Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 357
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Synopsis about Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Read Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAnna Gabriel and a strange man spent the night at a luxury hotel while she was under the influence of alcohol. After that night made her pregnant without her knowing who the talker was. She decided to abort the pregnancy but there was a force that did not allow her to do so. shortly after giving birth to a pair of twins, two children  the mysterious man took one child and Anna raised a child.
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Chapter 1

I’m burning up…Anna Gabriel felt that her entire body was getting increasingly hot perhaps due to the alcohol shedrank.Drowsily, she heard the door open.Anna tried to open her eyes to see who opened the door but the door was quickly closed and it was toodark to see anything. She could hear the footsteps coming closer to the bed.Suddenly, someone touched her with his cold and clammy hands. She tried to push h

Chapter 2

“I don’t like it but my son loves it,” Wayne said and took out a box of the same chocolate from his bag.“I bought a lot for my kid. Here’s a box for you.”“Wow!”Tammy’s eyes lit up when she saw the box of candies but she hesitated, “Mommy said I shouldn’taccept anything from strangers.”“But…” Tammy then leaned towards Wayne, kissed his cheek and then grabbed the box of candies,“Now I can.”Wayne was stunned an

Chapter 3

“Who are you? Why did you take the VIP elevator?”“I’m sorry. I’m here for an interview and I’m in a hurry.” Anna tried to stand upright but her long hair gotcaught by his button. Once again, she tripped forward and her hands grabbed his firm chest.Anna quickly pulled back her hands as if she was electrocuted, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”“Ha…” Several of them chuckled but shut up when they saw the

Chapter 4

“Wow, really? I heard that Mr. Wright has a son but he is single. He is so handsome. Could he belooking for a mother for his son in the interview?”“Maybe. I heard that he might have troubles in bed… Otherwise, how come he has never had a steadygirlfriend? Perhaps they despised his inability to …”After finishing gossiping, the female interviewees still hoped to join the wealthy family more thananything else.A

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 The Bet Chapter 6 The BetWayne looked at her, “What do you want?”“Since you think that only a degree can prove a person‘s abilities, then let‘s have a bet.” Anna smiledand challenged him, “What do you think?”Karl Xavier was bored by the interviews and his eyes immediately lit up when he heard what Anna said.He couldn‘t help thinking, Wow, this is the first time that someone dared to bet with Wayne

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Divorce, MommyAnna was amused and chuckled, “Why did you say that?”“Because I don‘t think that daddy loves mommy.” Tammy continued, “Other daddies kiss their childrenevery day but my daddy visits us only once or twice a year Each time, he just says a few words andthen leaves. He doesn’t even hug you. He doesn‘t love me. I don‘t want this daddy anymore.”Anna’s heart sank.She did not dare to tell Tam

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Attend My Engagement PartyLilian Hart held onto his arm tighter and said to Anna, “Why didn‘t you tell us you‘re back?“I don’t think it’s necessary.” Anna replied.“I heard that you went overseas and broke all ties with the Gabriel family.” Lilian appeared concernedbut had evil intentions, “You should go back home and reunite with your family.”Noticing that Anna was uncomfortable, Harry said, “Let‘s

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 He Is My BoyfriendAnna looked up and saw Wayne.She tilted her head slightly and wondered how she bumped into Wayne twice at the elevator.Lilian asked, “Anna, are you alright?” Anna wrung her hands anxiously.Lilian had been very sarcastic to Anna since they entered the elevator. She would be even moredelighted if Anna did not have a boyfriend. Anna was pissed off and started to think of a way out.Th

Chapter 9

Five years later at the Southside City airport.A young man walked out of the crowd. He looked conspicuous in a black shirt and business suit. Healso wore a pair of sunglasses and looked like the ‘Men in Black’.As soon as he walked out from the luggage pick-up area, his assistant, Gabe Lesley, rushed forward tocarry his suitcase and said, “Mr. Wright, little master has not eaten for a day. Shall we head to th

Chapter 10

“Who… who flirted with you? I already said that it was an accident!” “Then, is what just happened todayan accident, too? Or did you use me as a shield?”Anna was Wayne’s subordinate and he would not allow anyone to bully her. That was why he helpedher.Wayne leaned down towards her ear and whispered, “I hope that this is the last time you flirt with me. Ifyou dare to do it again, I‘ll fire you immediately.”Way