Chapter 7 - Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 8 Attend My Engagement Party

Lilian Hart held onto his arm tighter and said to Anna, “Why didn‘t you tell us you‘re back?

“I don’t think it’s necessary.” Anna replied.

“I heard that you went overseas and broke all ties with the Gabriel family.” Lilian appeared concerned but had evil intentions, “You should go back home and reunite with your family.”

Noticing that Anna was uncomfortable, Harry said, “Let‘s go, Lilian.”

“What’s the hurry? We haven‘t seen each other in years. I want to have a good chat with Anna “Lilian said as she forced Anna into the elevator.

When the elevator opened, Lilian dragged her inside. At the same time, someone in a business suit brushed past Anna and she felt that she had met him before.

Before Anna managed to look up to see who he was, Lilian was already ahead of her and asked, “Anna, will you come?”

“What?” Anna asked.

“Will you come to our engagement party?” Lilian said while showing Anna the diamond ring on her finger. With her eyes lit up and the corner of her lips tilting upwards, Lilian looked smug and condescending.

“It’s on the eighteenth of next month. I hope that you can attend the party.”

The familiar and expensive ring stung Anna‘s eyes. She once visited the jeweler with Harry and pointed to a ring, saying that it would be the designated engagement ring for them. Little did she expect that the

ring would end up on her best friend‘s finger.

“I just started working at this hotel and I won‘t have the time for it.” Anna looked away from the ring.

“Anna, you must come!” Lilian held onto Anna’s hand and then said, “I‘ve always hoped that someday you will be my bridesmaid.”

Hearing that, Anna was speechless. She thought to herselfSo, you mean that you have had the intention of stealing Harry from me for a long time?

Lilian continued, “I know that you might be embarrassed about coming to my party without a partner. But it’s okay. I can introduce my friends to you.”

“I do have a boyfriend. I just don‘t have the time for it.” Anna pushed away Lilian‘s arm,” Besides, my ex-boyfriend, aka your fiance, might not want me to go.”

Hearing that, Harry‘s face darkened.

Lilian paused and then held Anna‘s hand, “Anna, why don‘t you introduce your boyfriend to us? I‘d like to thank him for taking such good care of you.”

“Don’t bother. He’s very busy.”

The pulling and shoving between Anna and Lilian threw Anna off balance, forcing her to fall. Meanwhile, Lilian just stood there, not intending to help her at all.

A few seconds later, Anna fell on someone‘s firm chest, which hurt her immensely.

Chapter 8 Attend My Engage


Anna found that the chuckle sounded familiar

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