Chapter 3 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 3

As soon as Joyce finished speaking, Elaina had already walked out of the office and headed for the Emergency Department.

Elaina and Joyce soon arrived at the entrance of the Emergency Department.

Many people were in the Emergency Department, and there were faint sounds of crying.

“Doctor, please save my husband. He is only forty-five years old! If he dies like this, I won’t be able to live!”

“Calm down. We’re already doing a checkup for your husband, and we won’t know until we get the results.”

Seeing that, Joyce pulled Elaina and walked towards the crowd. “Move! The doctor is here.”

Hearing this, the patient’s family all made way for Elaina, and she entered the Emergency Department.

“What’s going on?” Elaina asked directly.

“The patient was in a car accident and had a brain hemorrhage. We’re still checking the exact amount of bleeding. I don’t think the situation is optimistic.” The doctor of the Emergency Department didn’t know Elaina. Yet he didn’t ask further and briefed her quickly after seeing her badge, stating that she was the Neurosurgery Department’s deputy director.

“The head CT report is out!” a nurse shouted and handed the report over.

The doctor of the Emergency Department took the report and quickly frowned. “The patient is in a very serious situation. He has bled a lot, and his intracranial pressure is very high, leading to a cerebral

hernia. We need to operate immediately.”

Elaina took the report over and looked at it. She nodded. “Go get ready now.”

“But…” The doctor of the Emergency Department looked awkward. “Our hospital isn’t up to such a type of


Not anyone could perform a craniotomy.

“Maybe we should send him to an advanced hospital,” he said.

“The cerebral hernia has formed. It’s suppressing the respiratory center. Without surgery, he’ll be dead in half

an hour. Are you sure you have enough time to do that?” Elaina frowned and said solemnly.

“What else can we do? No one here can perform this operation. What else can we do besides send him to an

advanced hospital?” The doctor was very helpless.

Elaina said, “I’ll do it!”

“You?” He looked at her with a face full of doubt.

The doctor thought, I’ve heard that we’ve got a new Neurosurgery Department deputy director here. No one knows about her background. I think it’s the woman standing in front of me.

Can she do it?


“Surgery? What surgery?” The patient’s wife only reacted then. She looked panicking.

Elaina looked at her and patiently explained, “Ma’am, your husband’s condition is very serious. He is

hemorrhaging, and his intracranial pressure is very high, leading to a cerebral hernia. He needs a craniotomy right now.”

“What?” The woman glared. “No way! It sounds dangerous. What if he doesn’t wake up?”

She thought, besides, although the doctor in front of me is wearing a mask, she sounds very young. I don’t t rust her in doing the surgery!

“Please calm down,” Elaina suddenly raised her voice and said, quieting everyone down instantly.

“I understand how you feel, but your husband isn’t doing well. You can’t afford to waste any more time. He must be operated on immediately.

“I am Dr. Gainsford, the deputy director of the Neurosurgery Department of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I will be responsible for your husband’s surgery. I can promise you that I will do my best.”

No doctor could ever guarantee the result of the surgery, not even her.

“Who? Dr. Gainsford? We have never heard of this name.”

“Me neither. You must be bluffing. His condition is not that serious.”

“That’s right. Doctors always exaggerate. You just want to do more surgeries to make more money.”

The patient’s wife was already about to sign to give her consent for the operation, but when she heard her relatives’ words, she hesitated.

“Sister-in-law, let’s transfer to a bigger hospital,” someone said.

“You can’t!”

Elaina grabbed the one who suggested so and said sternly, “It will take at least two hours to get to the nearest advanced hospital. Your husband can’t wait that long!”

“Sister-in-law, ignore her. She is trying to scare you.”

“Who does she think she is? Why does she get to call the shots?”

“We won’t believe her unless the dean vouches for her. Otherwise, we ask for a transfer now!”

The patient’s wife was obviously persuaded and thought, if she can get the dean to vouch for her, doesn’t that prove that she’s capable of doing the surgery?

Elaina was angry. She thought, how can these people still dwell on this when the chips are down? Time is


She felt helpless. However, she couldn’t let them transfer the patient whatsoever. It would be no different from killing the patient.

She took out her phone and was ready to call the dean. After all, the patient’s life beat everything.

Chapter 3


“I’ll vouch for her.”

Get Bogins

A low voice was heard. Everyone subconsciously turned their heads and saw a man about 6 feet tall. He wore a well-cut black suit, looking domineering.

“I am Jalen Halton, the CEO of the Halton Group. I will vouch for her if that’s good enough for you,” he looked at the patient’s wife in front of him and said in a low voice.

He was Jalen Halton, the CEO of the Halton Group!

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