Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

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#M720325ScriptRootC1149420{min-height:300px} The Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel series by author Ellis Duncan has been updated on Novel Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! in the genre of Romance, drama, ... tells about the troubled love of the male and female leads. Currently, the Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel series is updating the fastest content on the market and continuously on the website. Please visit daily to read FULL Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! books or download free PDF novel Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! hereDon't Try to Escape, My Wife!   Summary: A serious fire destroyed everything and wiped out Nicole's love for Samuel. Five years later, she was no longer crazy and humble because of love. When she reappeared in front of him, she wanted †o avenge herself and put the relationship down.   don't try to escape my wife hinovel don't try to escape my wife pdf don't try to escape my wife wattpad don't try to escape my wife chinese novel
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Chapter 1: I Think We Should Call It Quits Between Ús

Nicole Bush was surprised when she saw the result of the pregnancy test. She had actually gottenpregnant! And it was Samuel Greerrs child! After three years of marriage, she was finally pregnant with his child, and it was truly an uneasy feat toher. She walked out happily with the result and was so eager to tell Samuel the good news. Yet as shewent around a corner, a familiar shadow loomed before her. lt wa

Chapter 2 You're So Cruel, Samuel Green

“Go back first, Nicole. I'II talk to you about this afterwards.” Samuel hung up the call and wrinkled hiseyebrows. lt was obvious he was worried and anxious, yet he never had those emotions for her whowas his wife. Nicole pushed him away coldly. “Go mind your business, after all she's more important toyou," she said. But her heart was bleeding. Samuel wanted to say something more, but he did not do so in th

Chapter 3 Could It Be a Coincidence?

Nicole Bush! Catherine's real name was actually Nicole Bush? Samuel's eyes flashed a touch of light.“Do we have Catherines picture?” “No, the H`J Group protects Catherines privacy well. I've used every method but still failed to get herpicture. I heard that she's a very beautiful and attractive woman." lt was inconceivable to Jacob that asports car designer who had caused a sensation throughout the world wa

Chapter 4 My Mom Can't Enter Mens Toilet

Samuel shuddered when she saw Nicole from afar. Her figure and her walking style were just likeNicole Bush! He could not help but walk towards her and deliberately approach her. Jacob wasstupefied as he had not seen him taking the initiative to approach any woman before.Especially after his wife's accident five years ago, he had become more like an iceberg that forcedpeople back whenever they saw him. lt was

Chapter 5 Swallow His Grievance

Samuel let out a soft sigh and squatted down. The kid had fine features and was considered nicelooking. Based on his usual behavior, he would definitely not waste his time to do such a thing. Yet atthis moment, he felt that he was no longer himself. “How old are you? Why does your mom let youwear this kind of pants?” He frowned when he saw the zip of his pants was actually stuck. Lucas said with a low voice

Chapter 6 Who Was This Boy?

Lucas glanced at Samuel's direction after saying that. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat. “Boys shouldn't stare at boys even if the other person is handsome. Let's go.” Nicole lowered her body and picked Lucas up. There was a hint of dejection in Lucas's eyes when he found Nicole wasn't willing to elaborate more onthe matter. He put his small arms around Nicole's neck and said playfully, “Well, I was just l

Chapter 7 You're as Old as It Can Be

Lucas arranged the timeline in his head.His eyes dimmed.Joseph was older than him and Samuel was the father. A child that was 4 months older than him and itwas rft his mom that gave birth to could only mean one thing!lt meant that Samuel was cheating on his mom! It meant that Samuel bullied his mom!Lucas beautiful eyes were filled with rage. He wished he could burn Samuel to death through thescreen

Chapter 8 Show Privacy to the Public

“Nicole, Come, come to see! It's so funny! lt ¡s really what he deserved!”Olivia said and then burst into laughter; leaving the toilet, Lucas had a frown with hearing her laughing.He said, “Please be quiet! You are a lady. Can you be well-behaved? You are already twenty-rightyears old; no wonder nobody would like to marry you.”What Lucas said irritated Olivia. She said, “Boy, what are you talking about? Stop

Chapter 9 He Got an Expert

Samuel remembered there were only that boy and him in the toilet of airport. He did not believe a boy of four or five years old to do it to him. But who else did know it except the boy? Or was there someone unknown in the other rooms in thetoilet? Samuel had a frown. Jacob felt pressures in the office with Samuel; he had to be better after unbuttoning some of his shirt. Samuel started to ask, “Pick up Cathe

Chapter 10 Are You Sure You Want To Kick Me Out?

"She's the one who bullied me first.' Lucas said somewhat innocently, his pair of good-looking slanted eyes looked straight at Nicole,looking so pitiful. Although Nicole knew that Lucas was pretending, she still couldn't be immune to that look on his face.She shook her head and said, "What Auntie Kent did ¡is a manifestation of liking you, but what you did¡s not what a gentleman should do, Isn't ¡t2 “Okay,