Chapter 5 - Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 6 The Bet Chapter 6 The Bet

Wayne looked at her, “What do you want?”

“Since you think that only a degree can prove a person‘s abilities, then let‘s have a bet.” Anna smiled and challenged him, “What do you think?”

Karl Xavier was bored by the interviews and his eyes immediately lit up when he heard what Anna said.

He couldn‘t help thinking, Wow, this is the first time that someone dared to bet with Wayne with such a challenging attitude.

“Girl, what do you intend to bet?” Karl asked curiously. Wayne immediately glared at Karl.

Anna took a deep breath, looked directly at Wayne, and said, “I‘ll work at a hotel under the Carousel Group for three months and I guarantee a monthly profit of at least thirty percent. If | achieve this, then I want to be confirmed at the position. Moreover, my salary has to be tripled and I want…”

She paused and then emphasized the words, “An Apology!” Hearing that, all of them gasped.

They all wondered, She has only worked at Hotel Milan for a year and she only created a profit margin of about 10 percent. What makes her dare to guarantee a profit margin of more than thirty percent?

Wayne pushed the resume aside, crossed his arms, and asked, “What if you fail to do it?”

Anna smiled radiantly, “Then I‘ll work for the Carousel Group for free for three years. I‘ll do anything you say. Do you accept this bet?”

“Accept it! Accept it!” Karl instigated, “Wayne, don‘t chicken out!” Wayne shot a glare at him and Karl pursed his lips. “Go back and wait for further instructions,” Wayne said and left.

He paused as he walked past Anna. He noticed her delicate features and her alluring fragrance which started to arouse him. He seemed to be intrigued by this woman.

“I accept this bet!” He then walked away briskly.

Karl ran after Wayne and winked as he said to Anna, “Girl, you‘re something. I really hope that you win this bet!”

Hearing that, mixed feelings emerged from the bottom of Anna’s heart. She was angry. anxious, nervous and confused at the same time.

But at least she got this far. To her, being employed in this way was better than being rejected.

It was already lunchtime when Anna went home.

“Mommy, you‘re finally back!” Tammy hugged Anna and said, “I‘ve memorized the stories and prepared the salad. You can do the rest.”

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Chapter 6 The Bet

“How sweet of you!” Anna kissed her cheek. After Anna finished cooking, they had a hearty meal.

Back then, Anna was shocked when the doctor informed her that she had a baby girl after she regained consciousness. Her daughter was very cute. And she did not want to give her daughter away to that man. Thus, Anna quickly snuck out of the country with her daughter. She even broke her ties with the Gabriel family to protect her daughter.

It was very tough for Anna to raise a child on her own while she was living overseas. But all her hardships were worth it when she saw Tammy smile.

Tammy was very intelligent and could converse very well. At three years old, she could dress herself and brush her teeth. Soon after, she was able to do some housework and even take care of herself when she was home alone.

When they finished their lunch, Tammy suddenly said to Anna, “Mommy, you should divorce dad.“

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