Chapter 5 - Evershining Stars, Everlasting Love

“Nance Mo, you may not know this. The marriage between Jerry Lu and you is just a bet." Duo Lian said to me calmly, "Three years ago, you repulsed a rich man’s advances, do you remember?"

Once reminded by Duo, I seemed to remember something. At that time, as a beautiful model, I was surrounded by many admirers who wanted to be with me, but I used to be very picky about men and did reject some of them.

"One of the men you rejected was Jerry’s business partner. He made a bet with Jerry that if Jerry could win your heart and maintain the sexless marriage for five years, then he would give his entire fortune to Jerry." Duo explained, staring at me with her glittering eyes.

I was dumbfounded by the truth Duo just told me.

Five years? Sexless marriage? I had wasted five years of my most precious youth. Jerry had lied me that he had a secret disease and was unable to have sex. It turned out that it was all for the bet. It was so cruel of him to shield me from the truth.

I was a young, beautiful woman with perfect body. I was such an absolute stunner. But Jerry had resisted my temptations for three years. I bit my lips and forced a smile, it seemed that in his eyes, I was just an unattractive woman, or money was much more important than me.

And the person who made the bet with him must have a very substantial fortune, otherwise how could Jerry ignore my charm for so long.

"Did Jerry Lu tell you this himself?" What she told me sent a chill to my heart, I raised my eyebrows and asked.

Duo nodded, "Yes, he also told me that as a model, you must have slept with a lot of different men, you're a dirty woman. And if it wasn't for that bet, for all that substantial fortune, he wouldn't want to have anything to do with you."

Dirty? I showed a wry smile. He’s right, model was a dirty job in many people’s eyes.

Three years! Well, it was hard for him to tolerate being with a dirty woman like me. I felt a heartache. I had convinced myself to accept Platonic love, but I didn't realize I was fooled to be the stupidest woman in the world.

I had even sold my body for Jerry's company.

I bit my lips in hatred to stop my tears falling down in front of Duo, "You should leave now, you should wait and come back here when Jerry and I get divorced two years later."

"Nance Mo, I've said it all, why don't you understand! The baby in my belly can't wait, otherwise I wouldn't have said so much to you. To tell you the truth, I've moved to the Lu family to live with Jerry’s mother, my future mother-in-law." It turned out she came over to assert her sovereignty.

I took a glance at her belly and couldn’t help being envious of her. When I was with Jerry, I had also fantasized that I would be able to conceive an adorable child one day, but now I could feel nothing but irony.

"You should leave!" I looked at Duo, poker-faced. She stood up in anger and disbelief, probably not expecting that I could be so calm.

"You, you... Nance Mo, are you losing your mind? How can you tolerate being used and humiliated like


"Get out!" I yelled at her. She was taken aback and left resentfully.

After she left, I cried out, smashing all the glasses on the coffee table like crazy. I paced back and forth nervously in the hall and then went to the balcony, there was a moment I wanted to jump off the building and end my miserable life.

But I dropped the idea. How could I end my life so easily? That could only make Jerry and Duo get what they wanted.

I took two steps backwards and returned to my room, trembling. I picked up my cell phone, which I had thrown on the bed, found Vince Yi’s phone number, and called him.

Vince answered the phone immediately.

I trembled, holding the phone. My voice also trembled slightly, "You still want me?"

"What happened?" Vince asked in a low and sexy voice. I felt aggrieved and burst into tears suddenly.

"Do you want me? Yes or no." Not knowing where my courage came from, I questioned at Vince loudly.

"Yes, I do." Hearing his answer, my body tensed up. What was I doing? Taking revenge?

"I'll meet you at the usual place." I said and hung up the phone, staring into space.

Revenge, yes, I was going to get back at Jerry. Since he had given me to someone else once, then he

could do it again. He was right, I was also enjoying that night, because being loved and cherished by man was a very satisfying and enjoyable thing.