Chapter 8 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 8

The next morning, the equipment donated by Jalen arrived at the hospital. The dean came to take it. It was enough to show how much the hospital valued this batch of equipment.

Elaina did not care about this. She was looking through Marie’s examination results and discussing the possible accidents with the doctors in other departments.

Two hours later, the equipment was installed. Elaina led her team to the operating room.

Jalen was waiting at the door of the operating room. When he saw her coming, he immediately got up and came to Elaina. He asked, “Are you confident?”

“If I say I’m not confident, are you planning to take her away?” Elaina asked, wearing a mask.

Jalen froze, unable to refute.

At this point, regardless of whether Elaina was confident or not, Marie had to undergo surgery. Jalen couldn’t back out now.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Halton. I will do my best.” She would not let Marie die in the surgery.

The group entered the operating room. As the operation lights lit up, the atmosphere became tense.

Time passed, and six hours passed. The operation lights were still on.

“Mr. Halton, why don’t you take a rest? I’ll stay here with her.” Graham looked at Jalen who hadn’t drunk water

all day and was a little worried.

Jalen shook his head and said in a thick tone, “The doctors in the operation haven’t rested. Why should I


He didn’t expect the operation to last so long. He was a little worried and was surprised the petite woman

could perform such a long surgery.

“Order some food, so that the staff can eat after the operation,” Jalen suddenly said to Graham.

Graham was a little surprised. It was the first time he had heard that the patient’s family wanted to order

food for the doctors. When had Jalen become so kind?

Graham looked at the operation room and thought of the person lying on the operation table. He suddenly


It should all be for Marie. After all, Jalen had promised her brother that he would take good care of her. Now

that these doctors were operating on her, it was great for Jalen to show gratitude.

Another half an hour later, the lights in the operating room went out. The door opened, and a nurse came out

first. “Is Marie’s family there?”

Jalen immediately got up. “Has the operation succeeded?”

“Yes, Dr. Gainsford said it was a success. The patient should be transferred to the ICU. Go with me to settle the formalities,” the nurse replied, feeling tired.

Chapter 8


Jalen looked at Graham. The latter nodded and followed the nurse to go through the formalities.

Not long after, Elaina and the others walked out. They were all pale and looked exhausted.

Get Boys

“Thank you for your hard work.” Jalen approached Elaina and looked at her with a complicated expression.

Although Elaina sometimes had a bad attitude, she saved Marie. Jalen decided not to argue with her.

Elaina was tired, and when she saw Jalen, she felt even worse.

After all, Marie was his lover, and Elaina had to save her.

“Everyone, you must be hungry. I’ll get someone to prepare food for you. Let’s go to the office to eat,” Jalen said to everyone.

“Mr. Halton, you are too kind. This is what we should do.” A doctor looked flattered.

“Yes, yes. It is our honor to help you,” someone agreed.

Jalen was a big shot, so everyone was glad to help him.

Of course, Elaina was an exception.

She listened to the compliments of the crowd and was displeased. An honor? Whatever. She did not want it.

Graham took everyone to the office to eat. Marie was wheeled to the ICU. Elaina rubbed her temples and got up to go home to rest.

It had been a long time since she had had such a long operation, and she was really tired.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Realizing that she was about to leave, Jalen grabbed her hand.

Her hand was soft. Perhaps because it had just been washed, it felt cold. Jalen felt an itch touching it.

Just as that thought flashed through his mind, Elaina suddenly retreated and looked at Jalen vigilantly. “Please, mind your manners.”

After saying that, she wiped her hands and looked disgusted.

Jalen was mad.

What did he do? Was there a need to be so guarded?

He held his breath and gritted his teeth as he looked at the woman in front of him. “Dr. Gainsford!”

He shouted her name with anger, and his low voice sent chills down her spine.

Elaina stared up at him, full of anger.

“Don’t think you can act recklessly just because you saved Marie. I warn you. My patience is limited.”

She wondered, why did he say his patience was limited?

Elaina laughed angrily. She was the one with limited patience.


“Is that so? Then I hope this is the last time we meet.” She suppressed her anger and tried her best to maintain her smile.


Without giving him a chance to finish his words, Elaina turned around and left without looking back.

Jalen stood where he was, staring at her back as she disappeared. He couldn’t vent his anger.

“Mr. Halton, Ms. Dunston has settled down,” Graham came out from behind Jalen and said carefully.

Graham had come a long time ago, but he had sensed the tension between his boss and Elaina from a distance, and Graham hadn’t dared to come over.

“Do you think she hates me?” Jalen looked in the direction where Elaina had left and suddenly asked.

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