Chapter 3 - Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

“Who are you? Why did you take the VIP elevator?”

“I’m sorry. I’m here for an interview and I’m in a hurry.” Anna tried to stand upright but her long hair got caught by his button. Once again, she tripped forward and her hands grabbed his firm chest.

Anna quickly pulled back her hands as if she was electrocuted, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Ha…” Several of them chuckled but shut up when they saw the CEO’s stern expression.

Wayne obviously tensed up and frowned. He had never experienced something so absurd.

“I’m sorry, really… Can you give me a hand?” Anna tried desperately to untangle her hair.

Somehow, she gave Wayne an intense feeling of familiarity but clearly, they had never met before. Although her hands kept rubbing his chest, Wayne, as a neat freak, strangely did not mind it at all.

He paused for a moment before looking down and carefully untangling her hair.

“Don’t move, just relax.” He said softly.

His voice is so familiar! I think I’ve heard it before!

Anna was stunned.

Suddenly, she recalled the night at that hotel five years ago. Although she could not see that man’s face clearly, she saw his thin lips.

He told her to relax but then thrust hard in and out of her.

The erotic scenes in which they had s*x flooded her mind, which made Anna blush.

Gosh! What is wrong with me!?

“Thanks!” She said and looked at him curiously.

Wearing a well-tailored business suit, Wayne looked tall and handsome.

“Miss.” Gabe quickly reacted and said, “So, you were in a hurry to flirt with Mr. Wright?”

Hearing that, Anna was dumbfounded. At the same time, Wayne was looking down at her.

Over the years, there were countless women who tried their best to attract and even seduce him. However, after that incident five years ago, he was not interested in any other woman.

The only woman that he had slept with was his son’s birth mother.

When Wayne realized that Anna was obviously trying to get his attention, he became very frosty. He was upset that she almost fooled him.

Anna was upset, “I said that I was in a hurry. What are you accusing me of?”

I can’t believe I just thanked him for helping me untangle my hair from the bottom of my heart!

“Gabe, press the button,” Wayne said sternly and ignored Anna.

Gabe pressed the button of the next floor and said when the door opened, “Miss, please exit the elevator. Please don’t resort to these stunts again.”

“Oh please, I really didn’t…” Anna tried to explain but Gabe insisted that she stepped out.

Anna gritted her teeth, glared at Wayne, and mumbled as she left, “Who does he think he is? Why the hell does he think that I would ‘flirt’ with him? What a cheap gigolo!”

Gabe was shocked by what she said.

He thought, How dare you! How dared you call our boss a gigolo!

Wayne was furious and fumed. Gabe noticed it immediately and said frantically, “I’ll get the security to throw her out!”

“No!” Wayne said after the elevator doors closed.

He could not help thinking about what the woman said. Somehow, he felt curious about her.

She used her hair to entangle in my button and then called me a cheap gigolo?


Wayne narrowed his eyes and wanted to see how she would react when seeing him in the interview.

“Call Kenneth and tell him that I’ll attend the interview at 10 o’clock.”

“Yes, Mr. Wright.”

Anna arrived at the waiting room and was surprised to see so many fellow job seekers.

As she was waiting, she heard someone saying, “Hey, do you know that Mr. Wright will be attending the interview today?”

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