Chapter 7 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 7

At night, in Haizea, a restaurant. Everyone in the neurosurgery department was having dinner.

The star of the night was Elaina who had just arrived.

“Come, here’s to Dr. Gainsford. I hope that she can lead Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s neurosurgery to glory.” The person who spoke was the neurosurgery director, but he was not proficient in surgery. He relied on qualifications to get his position.

At first, he was unhappy that a deputy director arrived suddenly. But on second thought, if the Neurosurgery Department could develop well, as a department director, he would be respected, not to mention that Elaina was a great brain surgeon.

After he thought it through, the director’s attitude towards Elaina changed. He was nice to her now.

“Dr. Wood, don’t flatter me.” Elaina raised her glass and said, “I can’t hold my liquor well. I will drink tea instead.”

After saying that, she drank it without hesitation.

Everyone applauded. They did not mind Elaina drinking tea. They all knew that she had a big operation tomorrow.

Everyone was happy, and Elaina was no exception.

In the bathroom, Elaina washed her face to refresh herself.

“Dr. Gainsford.” Just as she walked out, someone called out to her.

Elaina turned around and saw her colleague Devin Bloom. She asked, “What’s the matter, Dr. Bloom?”

“We’ll be colleagues from now on. Don’t treat me as an outsider. Just call me Devin.” He smiled foolishly. He

didn’t know if it was because he drank wine, but his face was a little red.

“Okay.” Elaina nodded.

Devin did not speak again. For a moment, it was silent. Elaina looked at him doubtfully. “If there is nothing

else, let’s go back and eat. They are all waiting.”

“There is… There is something I want to ask you,” he quickly said in a panic.

“Go ahead.” Elaina raised her eyebrows. She seemed to have guessed what he was going to say.

“Yes…” He stammered and asked after a long time, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Devin stood there awkwardly, like a child waiting for his teacher to criticize him.

“Do you?” he asked, looking perturbed.

Elaina chuckled, shook her head, and said to him, “No.”

“Really? That’s great…”


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“I divorced,” Elaina interrupted him before he could finish.

“Divorced?” Devin couldn’t believe it and thought that he was hearing it wrongly.

Elaina nodded. “Yes, is there a problem?”

“No… no.” Devin shook his head, a little disappointed.

He had thought that although Elaina was a doctor, she was young. If he tried hard to chase her, he might

have a chance.

But… divorced?

He should think about it again. The nurse who pursued him was actually not bad.

When Devin left, Elaina curved her lips and was not surprised.

A divorce could save her a lot of trouble.

She turned around and was about to leave, but at the same time, a person walked out of the male bathroom.

Their eyes met. Elaina was shocked to meet Jalen here. He wouldn’t follow her, would he?

“Dr. Gainsford, your way of rejecting people is really special,” he smiled mockingly.

Elaina rolled her eyes at him, blaming him for it.

She walked straight past Jalen. Off work, she was just an ordinary person, so she had the right to ignore


“Did you drink?” Jalen frowned and grabbed her wrist, his face full of displeasure.

Elaina shook off his hand and was a little angry. “Mr. Halton, mind your own business. I don’t need to report

to you whether I drank or not.”

She glared at him, as if she was mad at him. Her little face was red with anger.

Her fair cheeks were slightly red, her eyes were lustrous, and her nose was high. Her pink lips were slightly

pouted. She looked eloquent.

For a moment, Jalen was enchanted.

Speaking of which, this was the first time he had seen Elaina without a mask.

Even when she had a mask, Jalen could tell she was a beauty, but he did not expect her to be so beautiful

when she took it off.

“I don’t want to trust Marie’s life with an alcoholic,” Jalen came back to his senses and said in a cold voice.

Elaina took a deep breath. Her good upbringing told her that she could not curse.

She suppressed her anger and said as calmly as possible, “Mr. Halton, your worries are unnecessary. I didn’t

drink, and it won’t affect the operation tomorrow morning.”

The smell of alcohol on her was from her colleagues, and she never liked drinking.

Although Jalen looked suspicious, he felt better. “That’s good. I believe you know the importance of human


“Is there anything else, Mr. Halton?” she asked. She did not want to stay with this man a minute longer.

“Do you hate me?” Jalen suddenly asked. He saw displeasure on Elaina’s face, as well as a flash of

annoyance in her eyes.

Elaina was surprised. Was it so obvious?

She coughed and tried not to make it too obvious. “Mr. Halton, you are thinking too much. I am not familiar

with you. How can I hate you?”

Jalen thought so too. He and Elaina just met. She had no reason to hate him.

He did not take this matter to heart and only took it as an illusion.

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