Chapter 4 - Evershining Stars, Everlasting Love

“I didn’t.” I hurriedly explained, but my mother-in-law didn’t even listen to me. She came up to slap me and all the grievances of the past three years came to me, tears falling down.

I didn’t know why Vince Yi wanted to ask me out, but I’ve thought about it that even if that man could give me warmth, so what? I was still Jerry Lu’ s wife, and I couldn’t escape from Lu family for the rest of my life.

“Nance Mo, I’ m telling you, there are plenty of women who want to marry into Lu family and if you don’t behave yourself and cuckold Jerry, I’ll skin you.” Yu Liu stared at me and her words were like a heating iron.

The sudden appearance of Jerry stopped his mother from torturing me further. He pushed Yu Liu away and scolded, “Mom, why did you slap Nance?”

“Do you realize she has cuckolded you?” She had already concluded that I was having an affair with just a few words. Yes, thanks for his arrangement, he begged me to sleep with another man for the sake of his company.

Jerry didn’t explain anything. He went forward to pick me up, but I didn’t appreciate him, so I pushed him away. If he was not a wimp, why would I stay in Lu family to suffer this inhumane treatment.

When Yu Liu saw me pushing Jerry away, she went forward, wanting to slap me again, but she was stopped by Jerry, who yelled at his mother, “Enough, Mom. Please go back and don’t upset me anymore.”

She stepped forward in distress and took Jerry’s hand, “Son, mom is for your own good.”

“Leave my house right away if it’s for my good.” Jerry’ s eyes were weakly downcast, but his voice was firm.

Yu Liu glared at me, wanting to killed me.

My mother-in-law left my house and I sat weakly on the carpet as Jerry bent down to crouch beside me, asking softly, “Is everything okay?”

“What if I say I’m not OK?” I looked at Jerry with disappoint, “What do you want from me?”

Jerry had nothing to say but hug me and kept apologizing. I didn’t know why he could apologize so easily.

This day, I didn’t go to the usual place that Vince told me to go and my relationship with him ended after that night, for I couldn’t betray myself again and again.

I never thought Jerry would betray me, because he told me his dick had some problems.

So, I always thought he wouldn’t touch me and also another woman.

But I was wrong. My marriage to Jerry turned out to be a huge conspiracy.

Jerry’s lover come to me, who had already been pregnant for 8 months. When she came to the door, I was confused, thinking she entered the wrong door, but the woman said she was coming to see me.

She sat quietly on the couch, whose face was small and chin was fleshy, with her head down. I offered her a glass of water and placed it on the table in front of her.

“Drink some water.” I said softly, but my eyes were fixed on her, and I wondered why she was looking for me.

The woman shook her head, “I’m not thirsty.”

“Oh, well.” I was more puzzled, “May I know your name and what brings you here?”

“My surname is Lian, my name is Duo.” Her voice was very soft and she was the kind of good girl. She lifted her head slightly, and after eyes to eyes, she smiled, “Sister, I’m pregnant with Jerry’ s child.”

I was shocked to the extreme, then said with a smile, “Impossible. Jerry has some disease. It’s impossible for him to…”

“Really?” Duo Lian stared at me, not letting me escape, “I’ve been with Jerry for two years and he’s quite normal. He comes over every night to accompany me.”

“What are you trying to say?” I glared at her.