Chapter 3 - Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Nicole Bush! Catherine's real name was actually Nicole Bush? Samuel's eyes flashed a touch of light. “Do we have Catherines picture?”

“No, the H`J Group protects Catherines privacy well. I've used every method but still failed to get her picture. I heard that she's a very beautiful and attractive woman." lt was inconceivable to Jacob that a sports car designer who had caused a sensation throughout the world was actually a woman. And it turned out she was also a beauty! That was slightly illogical. Why would a woman be interested in sports car?

Yet Samuel did not ponder about Jacob's question. He stared at the name on the document for a good long time with his eyes slightly narrowed. Nobody could tell what he was feeling. He knocked the surface of the table subconsciously with his fingers in a rhythmic way, making the atmosphere in the office slightly serious. “Mr. Green...

“Arrange the transportation for me. I want to welcome her myself.” Samuel finally spoke and his eyes gleamed with thoughts. Nicole Bush! That was exactly what was written on top, could it be really a coincidence? Nicole's body was nowhere to be found from the fire five years ago. The police said the body could already be burnt to ashes since the fire was too strong, but Samuel never believed Nicole was dead. Now that the designer was also named Nicole Bush, he could not wait to meet her.

dJacob was dumbfounded, after all, there was only a small amount of people who had the honor to be welcomed by Samuel himself these five years. Yet he quickly reacted shortly and left to arrange for the welcoming.

Nicoles plane had just landed when the car reached the airport. Nicole walked pass the security checkpoint while pulling her luggage. She had long brown wavy hair and a perfect body. Her dazzling features managed to attract lots of attention at once, whereas the little boy beside her was wearing white casual clothes. He had tender skin and long eyelashes that made people wanted to pinch his cheek when he blinked. His cap was worn back to front and he was eating a lollipop. He followed beside Nicole with moderate speed, looking lethargic, but his beautiful long eyes made him looked unapproachable.

“Lucas, this is the Seapolis City, not the States. Stop looking proud and follow me close." Nicole felt helpless against her son's look, but her heart ached at the same time too. Lucas looked more and more like Samuel from his behavior and action, and she could not help but be amazed at the power of the gene sometimes. Yet she still hoped Lucas would be more like her.

“Mommy, what did I do?” Lucas felt innocent and shrugged, looking mischievous. Nicole chuckled and shook her head. She extended her finger and poked his forehead. “Don't you act cute in front of me with that face. You re my son, and I know you well. Be a good boy this time when were in the Seapolis City okay? And don't be naughty, you hear me?”

“Alright, alright. You come back to work while I come back to see the place at which you grew up. l won’t do anything. l'm your son, mommy, why are you looking at me like looking at an enemy?” Lucas pouted to express his dissatisfaction. Nicole rubbed his hair with affection and said/ I know you have a lot of quirky ideas in mind, that's why I have to remind you. Let's go, after getting out of the airport, I'll call your Olivia so we could have a few days staying at her house.”

“Alright.” Lucas smiled like an angel and he held Nicole's hand while heading to the exit. All of a sudden, he saw a familiar figure. That person looked very similar to him and he could even sense his aloofness from afar. So that person was Samuel Green? His daddy that others mentioned to him before? Lucas secretly loòoked up and glimpsed at Nicole. Seeing her checking the phone for the phone number, he suddenly covered his stomach and yelled. “0h mommy, my stomach hurts! I have to go to the toilet!”

Having heard her sons cry, Nicole looked up from her phone and saw him covering his stomach with a flushed face. His calves were rubbing each other and he seemed to be unable to take it anymore. “Mommy will go with you.” As she said, she reached out wanting to carry him, but Lucas immediately escaped and said, “Its okay. l really cart hold it anymore. Do wait for me outside, I'll be right back." He then sprinted away at high speed.

Nicole shook her head as she watched him running away. She then started to dial the phone number. “Hi Olivia, it's Nicole, I'm back” Olivia Kent was her best friend back then and they did not lose contact during these five years. Olivia was now a kindergarten teacher and she was exceptionally happy when

she was told about Nicole's return. “When have you gotten back? I'll take a leave to fetch you. Are you at the airport now?” She was thrilled.

“Ifs okay. Lucas is with me. I’ll call a cab to go to your house afterwards.” She walked as she spoke. Without noticing there was someone in front of her, she bumped straight into the person. “Oops, sorry. I didn't see you.” She quickly looked up to apologize, but was instantly startled when she lifted her head. It was him! Samuel Green! What a coincidence!