Chapter 2 - Evershining Stars, Everlasting Love

It was daylight when I woke up. I felt enervated. Then I got out of the bed, and I found the man had already left.

I could have refused him, but I didn’t. I tried my best to please him last night. Now I felt ashamed.

I realized that Jerry owed me three years of sex. As a woman, I need that kind of love between man and woman.

Last night's sex with that man was actually a release of my desire for love. I realized that I also had such wild and lascivious behavior.

How pathetic I was. I got my sexual satisfaction from a strange man.

As I picked up the clothes from the floor, my legs went numb suddenly and I fell onto the carpet. At this moment I had the urge to cry.

Jerry called to tell me that I had done well yesterday. He said that the Weisi Group had invested in his company and his company’s crisis was over.

On the phone, he was so happy and talked about the future of his company, but he didn't say a word about last night, and he didn't ask me how I felt.

After I hung up the phone, I cried. I angrily tore at the long purple dress. I bit my lips hard until the blood ran in my mouth. Then I slowly walked into the bathroom, climbed into the tub, and took a shower bath. After I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed a piece of paper on the bed.

I picked it up and looked at it. There was a phone number written on it.

I guessed that I made the guy so happy last night that he wanted me to keep his number. He may think that he can ask me for another one-night stand next time.

I was so angry and I just tore the piece of paper to shreds.

When I got home, I was in the bathroom showering over and over again. I tried to wash away everything that had happened to me last night, but I realized I couldn't wash it away at all. The hickeys of that man were on my body, and the special smell of his body was so clear in my mind.

Jerry still came home late that day. He still went to Yelan Club as usual and came back drunk.

He went back to my room to find me, then came to the balcony, hugged me from behind. Then he put his face on mine and said, "Honey, I'm back."

I stood on the balcony quietly, not wanting to say a word.

"What's wrong?" He whispered.

He put his hand on my waist for the first time and then his hand kept touching me until my chest. When he wanted to kiss me, I stopped him. I glared at him and asked sarcastically, “After I had a one-night stand with others, you’re interested in me?"

Jerry pulled his hands back.

"You sure did well last night. You endured three years without sex. I bet you enjoyed last night's one- night stand, didn't you?" he said.

I raised my hand and tried to slap him, but he squeezed my wrist, "Nance, since you help my company, I don't care you sleep with other men. Even if I’m not interested in your body, I don't want other men to have sex with you."

"You bastard, why did you make me do this?" I yelled at him madly, "Jerry, how long are you going to torture me like this? Are you going to wait until I'm dead before you divorce me?"

Over the past three years, we'd been sleeping in separate beds, and he had been sleeping in the guest room. I had repeatedly offered to divorce him, but each time he refused my request.

"I'm not divorcing you. My family needs a daughter-in-law. You wait a few more years.” Jerry said coldly. “Our marriage will end, but not now."

His words were like a sharp blade that pierced my heart.

Then he turned around and walked out of my room. I watched it all coldly, pulling my hair and screaming hysterically.