Chapter 3 - Evershining Stars, Everlasting Love

Ever since that night, I thought of that man sometimes. "Why did he make love to me with the lights off? Is it because he's ugly?"

I flushed at my foolish wayward thoughts. I knew I was too bored. After three years of marriage, I was good at nothing, except for the idle dreaming.

After the maid cleaned the villa, she came over to say goodbye to me whenever she was about to leave.

"Mrs. Lu, I've already prepared the meal. I'll leave if there's nothing else." She said goodbye to me like this every time, and I only nodded and continued to stand on the balcony, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of me.

Probably I was distracted. Only when my mother-in-law stood behind me for a long time did I knew she was there.

I turned and looked at her, and then with a smile on my face, saying, "Mom, why do you come here today?"

Yu Liu had always been arrogant. She was always mocking my background. She said I was a model and came from a bad background.

“Nance, Jerry is working hard every day, but you do nothing at home. Don’t you feel shame to enjoy all this?" Yu Liu taunted me every time she came over and every time I stood silently in the corner and accepted her sarcasm.

"I want to work, but Jerry won't let me go out." I retorted.

"Are you going to do your old job? Take off your clothes in front of everyone and show your body to them? If you don't feel shame, my family will feel shame for you." Yu despised my previous profession again.

I was angry and silently lowered my head. I knew my retort would have no use.

"Look at you, you're silent again. You always act like you're being bullied by me." Yu was angrier when I was silent. Maybe she thought that I ignored her by not speaking. In fact, I really didn't want to talk to her. In her eyes, I was just useless anyway.

Yu used her index finger to poke my forehead and scolded, “My family doesn't owe your family, but your family’s members are like debt collectors."

"Mom, please don't scold my family." I held back my anger and said. "Your family has been using my family's money. The money your brother spent on buying a house and his marriage also came from my family. Why can't I say that?" Yu shouted.

Another reason I agreed to save Jerry's company was that I wanted to pay back the money my family owe to Lu family.

Then suddenly, my phone rang. I picked it up and looked at it. The caller was Vince Yi.

I didn't know this phone number, but I felt like I had heard this name somewhere. I hesitated for a few seconds, and just as I was about to answer it, Yu snatched it away. She look at me, and then smirked.

She answered the phone and also pressed the speaker.

"Where are you?" the man asked.

My mother-in-law replied, "At home."

"Wait for me at the usual place." He returned.'

What old place? I didn't even know what he was talking about. Suddenly I remembered that night. Was he the man that had been there that night?

He must have had his cell phone number in my phone while I was asleep. The man was smart. It was as if he knew I would definitely tear up the piece of paper with the phone number on it.

I saw my mother-in-law glare at me hatefully. She threw the phone at me, hitting me in the chest.

"How dare you have an affair now?" She growled.