Chapter 1 - Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

I’m burning up…

Anna Gabriel felt that her entire body was getting increasingly hot perhaps due to the alcohol she drank.

Drowsily, she heard the door open.

Anna tried to open her eyes to see who opened the door but the door was quickly closed and it was too dark to see anything. She could hear the footsteps coming closer to the bed.

Suddenly, someone touched her with his cold and clammy hands. She tried to push him off but failed.

He stiffened up in the darkness. After a while, he started to penetrate her and dominate her.

“Ouch…” Anna moaned painfully and arched her body, “Harry, it’s painful… Harry… please don’t be with her…”

The man paused. It was the first time that a woman called out another man’s name on his bed.


The unfamiliar voice snapped some sense into Anna.

He’s not Harry! Harry is already with my best friend so how could he be on my bed?

“You… who are you? Don’t touch me…” Anna desperately clawed at him and her long nails scratched his neck, causing him to groan in pain. She also managed to yank something from his neck in panic.

However, the man didn’t intend to stop at all.

As he went deeper and faster, the pain dissipated with the onset of pleasure.

Their erotic moans grew louder and louder in the luxurious suite.

The bodyguards at the door remained stern as if nothing was happening.

“Ah!” Anna suddenly woke up and her back was covered with sweat.

She dreamed of that night again.

She gasped and wiped the sweat from her face. She could still hear the man’s voice, feel his cold chest, sense his stare into her eyes, and …

That night a couple of months ago was her most shameful night.

After she saw her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, she went to a pub to drown her sorrows. However, her drink was spiked by someone and she was taken to a luxurious suite and lost her virginity as a result.

Anna blushed and felt hot all over and dared not think any more of it. She quickly changed her clothes.

Anna was busy preparing a lab report when her colleague brought back a tuna sandwich.

“Mmph!” She threw down the unfinished report, ran to the restroom, and retched for a long time.

“Anna, are you pregnant?”

Anna was stunned by what her colleague said and she instantly turned pale.

I’m pregnant? How could it be? She thought.

However, at the hospital, the doctor handed her a report and pointed to her abdomen, “Congratulations, Ms. Gabriel. You’re 10 weeks pregnant! The fetus looks healthy.”

Anna’s vision blurred and she staggered. She quickly held onto the wall to steady herself.

‘Pregnant… I’m really pregnant?’ Anna mumbled in disbelief.

But who’s the child’s father? Who’s the man I slept with that night?

She lingered along the hospital corridor and finally rushed into the doctor’s office, “Doctor, I can’t keep this baby. I want an abortion.”

“What?” The doctor gasped, “But…”

“I… I can’t have this baby!” Anna grabbed the doctor’s hand and begged, “I want an abortion now!”

In the operation room, Anna took off her shoes and lay on the operating table. Although she was mentally prepared for it, her entire body turned icy cold.

She could not have this baby as she was still in college…

“Baby, I’m sorry…” Anna whispered as she placed her hands onto her abdomen.

Just when the procedure was about to begin, the door was forcefully kicked open. Then several men in black suits rushed in.

“Who are you?” The doctor and nurses were startled.

Before Anna could react, a man walked over and injected her with an anesthetic.

The men threw wads of cash at the doctor and warned, “This woman has never come to the hospital and you have never seen us. Understood?”

“Yes… understood.” The doctor and nurses stammered.

Anna woke up after the anesthetic wore off and found herself inside a luxurious bedroom.

“Is Ms. Gabriel awake?” A middle-aged man walked in with a tray of food. He smiled as Anna looked at him in surprise.

“How, how do you know my name?” Anna asked, “Why did you take me here?”

“Ms. Gabriel, what happened that night… was an accident.”

They arranged a surrogate mother for the young master but Anna was brought in by mistake.

The butler was very apologetic, “Our master said that since you are pregnant, then he wants the child.”

Anna now understood that he was referring to the wretched man who took her virginity.

“Why? What say does he have? It’s my child. I will abort it if I want to!”

The butler handed a piece of newspaper to Anna, “Why don’t you read this first?”

Anna was unwilling to but then she saw the headlines, “The Gabriel Group was exposed to have used fake materials. Its stock value crashed this morning. How would the Gabriel Group handle this?”

Anna snatched the newspaper and her face turned pale. She yelled at the butler, “Your master did it, right? How can he be so unscrupulous?”

The butler replied calmly, “Ms. Gabriel, if you give birth to this baby, not only will the Gabriel Group be saved, but you will also receive four million dollars. You don’t want your family business to go bankrupt, do you?”

Anna tore the newspaper into pieces.

The butler handed her a document silently.

Anna looked through the document for a long time and then said through her gritted teeth, “I’ll sign it!”

8 months later…


A thunderclap woke Anna.

Anna suddenly felt a sharp pain and she reached for the bell on the bedside table.

“It’s coming! The baby’s coming out!” Anna huffed and puffed and heard the baby crying.

She struggled to open her eyes to see the baby but the nurse had already taken the baby away.

A few minutes later, Anna was in the ward as the butler walked in.

Anna was still in pain when she asked, “Where is my baby?”

“He is with my master. It’s a healthy boy.” The butler said and placed an envelope on the table, “Here’s a check for four million dollars. Thanks for everything.”

After that, the butler turned to leave.

“No. Stop! Please let me see my child…” Anna panicked and struggled to get out of bed.

After all, the baby was hers.

However, she was too weak and collapsed on the ground immediately. Her abdomen throbbed frequently, causing her to squeak in pain. As she saw him walking away, Anna said in a pleading tone,

“I beg you! Please let me see my baby…”

A few minutes later, a nurse came to deliver the medicine to Anna. She panicked as there was a lot of blood on the ground.

Anna was barely conscious when she heard the nurse yell, “Doctor Sanchez, there’s another baby inside her!”

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