it was hard to say if the Green family could continue to hold onto the number one position in the Seapolis City.

"I'm looking for Mr. Green. lm Catherine, the designer sent by the H`J Group, and I'm here to report for duty today.'

Nicole said with a faint smile.

Upon hearing this, the receptionist didn't dare to be slack and said with a smile, "Miss Catherine, please wait a moment. IIl inform Mr. Green for you."


Nicole didn't make things difficult for her as she stood at the reception counter and waited.

At that moment, a familiar voice came from behind.

"Emily, is Samuel here? He left in a hurry this morning and hasn't had breakfast yet. Ïmn coming to bring him some food. You don't have to inform him, I'll go straight upstairs."

Riley walked over quickly with a thermos bottle.

Although they hadn't seen each other for five years, she still looked as charming as ever, and her body shape was even more perfect than before.

Nicole gave her a glance, unable to hide a hint of anger in her eyes.

Riley turned over her head sensitively and met Nicole s gaze directly. Although Nicole retracted the anger in her eyes in time, Riley still wrinkled her brows.

"Whore you? What're you doing here? Look at your vixen face, you’re not here to see Samuel, are you?”

Riley slipped these unpleasant words out of her mouth.

She was even a little jealous of Nicole s beauty.

Nicole gave her a sense of danger everywhere. Besides, Nicole was too beautiful, even more beautiful than her. Her body, her look, even she as a woman almost lost her mind, let alone a man.

Thinking about it, Riley was immediately on quard.

"Emily, ask the security guards to kick this woman out of the Eternal Group!"

Rileys words put Emily in a difficult position, and before she could figure out how to explain Nicole's identity to Riley, Nicole smiled.

Her smile was simply mesmerizing.

"So whore you? What's your position in the Eternal Group? Are you sure you want to kick me out?”

Nicole said nonchalantly, and even her eyes tinged with a hint of contempt and sarcasm. Her disdainful expression irritated Riley, who suddenly felt that Nicole was provoking heel