Chapter 9 - Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Five years later at the Southside City airport.

A young man walked out of the crowd. He looked conspicuous in a black shirt and business suit. He also wore a pair of sunglasses and looked like the ‘Men in Black’.

As soon as he walked out from the luggage pick-up area, his assistant, Gabe Lesley, rushed forward to carry his suitcase and said, “Mr. Wright, little master has not eaten for a day. Shall we head to the mansion first?”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He glared at the assistant.

Everyone in the Wright family knew how precious little master was to Mr. Wright.

And Mr. Wright was always gentle and affectionate towards his boy.


Gabe felt guilty but braced himself up as he replied, “You went to Chicago to sign the important business contract. I was worried that I’d distract you so I did not call you. I didn’t expect little master to refuse eating for an entire day…”

Wayne stopped suddenly, took off his sunglasses, and then glared at the assistant.

Seeing Wayne’s eyes, which were dark yet burning with fire, Gabe’s knees went wobbly.

He could tell that Wayne was definitely angry…

Oh, god… Is he going to fire me?

Thinking of that, Gabe shuddered.

“So, now you’re making the decisions for me?” Wayne asked coldly.

“I’m, I’m sorry…” Gabe looked down and was prepared for the worse.

At this moment, a small chocolate rolled next to Wayne’s shoes.

Wayne looked at the chocolate and frowned. He bent down to pick up the chocolate.

“Sir, that’s my chocolate!” A little girl ran over.

The little girl was around four to five years old. Her eyes were big, round, and beautiful.

Even when Wayne squatted down, she had to look up at him.

Wayne was astonished by her cuteness and stared at her. And his heart skipped a beat.

Surprised, he thought to himself. How strange! It’s the first time I’ve met the little girl. But why do I have the feeling that we have met each other before?

Tammy Gabriel tilted her head and extended her hand towards Wayne, “Sir, if you like eating chocolate, you can buy your own chocolate. I only have three. I don’t have spare ones to share with you.”

He was amazed by how cute she was.

“Do you like this brand of chocolate?” Wayne handed her the chocolate.

Meanwhile, Gabe was surprised by the scene.

Apart from little master, Mr. Wright does not like any other children. Why does he squat down to speak with this little girl so tenderly as if he is talking to his son?

Tammy nodded and smiled, revealing her cute bunny teeth as she asked, “Do you also like this brand of chocolate?

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