Chapter 4 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 4

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People’s expressions changed. Some of them were frightened, some were curious, and they were all practically stunned.

They couldn’t believe their ears. Though they didn’t know Elaina, they were well aware of who Jalen was.

Jalen was on TV frequently. Looking at him, the patient’s wife nodded finally. She thought, Jalen is so powerful. Since he offers to vouch for the doctor, I’m sure she is up for it.

The patient was pushed into the operating room. Elaina glanced at Jalen and nodded slightly. Then she turned and entered the operating room.

She was curious as to why Jalen would suddenly appear and vouch for her. However, she did not have the time to ask right now. The patient was her priority.

The indicator light of the operating room lit up, and everyone was waiting at the door, including Jalen.

Three hours passed.

The light went out, and the door was opened. A nurse walked out first. The patient’s wife rushed forward and asked, “Nurse, how is my husband? Did the operation succeed?”

“Yes. The operation was very successful. The patient is out of danger,” the nurse replied.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard her words. Only Jalen did not seem surprised by the result.

Soon, the nurse pushed the patient out. The family members left, leaving Jalen alone at the door of the operating room.

When Elaina came out of the operating room, she saw him at once. And he saw her as well. He walked quickly towards her. “Hello, Dr. Gainsford.”

“Hello, Mr. Halton, she said. She sounded a bit weak since she had just gone through three hours of surgery.

Jalen wanted to get down to business directly at first since Marie wasn’t doing well. Yet he still managed to collect himself after hearing her voice. He said, “May I treat you to a meal?”

Elaina frowned and subconsciously refused, “No need. Mr. Halton, what do you want?”

She thought, we were married for two years, and you never offered to treat me to a meal. And now you’re making such an offer right after we got a divorce? Are you kidding me?

She knew that Jalen did not know her. He had no idea that the legendary Dr. Gainsford in front of him was his ex-wife who had just divorced him yesterday. However, Elaina still felt very upset. She did not want anything to do with him.

“Alright then.” Jalen was a decisive person. He said directly, “I’d like you to have an operation.

“This is the patient’s medical record.” He handed the file that had already been prepared over to her.

Elaina reached out to take it over. She flipped open the medical record and saw a photo at once. The woman in the photo was smiling. She was pretty, and she had big eyes.

Chapter 4


She thought, so, she is the reason why you never saw me in those two years.

How soulful of you, Jalen.

Well, it’s none of my business. We’re not married anymore. Feel free to like whoever

you like.

Elaina carefully looked through Marie Dunston’s medical record. The more she looked, the more serious the expression on her face became. She gradually understood why Jalen came to her.

After a long time, she handed the medical record back. “She is seriously ill. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Jalen nodded, looking solemn, which was rare. “She had one operation before, but then she had a relapse. Almost all the doctors’ hands are tied.”

He thought, but I don’t want to give up. Kian died to save me. How could I face him if I gave up?

Marie has a brain tumor.

Brain tumors are difficult to operate on. Besides, Marie has relapsed. The second operation will be even more difficult than the first one.

Kian Dunston was Marie’s brother. Kian’s face flashed across Jalen’s mind, and he saw the hesitation on

Elaina’s face. He hurriedly said, “You can ask for anything. I’ll agree to all as long as I can manage it.

Elaina glanced at him. She was surprised that Jalen, the so-called merciless man, was in fact willing to

sacrifice everything for the woman he loved.

“Where is she? I need to see the patient first,” she said. Although she did not want anything to do with Jalen,

she was a doctor after all. She couldn’t turn a blind eye to a dying patient.

Her principles wouldn’t change, even though the dying patient was Jalen’s girlfriend.

“She is now in a private hospital owned by the Halton Group. I can take you to her right now,” Jalen said. He

was a little surprised that Elaina would agree so readily. He thought that she would have made some


Elaina frowned at his words. “She isn’t in Northwestern Memorial Hospital?”

“No. The private hospital is better in all respects. She has a better chance if you can go there and operate on her.” The private hospital owned by the Halton Group had the most advanced equipment and the best conditions. Of course, Jalen would keep Marie there.

Hearing that, Elaina shook her head and said apologetically, “Then I’m sorry. I can’t operate on Ms. Dunston.”

“Why not?” Jalen asked. Why did she suddenly back out?

Elaina looked helpless. Just as she was about to explain, Jalen took out a check and handed it to her.

“Money is not an issue.”

Elaina glanced at it, and the figure on it was tempting enough for almost everyone. Yet she just smiled and said, “It’s a lot of money indeed. But some things take more than money.”

“What is it that you want then?” Jalen suppressed his anger. He figured that she wanted more.

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